Sunday, November 22, 2009


My photos today were taken on the coastal walk in Monterey, California.

Every Sunday TODAY’S FLOWER’S comes to us with grateful thanks to our good friend Luiz Santillie Jr., who created this wonderful meme. You can find beautiful and unusual flowers from all over the world by clicking right here.


  1. That first orange flower is really striking. I wonder what it's called.

  2. A lovely series of flowers, but the first one has a really wonderful color!

    Have a nice Sunday and week my friend!

  3. Nice flowers but I like the first and the second photos, the color looks very happy!

  4. I love all of 'em! I love the softness look of the whitish/yellowish one and the vivid color of the rest. Nice shots, Denise!

  5. Wonderful pictures,lovely colours and flowers.

    Love the little green bug too,

  6. What a wonderful series of flowers from your walk. So beautiful.

  7. You had your macro mojo working that day. Great pictures.

  8. so special eye popping colors sandy

  9. I loved your photos, Denise! Can I copy the 7th and 8th? Had only seen in Christmas arrangements. If so let me know here on the blog.

    Thank you, dear, have a great week.

  10. Beautiful set of orange, yellow and red ,magnificent flowers and colours!

  11. Gorgeous surprises on your walk. Thanks for making us walk with you and see these delights! And oh, I'm walking with my flower dog Bogart!

  12. Aw ... now these are familiar blossoms (since I live along the coast in Southern California). I'm glad you had a chance to visit. I dropped by to let you know I've left you a little something at Sacred Ruminations.
    Hugs and blessings,

  13. Thank you, dear, for letting me take your photos, you made me happy.

  14. Very pretty wild flowers, love especially the golden, Californian poppy.

  15. Kay, I loved that little orange flower too. I think it is a poppy, not 100 percent sure though as they are different from the poppies am used to.

    Sunny, thank you.

    Valkyrien, thank you and happy Sunday to you too.

    Al, I like that, 'happy flowers', what a lovely thing to say.

    Nance, thank you.

    Guild-rez, thanks Gisela, I thought that little green bug was so interesting. I have never seen one of those before, not that I have noticed here in Virginia anyhow. Maybe I ought to start looking in earnest.

    Carver, thank you, it was a lovely walk and not just for flowers, but for animals, birds, ocean views, everything. I will always remember it with great pleasure.

    Yogi, thank you.

    I-Beati, thanks Sandy.

    Rosamaria, how kind of you to ask. I am delighted you would like to copy those flowers and I feel honored. Please copy any you wish to.

    Léia, thank you. Nature gives us so many beautiful things doesn't it?

    Lui, I am very happy you came on the walk with us, Bogart too :)

    Happily Retired Gal, your California wildflowers are fantastic. How kind of you to leave something at your blog. I will visit as soon as I can.

    RosaMaria, hello again. Knowing my flowers makes you happy makes me very happy. You are so very welcome.

    Titania, thank you and thank you so much for identifying the Golden California Poppy.

  16. Your lucky to have those flowers. The California Poppy is a personal favorite.

  17. What great flowers. That orange is just so - orangey. I enjoyed catching up with your week - those jellyfish pictures were stunning and your seal adventure was pretty exciting.

  18. The flowers of California are so pretty, Denise!

  19. Denise: Great colors on the flower that you have shown.

  20. These are lovely, Denise. The orange of the first two - wow!

  21. #3 is my favourite of the series, no idea what it is though?


  22. Are you traveling again Denise!!! I can't keep up with you!!! hahaha I love the orange monarda (bee balm) at least thats what it looks like. And my favorite picture is of you way below with the wind and rain whipping your hair! Wow hold on, don't blow away!!!

  23. The flowers are so gorgeous, I just can't decide which photo I like best.

  24. I love the colours of your flowers, very fall like colours. Beautiful flowers!!

  25. Oh, what lovely flowers. That must have been a nice walk.

    Dropped by from Sacred Ruminations. Loved seeing this.


    Sheila :-)

  26. Digital Flower Pictures, that California Poppy is just beautiful.

    Jacqui, thank you for all your sweet comments.

    Stine in Ontario, they certainly are.

    Fishing Guy, thank you.

    Stephany, that orange poppy is becoming a favorite.

    Gill, thank you. I'm going to have to do a little research on that flower you mentioned.

    Sandy, thank you.

    Eve, yes we did a little traveling. I'm a noman at heart. I'll have to look up the orange monarda. Thanks for identifying it for me. Can always count on you. Yes, that rainy, windy picture is one of Gregg's favorites too. I thanked him greatly for taking it ;)

    Jama, I too couldn't decide. That's why I always seem to post so many.

    Msdewberry, thank you, I loved those colors too and as you say, very fall like.

    Sheila (The Quintessential Magpie), thank you for your kind words. So glad you stopped by.

    In fact, I truly appreciate you all coming for a visit. Thank you everyone and have a great week.

  27. Lovely pictures of flowers.My favorite is the second one with that yellow beauty in the sunshine.
    Have a great week!

  28. Oh, poppy flowers in Autumn, only in California! The second one I've seen them in Malibu beach! These are beautiful choices to brighten the day!

    Enjoy your week!

  29. Beautiful series of flowers.
    Everyone has there one beautiful color. I like them all.

    Thanks for visiting me too
    Have a nice day

  30. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

    I really like the photo of the white flower, is it a succulent?

  31. lovely colorful flowers. thanks for dropping by. (",)

  32. Lovely flowers, I have always loved Californian poppies...
    I enjoyed your reminiscent post above as well. So nice to read something personal.

  33. Lovely variety of west coast flowers. Every color too. Thanks!

  34. such an amazing beauty of nature! love them!

  35. thanks a lot for the visit and the wonderful comments in my blog. congrats also for being a TF team member..keep up the great job! tc!

    beautiful flowers here too!

  36. Maia, thank you. I hope you have had a great week too.

    Ebie, thank you. I enjoyed my week, I hope you also had a nice one.

    Gunilla, me too and you have a nice day also.

    Petite Splendours, yes it was a succulent.

    Tulip, you are very welcome and thank you too.

    Arija, so glad you enjoyed my nostalgic journey. The poppy is a favorite of mine. I wish I had paid more attention to it when I lived there but better late than never I guess :)

    Nonizamboni, thank you.

    Simply The Best, they were weren't they?

    Daily Nourishment, nature is pretty amazing isn't it?

    Ruby, thank you so much.

    Thank you all for visiting me and contributing to this week's TF post. Without you we wouldn't have one.

  37. Hi, Denise,
    It's my first time on your blog!
    I love it!