Monday, December 14, 2009

My World Tuesday

Anyone who knows me will need no guesses as to why I enjoy these Christmas decorations at our local shopping mall. They have been put out on display for many years, I feel like they are old friends. We got on the elevator and went down to the ground floor.

I don't go up to the mall too often as I'm not one of your keenest shoppers, and only go when I absolutely have to. My furry friends here made my trip more palatable and as I always carry a camera in my purse I was prepared.

Smile! I'm going to count one to three.

Don't worry, this tiger might look fierce but the bunny is safe. I have it on good authority that he is a vegetarian and that they are in fact very good friends.

I found some quotes by Rudyard Kipling.

"A brave heart and a courteous tongue. They shall carry thee far through the jungle."

"Through the jungle very softly flits a shadow and a sight. He is fear, oh little hunter. He is fear!"

And I think this one is my favorite. "Oppress not the cubs of the stranger but hail them as sister and brother, for though they are little and fussy, it may be the Bear is their mother." Rudyard was a pretty smart fella!

That's it for the tour around our mall, except one more photo of this delightful window display.

I will probably be back one more time before Christmas but after that it will no doubt be another six months before you'll see me set foot through those doors. I hope you have enjoyed your tour around the 'jungle'.

It is an enjoyable part of the week to see everyone's photos of the world they live in. This fun meme is hosted by Klaus, Sandy, Wren, Fishing Guy, Louise and Sylvia.

You can join in by clicking right here.


  1. I wonder how and where these stuffed animals are stored from year to year. Particularly the giraffe.

    Excellent shots, as usual, Denise.

  2. not a fan of malls either, but those animals are just awesome! i'm still a big kid at heart and still have a huge collection of stuff animals (my husband loves that, ha!) so i love these decorations. how fun! the anteater is my favorite.

  3. interesting to have stuffed animals for a Christmas scene??? Not a usual choice for Christmas decorations.....

    Gill in Canada

  4. That's pretty neat to use stuffed animals for Christmas decor. I think this is the first time I've seen them put to use in this season.

    Your Oregon photos are wonderful.

  5. Denise, the deco is very elaborate. Interesting photos - thanks :)

  6. What delightful decorations. I would have been snapping so many pictures!

  7. Lovely Kipling quotes, and such a fun display of animals at the mall!

  8. I know where you were---Fair Oaks Mall in Centreville!!!!!!

    Yes, those guys are old but still very cute. But I can remember that there was before this animal display the super cutest display of Santas from countries around the world. That was really hip! I wish it would come back.

    And I 'm so old that I can remember when Fair Oaks Mall was just a golf course of a country club.

  9. What delightful animals! I love them all! Surely does bring out the child in me that's for sure and at my age that ain't easy!! Marvelous photos! Love the quotes, too! Perfect! Yes, I'm ready for Christmas now! Thanks!

    Have a great week!


  10. The x'mas decorations are fantastic. Very pleasing to the eyes.

  11. What a wonderful and unusual Christmas display.
    I'm with you, I rarely set foot in the mall but I will go tomorrow as I need a gift that can only be found there.

  12. Gigihawaii, that's crossed my mind too.

    Johnny, a kindred spirit! I have a collection of teddy bears, but there are also moose, an elephant, dogs and even a platypus my son gave me.

    Gill, no, most definitely not the usual choice but when you see them you just feel so good.

    Photo Cache, I agree and I'm glad you enjoyed my Oregan photos too.

    Evelyn Howard, yes they are, and thank you.

    Linda (PA_shutterbug), they are aren't they?

    Janie, me too, always enjoyed Kipling, even as a little girl.

    Jack and Joann, I thought you would recognize it. So happy you popped in. Ah, now those Santa's I would have loved to have seen. I wonder if they are collecting dust somewhere? It would be nice to see them again one day. A golf course and country club, really? Wait til I tell Gregg. We have been going to Fair Oaks since we moved here in 1990.

    Sylvia K, thank you. May we all keep the inner child in us somewhere.

    Rajesh, thank you. I enjoy them very much.

    Martha Z, I have to go back too but then it won't be for a good long while.

  13. Delightful tour of the mall menagerie! Looks like you got there before the huge crowds. I thought the mall looked familiar. While working near Ballston Commons, I would get by Tyson's and Fair Oaks once a year or so.

  14. What an amazing display of awesome animals all ready for Christmas! I love the giraffe stretching to gaze at all the levels!

  15. What super fun decorations! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  16. Interesting and nice..never seen it before:-)

  17. What a fabulous post, Denise! That is an amazing mall. I loved touring it with you! They really have the mall looking utterly festive.

  18. Incredible, you have a zoo in your shopping mall. I too would love to visit it and would not be able to spend more money for Christmas shopping.

  19. What a creative display! It's beautiful. Wonderful post as always. Thank you so much for stopping by to comment Denise. You are one in a million. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  20. It is a delightful display. I like that they bring the same animals back each year so they don't have to keep buying new stuff. Your pictures and quotes are great!

  21. Adorable Christmas decoration, I think they are so creative, it's a cool idea about all animals and so on!
    The result is fantastic!Just lovely!
    Thanks a lot for sharing,
    Did you buy any gift there? :)

  22. Hope you spent a load of money Denise.

  23. Those decorations are so insanely over the top! My kids would love to visit that mall.

  24. Magic Eye, so glad you enjoyed it.

    Lew, we got there pretty early in the morning purposefully :) Tyson's Corner is another place we go to a couple of times a year.

    Carolyn Ford, isn't that giraffe something?

    Splendid Little Stars, you're very welcome.

    Spiderdama, thank you. Before this display I had never seen anything quite like this before either.

    Kay, it is very festive isn't it? So happy you enjoyed your tour.

    Grace and Bradley, I think a lot of parents bring their children in just to see the zoo, and Santa has his huge chair to greet all the little ones, but no Santa when we were there, a bit early.

    Tricia, always great to see you here. So glad you enjoyed your visit. I always enjoy mine.

    Diane AZ, yes I would agree with that.

    Cezar and Léia, you're very welcome. It's very uplifting to be there amongst all those delightful animals, and no, haven't been back yet but must go today or tomorrow.

  25. Imac, not yet but give me time, ha!

    CambridgeLady, well I know this big kid who loves it :)

  26. That's a very interesting alternative to traditional decorations - great fun! (I'm with you on the shopping ;-))

  27. I can't site where it's printed, but my favorite Kipling jungle quote is: "What did I just step in?"

  28. How fabulous, Denise.... I'm not a mall person either --but your mall certainly makes a trip there worthwhile. Love all of the animals... HOW WONDERFUL... Thanks so much for sharing.

  29. That was delightful! I am a seldom mall visitor too, and our mall has nothing like this to draw me back there.
    Kipling had it right. Always be prepared with an encounter with Mother Bear!

  30. Having furry animals is something different. They make for a lovely display. I think I even saw a kangaroo there.Thans for taking us through the mall on one of your rare visits.

  31. So glad you went and took the photos so I didn't have to enter! Looks like a cute furry exhibit. (Lucinda was a bit worried about the Tiger and the Rabbit!)

  32. Jabblog, it was and I see I have another kindred spirit. May the non-shoppers of the world unite! :)

    Craver, and there I was on the edge of my seat waiting to hear another jewel from my dear Mr. Kipling. You do make me laugh!

    Betsy from Tennessee, you are very welcome. So happy you enjoyed your visit.

    Linda Reeder, I agree on everything you said.

    Diane, yes the kangaroo is very popular. Glad you enjoyed your tour.

    Barb, I'm glad I explained about the tiger and the rabbit so that Lucinda wouldn't have to worry ;)

  33. interesting and definitely lovely. thaks for sharing.