Monday, December 21, 2009

My World Tuesday

Compared to the last couple of days where it snowed continuously we woke up to the most beautiful blue skies today. In the photo above you can just about make out Gregg's van and my car, which we couldn't get up the driveway after our trip home from Virginia Beach. If you're interested you can read about our adventurous but rather hair-raising ride here. I took the shot from our bedroom window and those lines are a reflection of our blinds.

This is our neighbor's house across the street. Below you can just see Gregg's head above my car. He's been shoveling snow for quite a while.

He also got out bright and early this morning to try and clear some of the top part of the driveway. The snowplow came around twice and we were very thankful. Didn't go anywhere but maybe tomorrow we'll get out. One of my friends told me that her son-in-law had been yelled at after plowing someone's street. He had been out all night having gone through several neighborhoods. Someone took exception to the fact that the plow had shoved snow back into what they had already cleared off. Maybe he needed to get to work and was already late, who knows. Yes we had the same thing happen but goodness we expected it, one of the reasons we didn't start digging out near the road until later on. Small price to pay to have the streets cleared.

I think in the new year it might be a good idea to purchase a small snow remover. Not that we expect anything like this for another decade but you never know. It would have made things a lot easier.

I joined Gregg on his second trip out. It didn't seem that long ago that the neighborhood kids would come around with their shovels knocking on people's doors to earn extra pocket money. I miss those days. I think they must have all grown up and moved away, and they're probably shoveling their own homes right now.

Santa across the way was waving and laughing at us. Ho! Ho! Ho! Thanks Santa. aren't you a wee bit early? I suppose we did look pretty funny. Both Gregg and I kissed the snow a couple of times but we were none the worse for it. Nice soft snow thankfully.

After our two tumbles we knew we were getting tired and decided to call it a day. The sun was slowly setting and it all looked beautiful. I walked down to the end of our street to take a few more photos. The two below shows the back garden of a house on the corner. The owners do a lovely job of it and I have often admired that little bird house. Their garden is very pretty in the spring and summer and it is still pretty now after a snow storm.

Time to go home for a nice cup of hot chocolate.....

but then I spot another photo op and take one last shot of a house decorated with lights.

What do you think this is?

I'm presuming the trail was made by a squirrel as I often see one running up the tree trunk and there is a nest in the top of the tree.

At first I didn't realize that Gregg was taking a video of me shoveling snow. I look 'delightful' but what the heck, I thought I would put it on here and hopefully it will give you a chuckle. By this time that cup of hot chocolate was calling for me.


  1. Snow is ok as long as you have power and don't have to go anywhere. A storm like that would paralyze Tulsa for some time.

  2. We were spared this time, which was a big surprise.
    Your snow pictures are so pretty and I love your video.
    Merry Christmas! Keep warm.
    Sunny :)

  3. That was just great Denise, enjoyed the video.
    Move over Merly Streep.{:)

  4. Wonderful world of snow. Snow has covered everything beautifully.

  5. man! whole lotta snow! it looks like fun!

  6.'ve got a white Christmas! How beautiful! Merry Christmas to you and yours...stay warm and safe.

  7. Wonderful snowy world you have there, Denise! Our world here in Seattle looked just like that last year and just as Yogi said that such a storm would paralyze Tulsa, it did paralyze Seattle! But it was beautiful!

    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy!


  8. Some mighty serious snow down there! Wish we got as much up here.

  9. What a beautiful, wintery street you live on. And I'm so glad you have the snow and not me this year!

  10. Yogi, I guess it takes a while for things to get up to speed on clearing things away. We went out today and the main roads were clear with great big piles of snow at the side, as well as the parking lots of places like the Home Depot - got a new snow shovel and replenished our rock salt. Way to go Home Depot, they had loads in stock.

    Sunny, thank you and I am glad you didn't have to deal with this storm. Merry Christmas to you too, and yes, stay warm.

    Roy, you always have the right words to make me smile :)

    Rajesh, thank you.

    Johnny Nutcase, we certainly did have a lot of snow didn't we? Yes, it has been a lot of fun.

    Carolyn Ford, yes a White Christmas. That will be nice. It is supposed to snow again on Christmas Day but I don't know how much. Merry Christmas Carolyn.

    Sylvia K, Merry Christmas to you too.

    SandyCarlson, I wish I could send you a little bit of it up there Sandy :)

    J Bar, it certainly is. Amazing for us. This is a record snow storm and one we haven't had since 1996.

    Linda Reeder, it seems like it is our turn this year ;)

  11. that's a lot of snow. it makes for a beautiful scene, but still a lot. i love it.

    happy holidays.

  12. My goodness, Denise, that's a lot of snow! Guess you get a white Christmas! Happy, Happy!!!!

  13. You made me feel the exultation of snow, smell it, and taste the hot chocolate!

    You are a master blogger!

    Aloha, D

    Comfort Spiral

  14. We would occasionally get dumps like this when I lived in the Eastern Sierra and I enjoyed shoveling, but I was a bit younger then. I can remember a few white knuckle drives through white out conditions and that was no fun at all. Glad you got home safe.

  15. what a sweet husband you have! Love his voice and sense of humor.

  16. Denise: My your area got hit so hard, a winter treat, or was that a trick, came early.

  17. Such nice snow photos!
    My favorite ith bright red santa on white white white snow

    ... My world and "My Holiday Cheer"

  18. Wow-----I like snow, but I have never seen that much at one time in one place. WOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    Your video is WONDERFUL.... Sounds like your American hubby has picked up some of your British accent.. LOVE hearing you talk, Denise. You'd love hearing my southern DRAWL I'm sure!!!!!

    Merry Christmas.

  19. ewok1993, it is very beautiful and yes I love it too. Happy holidays.

    Snap, I think we will and yes that makes me happy, just so long as everyone is safely tucked up inside with their family and friends. s

    Cloudia, you are so kind, thank you but I truly believe you are a master blogger. Aloha my friend.

    Martha Z, thank you. I bet snow in the Eastern Sierra was incredibly beautiful, and I wasn't driving in our snow but I think my knuckles may have been pretty darned white ;)

    gigihawaii, he is and I will tell him you said so. He does have a great sense of humor.

    This Is My Blog - fishing guy, yes it certainly did. Trick or Treat, probably a bit of both ;)

    Quilt Works, thank you. I love that Santa photo too. I'll be visiting your post soon.

    Betsy from Tennessee, I think this took us all by surprise. Glad you enjoyed the video. I'll have to tell Gregg about his accent. When our son was little I remember his teacher saying the same thing about his. You know Betsy, I think I'd love hearing you talk also. Southern accents are so pretty. Merry Christmas! Hugs, Denise

  20. hahaha ... love your englishy brit accent Denise. just as what i thought of.

    i enjoyed the pictures and what a pile of snow!

    the only real snow that i saw with a height that almost bury a chalet on a swiss alp was in 1992 on our way to zurich airport from ulm, germany.

  21. Oh sweet Denise,
    I loved this post!
    You did a great work shovelling the snow!I'm so happy that Gregg made that cool video, I love your accent!
    Your place is beautiful and blessed, wonderful neighbourhood!

  22. Beautiful shots but the best was Gregg's video! It's so good to put voices to photos and I'll hear your voice in your words from now on!

  23. I always like seeing videos of the bloggers I read, so I'm glad you put that up. This was a really nice post. I don't understand when people get mad that someone helped with a snow blower - all that at the end of the driveway has to be dealt with anyway. Alas, not everyone is willing to shovel twice, I guess.

  24. It looks like a Currier and Ives painting!

  25. double wow - with the lights simply spellbindingly beautiful

  26. I liked the pics, but especially the video, because I got to hear the lovely banter between you and your husband. You are neat folks. If you ever relocate to the Chicago area, make sure you pick Bolingbrook, so you could be my neighbors!

    As I watched that video, I kept an eye on the timer because I was so sure that at the end of it, you would throw some snow at Gregg.

  27. Nice account of your snowy day. I am expecting to see a plow today. I think the clear out the valley before they come up here to the mountain. It is a lot of fun to see and explore and play in the snow.
    Happy Holiday.

  28. You certainly have some snow,lol.

  29. Bonnie Bonsai, yes Bonnie, you wouldn't think I've been living here all these years would you? But actually I don't sound quite the same as I used to back then, when my dear American relatives had to sit on the edge of their seats to try and understand what I was saying - lol. My brother-in-law and niece live about an hour-and-a-half from Zurich so I remember flying into that airport a couple of times, not in the winter though :)

    Léia, thank you and so glad you enjoyed the post and video. I have to watch out for Gregg and his unexpected videos.

    jabblog, I hope you put yourself on your blog one of these days. It is fun to hear those whom we've gotten to know so well through blogging.

    Caron, me too and thank you. I agree. These guys work so hard to dig us out. Where would we be without them?

    Louise, everywhere looks so pretty with that first layer of fresh snow. Now it's getting all slushy but I have the pictures of how it used to look, that's the main thing.

    i beati, thank you. Love those lights myself.

    Craver Vii, glad you got a kick out of the video. That's a very nice compliment. If ever we settle out in Chicago we'll give you a call.
    Now why didn't I think about ending the video with a snowball? Gregg thanks you for putting that idea into my head by the way - lol.

    squirrel, hope you got that plow your way. Happy Holiday.

    imac, we certainly did, lol.

  30. I loved your video. It's nice to hear each of your voices. I don't envy you all that snow. The snow is accumulating up here, but at a much slower pace.

  31. You did get snowed in. And the photos are nice.

    I am always worried about wildlife like deer and rabbits and others that either find something or starve as their meals are covered in a foot or more of snow.

  32. Beautiful White Christmas!
    I wish you and your a blessed Christmas and wonderful year ahead.

  33. Great post. The snow is so thick. It looks so beautiful but it also looks hard work shifting it. I wonder how old people or sick people manage? I loved the viseo as someone else said now we can put a voice to your words. Greg too. I love your accent. Maybe we should do one so you can hear the Aussie drawl.

  34. I enjoyed your winter tale. The snow fall is just right for Christmas, I guess Santa and his reindeers are over the moon to have such a soft ride! Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year to you and your family. T.

  35. Your post really reminded me of our life in Illinois. My daughter tells me she's been out several times to shovel today. Stay warm and please be careful not to hurt your back.

  36. I can't believe how high that snow is, Denise. I had to go back to watch that video. I loved it. It made me want some hot chocolate,too.

  37. I think it marvellous how you all pull together and cope with what the snow throws at you. Here just a small amount of snow causes chaos. Side roads never see a snowplough.

  38. Thanks for popping by Denise. I'm impressed by all the snow you have...a lot compared to ours. Thanks also for coming by to my blog from time to time. I appreciate that a lot. Wishing you and your family all the very best for Christmas and New Year 2010! Hadriana x

  39. What a LOT of snow! I enjoyed seeing all your wonderful photographs ... thanks for sharing. I shared My World later than usual this week due to Christmas 'stuph' and am playing 'catch up' today ... Wishing you and yours a joyous holiday ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  40. Only two days ago we had the same situation with the temperature -16 degrees Celsius. But it is about 12 above zero now and almost all the snow gone. It is amazing weather.
    Your photos are beautiful and I love the one with the Santa Claus in the middle of white snow.

  41. That is a lot of snow! brrr looks so pretty to me but I don't think I can survive the coldness. I'll just stay put here in my tropical island.

  42. Linda, glad you enjoyed the video. Yes, it's going to take a while to get rid of all our snow. Hope yours stays light.

    Abraham Lincoln, thank you and I worry about our wildlife too. I try to help where I can.

    Regina, thank you and the same to .

    diane, happy you liked it. Yes I can vouch for it, that snow is pretty thick :) Hopefully our sick and elderly get the help they need. Would love to hear you on a video one of these days.

    Titania, thank you. I am sure they are. Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year to you and your family also.

    Kay, I wondered if it would bring back all those memories. I will be careful I promise. Thank you for your concern. I am heading for my hot chocolate again :)

    wenn, Merry xmas to you too!
    December 23, 2009 8:46 AM

    Gerald (Ackworth born), with all our traffic it can get snarled up pretty good here too.

    Hadriana's Treasures, you're very welcome. Yes, it was an impressive snow fall. One I hope won't be repeated this winter :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family too.

    storyteller, looking forward to seeing your post when I get back. I've just been reminded, one more day of shopping!!!!

    MedaM, we woke up to 5 degrees F. this morning. I am looking forward to it getting warmer so that we can get rid of some of this snow. Your photos were beautiful.

    Jama, I think you're very lucky to be on your tropical island right now :)

    Thanks for stopping by everyone. May you have a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday Season and I wish you all a Very Happy New Year.

  43. have a white Christmas for sure! Stay warm and safe! I like the trail to the tree :-)

  44. Oh Dear Denise!! You may keep all that snow!!!
    Hope it's all gone!
    I love the video!!! And tell Gregg the Airplane was a great touch! I'm so glad you made it home too, I've driven in the worst of the worst snow is the most scary thing and I hope to never have to do it again!