Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Cow Story

I have to say honestly, when I first saw this sign I raised my eyes and started laughing. We had just spent the last hour driving along a very winding road with incredibly steep drops, and I was a little more nervous than I usually am. No way is a cow going to be on this road and then we saw him.

But first let me begin my story. We were on holiday a few weeks ago and traveling along Route 1 in California, a coastal road. Gorgeous views though I was very surprised at how queasy I felt looking over those sometimes 500 foot drops. It has been several years since I had experienced these kind of dizzying heights along roads such as this one, and the realization struck that I am my dear Mother after all. It was a very winding road indeed. Gregg did all of the driving on this trip and I was very glad he was behind the wheel. I would not have been comfortable, my knuckles were white enough hanging onto the handle at the roof line on the passenger side.

We obviously couldn’t go too fast because of the curves, and imagine our shock when we came around a bend to find a big black cow right in our path. We stopped in good time a few feet away. It just stood there in the road looking at us and did not budge, and as we waited it became apparent that it was not going to move. We didn’t even think to honk the horn and wouldn’t have because a) we didn't want that big black cow stampeding over our hood, and b) we didn’t want it to run over the cliff. We finally edged around it, not thinking that we would see another cow along that road and hopefully not one practically kissing our bumper.

How wrong could we be? We saw more cow signs and crossed over several cattle grids. We then saw another cow making his way down the hill to the road, and another munching on a patch of grass at the edge of the road. Then we spotted yet another, the one on the hump of the hill. We were trying to figure out how it was going to get down because as far as we could see, the hill seemed too steep for any ordinary cow to climb. This obviously was no ordinary cow, this one was crossed with a mountain goat.

Honestly, the picture doesn't really show the whole story. To see so many cows in this particular area was an extraordinary sight.

That patch of grass must have been very tasty.


  1. An amazing cow story. I hope they don't get hit by cars or cars run off the road swerving. Sometimes our cows are allowed out of the paddocks to eat the grass along the roadside when we are in drought conditions. We call it "The Long Paddock"

  2. Since I was born in the year of the cow (ox if you must) I found this lots of fun.

  3. Thats crazy! I can imagine it would look really weird to see cows all over a steep, scary mountainside with that bendy road--I know just the kind of road you mean (although Ive never been fortunate enough to travel along Route 1!).

    I would have been afraid of the cow running off the cliff as well. They must know the territory though, Im sure not all motorists are as careful (or kind) as you.


  4. You have to watch for them cows. They don't seem to be very smart about cars. They just stand there and look at you.

  5. You know they put those signs up after a sighting, ha ha. Cows do not care how steep the hills are, it is all about the grass is greener on the other side. Too funny.

  6. Great story. It reminds me of all the sheep you see in the Peak District - every turning reveals another, just chomping away the grass, not in the least bit perturbed that you're driving straight towards them.

  7. This is an incredible story, very good post. Liked the cow pictures, I wonder what the fatality is on these cow's? I would of been nervous, the road looks dangerous, can't imagine a farmer letting his cow's wonder across it, thanks foe sharing.

  8. Oh Denise,
    This post brings me great memories!As you know Cezar and I took this Route 1 at California in our trip in USA/ 2007.This place is outstanding and I loved your pictures and the cow story, very impressive my friend! :)

  9. Wonder why they let them roam like that?

  10. Ah me! Those cows deserve a medal and will go on to produce fearless calves!

  11. What an amazing story! I'm going to share your story with my family and friends! They will enjoy it as much as I have.

  12. Seems dangerous to have cows along that winding road. I have seen cows go up and down some amazingly steep hills. Fun cow story. I'm glad you didn't run into one of them, literally.

  13. I love your cow story and wonderful pictures. When I was in Oregon several years ago, I wasn't familar with 'open range cows', so I was quite surprised to meet one in the middle of the road. It's amazing what steep terrain they graze on.
    Sunny :)

  14. Diane, we asked the owner of a general store we discovered around one of those bends and asked the same question. His answer was no but I still have my doubts.

    Kay, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I was born in the year of the Tiger by the way :)

    Ilene, thanks very much.

    Michelloui, it was and I'm sure they must know their way around, hope so anyhow.

    Yogi, never a truer word spoken.

    Ms. Fiddlesticks, I agree, all to do with that greener grass.

    CambridgeLady, I see a lot of similarity there.

    Margaret, I wondered about that too.

    Léia, happy that this brought back some great memories.

    Patty, I was wondering about that too.

    Jabblog, should I be so fearless!

    Linda, I hope your relatives and friends will enjoy it too. Thanks for sharing it.

    Janie, me too.

    Sunny, we only saw 'free range' cows in England when the farmer forgot to lock the gate :)

    Thanks for stopping by everyone. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  15. how unusual "mountain cows" I wonder who they belonged too?


  16. Gill, good question but haven't a clue and the man at the general store we stopped in didn't offer any either.

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