Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nature Notes and Signs of the Season

Sorry I am a little late linking up this week but I did not want to miss Michelle's Nature Notes.

I found this Blue Scrub Jay on the grounds of the Navy Post-Graduate School in Monterey, California.

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  1. beautiful blue jay! 1st time seeing it for me!

  2. Hey I love your new header. Sorry haven't been around for a while, it just seems to be such a busy time. I'm glad I post several weeks ahead, that way when I'm busy I don't have to worry about making a post. Merry Christmas.

  3. I've never seen a Scrub Jay before. What a pretty bird.

  4. I've never seen a scrub jay either but I have read that they are cousins to our blue jay and smart too... Thank you for posting to Nature Notes Denise...Michelle

  5. He looks huge! You get such very good close up photos and that gives me a glimpse at birds I would otherwise not see.

  6. He looks very handsome and knows it. great shots. I still have trouble getting into your comment box grrrrr.

  7. You "Blue Jays" are much different than ours. That makes me appreciate your photos even more.

  8. Cute bird and beautiful series of photos!

  9. gigihawaii, it was the first time I had seen it too.

    Patty, thank you. I know your busy. Appreciate you stopping in especially at this time of the year. Merry Christmas.

    Kay, me neither. Not sure if they have them here in Virginia even. I'll have to look at my book.

    ramblingwoods, looks like for a lot of us this bird is new to us. We have a lot of blue jays in this area. They love peanuts in the shell and it's fun to see how they tackle them. I have enjoyed posting to your meme Michelle, and look forward to many more. Thank you!

    dsmcaron, he was about as big as a blue jay. I have a moderate zoom on my lens. He wasn't a skittish bird fortunately. Glad you enjoyed him.

    diane, he was indeed a very beautiful bird. Sorry about that problem, one of those glitches we come across occasionally.

    Misty Dawn, thank you. It's fun seeing a bird for the first time.

    MedaM, thank you.

    Loved reading your comments my dear blogging friends. Thanks for stopping by.