Monday, November 16, 2009

My World Tuesday

I am putting My World Tuesday post up a little early as I have company coming and they will be here through Thanksgiving. I LOVE housework and yes I am lying but I LOVE my company and for them I do my housework. Thankfully I know they are here to see us and not the house but I do have to make an effort and clear a path from the front door, and yes I am joking again. it's at the back, oh stop it me! I have read many times as I am sure you have, that the sign of a clean house is a broken computer. Well in this case that would be true. Let me be truthful, I HATE housework!

I will still be popping in as I am trying to catch up with all of you who popped by while I was away. It could take a while but I will be returning your most welcome visit eventually. Thank you all for the great comments you have been leaving. You make my day

And now for my little travelers tale.


Driving along the coastal road in Oregon, with Denise still trying to get used to the 500 foot drops along those very windy roads, Gregg spotted a lighthouse in the early morning fog. He said, "Let's stop at the overlook and get some photos of the lighthouse." "It's a bit rainy" said Denise with a pained look on her face, wrinkling her nose for effect, "and it looks awfully windy and cold. I'll stop in the car" - thinking to herself that there was not a snowball's chance in you-know-where that she was getting out of the car into that kind of weather. She hadn't minded the rain in Seattle at all, but this was on the edge of a cliff and she had visions of taking off like the flying nun, windy as it was. She was also still waking up - barely past 7.00 a.m. - and well known for not being a morning person and wanting to sink into the seat and stay in the warmth, having put the heat up full blast. She hadn't even had her first cup of coffee which didn't help her adventurous spirit, which was null and void at that point in time. Nope, no way was she getting out of that car. She pulled her coat around her and sank deeper into an almost dreamlike state, feeling her head drop and hearing the first sign of a non-ladylike snore. And it was ever so toasty in that car.

Denise woke up with a start worried about Gregg as she had no idea how long she had been snoozing, and thought he was too long taking those photos. Where was he? Now wanting to speed up the process she opened the window a crack, emitted an unintelligible squawk that would have made a parrot proud, but was having a hard time being heard above the noise of the ocean, and the wind whipping her words away far out to sea. Little did she know that the opening of the window was her undoing. What was that she heard in the distance, above the noise of the ocean and the wind, above the plaintiff sound of the fog horn from the lighthouse? She thought she heard children's laughter but no, that couldn't be. What parent would let their child out in this kind of weather? In her excitement she realized what it was and was out of the car quick as a flash, with no thought of the 500 foot cliff or the fear of the wind blowing her over it, the horrendous weather all forgotten. She forgot about Sally Field and the Flying Nun as her years of watching Animal Planet had just paid off. Only the smile on her face was evident because the rest of her face was hidden behind a veil of flipping, flopping, flying hair which she was trying to avoid eating.

Pure joy, seals, dozens of them, barking down below in the cove. It's a good job there was no path down to the beach as she would have grabbed the camera off Gregg and rushed down at helter-skelter speed. I am sure Gregg had a vision of his wife being chased across the beach by an angry mob of seals. Love of wildlife overtakes all fear in this girl, silly as that might sound. When Jonah was swallowed by the whale she would have been right behind him following him down its gullet quite happily, as long as she had her camera in hand and illuminated by the flashlight, at least until the battery ran out. Slight exaggeration and overly dramatic but I think you get the picture.

By that time Gregg was heading back to the car but Denise was most definitely not ready to go any more. She was busy watching more seals making their way out of the water and onto that beach. "Just a minute" as she had grabbed the camera and was snapping off shots, dozens of them, at this wondrous sight down below, not even noticing how drenched she was or how chilled to the bone she was becoming.

Denise has a hard time focusing at the best of times, attention span being as short as a flea's hind leg these days, the exception being when she has a camera up to her face. Focused like a laser she becomes. Could not pull herself away from this sight of the seals taking shelter in their cozy little cove. She could have stayed there for hours watching, listening, but Gregg threw out the right bait on the hook, reminding her that her beloved camera was getting wet and when it comes to that camera, she treats it like gold. She is being reeled in and laser focus now broken she reluctantly gets back into the car and they are once again on their way, with a suggestion to Gregg about a good idea for her Christmas gift. "How about one of those special under-water casings for divers' cameras?" Denise doesn't even swim properly but if she saw a whale out there she just might grab a life-vest, jump overboard and start paddling.

Once their journey had resumed Gregg observed that Denise - with the happiest look on her face - had not needed her first cup of coffee to wake her up after all, the sight of the seals had done that very nicely. She once again turns up the heat full blast and they were on their way, with the fog lifting the further south they traveled.

I would like to thank the My World Tuesday team for all their hard work in bringing this wonderful meme to us weekly. You can find out what others are doing in their part of the world by clicking here.


  1. What a story and those photos!!!!! I felt chilled reading this.

  2. That seal colony is amazing. I've only seen a seal once, which is rare enough for here I guess, so I'm quite jealous! Worth getting wet for.

  3. Great new hair style Denise{:)

  4. Michelloui, it was a tad chilly ;)

    J, they were amazing, it is a memory that will stick.

    Roy, why thank you, courtesy of Mother Nature :) I do believe it quite the 'in' thing this year.

  5. What an adventure! I love the picture of the Hecata Lighthouse in the rain and the seals are amazing.
    Did you get to visit the Sea Lion Caves?
    That's such a beautiful area.
    Sunny :)

  6. Love the story. That is so awesome that you saw the seal colony.

  7. Wow- a lot of sacrifice to get these pics! I am like you Denise - cleaning is on the bottom of my list, but I will do it for whoever is coming!

  8. Sunny, thank you for identifying the lighthouse for me. I had no idea what its name was or that there were sea lion caves nearby. Going back one day and will definitely put that info in a folder.

    Becca, it certainly was.

    Jeannette, another kindred spirit!

  9. Marvelous shots and a great story! Love the seal pics. And the seal caves are really spectacular if you get a chance to visit them. Great adventure! Thanks for sharing it with us!

    Enjoy and stay warm!


  10. I'm a sucker for lighthouses. I would have been out of the car to photograph the lighthouse. However, the seals would have called to me too. Great pictures!

  11. OH, and I thoroughly enjoyed your story!

  12. Those are wonderful photos. I swear I can hear the wind.

  13. great story! I love that first foggy photo with the lighthouse, and the one of you with the wild hair, and the seals - yes, the seals are wonderful!
    Hope you have fun with the company after all that dreadful housework. (I hate it, too.)

  14. Great story and accompanying photos - it DOES look as though the wind was whipping! Hope the housework is finished quickly!

  15. The photos are fantastic and I loved your story! Enjoy your company and have a great Thanksgiving!

  16. It's easy to see the weather left a lot to be desired but you got some great moody shots and your seals as well.
    I too hate housework. We have to have guests for it to get a good cleaning.

  17. Wow, that's a lot of seals!
    Lovely pictures, even though it looked a bit chilly, I despise the wind blowing my hair in my face.
    Enjoy your company, and muck out !

  18. Sylvia K, I have been reading up on the seal caves. They're on our list for when we return.

    Linda, me too and thank you.

    Sandy, I still can.

    Janie, thank you, glad there is someone else out there who thinks of housework as I do.

    Joe, it certainly was.

    Barb, me too.

    Stephany, Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

    Martha Z, you think just like I do.

    Jo, half-way to finishing up the mucking out - lol.

  19. We are BLOGGERS indeed, my Sister.


    Comfort Spiral

  20. Great shots and a heck of a story to go with them. Oregon is a great place to visit. Wife and I went there several years ago and saw lots of whales and seals. We ate real good also.

  21. Oh I loved your story and the photos are just beautiful. It must have been a heart-stopping experience to see so many seals - absolutely wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

  22. Fantastic view! worth getting all wet.

  23. I know this place and those seals have called to me, too. Fortunately it was a sunny day.

  24. Hello Dear Denise!
    First of all I need to say that I don't like housework either! LOL
    Okay, just kidding,but if it's something that we need to do , so that, it's better with love, don't you think?
    Wow Denise, what a impressive weather!I almost can feel the wind here!
    I liked a lot your pictures!
    Have a great week dear friend

  25. Agreat story and captivating shots. I would be taking cover in that little cove too, if i were a seal. It must have been a good experience to hear and see so many.Would you say that you were having a "bad hair day"??

  26. I like a woman who will show a photo of herself "all wet"! I'm sure you have fond memories of all of this. Those skies look so grey! If you have a moment pull up on my blog the subtitles Washington and Oregon to see how it looks with sunshine. So different!

  27. Cloudia, we are indeed. Aloha my sister!

    Yogi, I am looking forward to seeing those whales.

    Jabblog, I'm glad, it was and you are very welcome.

    Jama, it certainly was.

    Linda, I'm happy you know that coastline and have experienced those wonderful seals.

    Léia, another kindred spirit I see and yes I agree. Have a good week too dear friend.

    Diane, I certainly was.

    Jack and Joann, I shall pop on over in a little while. I look forward to seeing your photos in the sunny weather but have to say I loved my stormy day, once I got out into it ;) It was invigorating. Would love to experience that same coast line in the summer with blue skies however.

  28. Enjoy your company and don't worry about the housework, it's always going to be there, your company won't always be there.

  29. What a cute post, Denise... Looks like those seals and that view made the early morning in the COLD all worth it. I personally enjoy hiking when it's cold --much better than when it's hot. SO--I'd be out of that car in a jiff ---if I had have been there....

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and stop by anytime...

  30. Denise,
    You are too much! I would have been delighted to see the lighthouse and the seals -- well, I would have been awed! What fun -- even in the cold, rainy wind.
    Thanks for taking us with you. Happy Thanksgiving!

  31. Yes,yes,yes! A startlingly delicious piece of photo journalism!
    How I envy you, lashing hair in face and all, just to partake of the sight of a cove full of seals.
    I think the weather enhanced the whole experience and etched ot onto your memory.
    Delightful photos, I love the fog much more than a clear sunny day.
    Wonderful the way Greg caught the light in the light house too.

    Your storytelling was pure delight.

  32. Wow...this is wonderful Denise! What a tale and what terrific photos to go with it! You must have been in photographers heaven that day :-)