Friday, November 27, 2009

Camera Critters

A study in Seagulls

There were those who really didn't want to be photographed.....

and didn't stay around long enough to pose. Do you think this one was giving me its opinion?

But then again.....

"This is my good side."

There were the fly-byes...

and the ones who were enjoying the bread this very nice gentleman was feeding them. A famous quote I read from Konrad Lorenz said that one meteorologist had remarked that if the theory was correct, one flap of a seagull's wings could alter the course of the weather forever. I could believe it when I saw this sight. Those wings were flapping up a storm. I couldn't tell who was having more of a good time, the birds, the man or me. He had such a wonderful smile on his face which I found endearing, but I feared for his fingers.

They came down in droves.

An ear-splitting cacophony, I could have almost put my hands over my ears.

This one asked for more....and more.....and more.....and more.....and more.
Stroppy little thing he was!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Seagulls of Seattle. I absolutely adored them!

Camera Critters was created by Misty Dawn. Thank you Misty! You can find other critter photos by clicking here.


  1. Wow, those are some big gulls.

  2. It looks like you had a good time enjoying the mild weather in this blog. I love the wings in the photo as the bird takes off.... AWESOME! You inspire me to try and 'shoot' some city birds. LOVE IT!

    Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

  3. Beautiful shots! You are such a talented photographer!

  4. these are every bit of professional photographs! great work

  5. Amazing captures! They really are big gulls but I suspect the nice man is known to them. Love the feather detail.

  6. Great shots of the moving birds. They must be the same everywhere with their squawking and begging for food. I did a similar post not long ago you might like to see it:

    Seagulls at Sandgate

  7. Those are remarkable photos and I loved your commentary, Denise. That guys is really brave, I must say. I'd be fearful for his fingers, too. You've got great action shots there.

  8. I love seeing your skill at photography. Seagulls are delights to photograph, so cheeky and active.

  9. Great pictures. I love your phrase "flapping up a storm."

  10. Denise: Those seagulls were putting on a neat show for you.

  11. LOL, gulls are popular today! Great shots!

    My CC

  12. Wonderful shots, Denise. I, too, adored the seagulls in Seattle. In fact, we had some nesting under our hotel window! Got the see the babies. It was *cool*!!!!!

  13. Kay, they certainly were. They seemed much larger than the ones we get on the east coast.

    Bren, thank you. I would love to see some of those city birds. Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to you too.

    Gigihawaii, thank you so much.

    Tricia, always trying, a lot of it is luck.

    Jabblog, I suspect that too. The man seemed very comfortable with them.

    Diane, I look forward to seeing your seagulls and will be over asap.

    Kay, thank you and he was, most definitely. I think I would have worn those gloves worn for hawks and eagles - ha!

    Aussiemade, you're very kind and they certainly are.

    Yogi, thank you.

    This Is My Blog - fishing guy, they were weren't they?

    Martha, isn't it funny how that happens? I'm looking forward to checking out all your posts as personally, can't get enough of those seagulls.

    Snap, wow, that would have been VERY cool. I would have loved that.

  14. Those are great shots. The first one is my favourite.

  15. What a MARVELOUS series of seagull photos you've captured! I love the story line you've provided ... very clever ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  16. These are beautiful shots of gulls. love commentary as well!

  17. Jedediah, thank you. I liked that one too.

    Storyteller at Small Reflections, thank you. Hugs and blessings to you too.

    Ladynred, so happy you enjoyed them.

  18. Magnificent wings, thanks a lot for this study,well done!
    Happy weekend reflections
    Luna - Luna

  19. We saw the seagulls in Seattle too. They are fun to watch but you better be careful.

  20. I didn't realize how big seagulls were until I saw your picture of the guy feeding them. It looks like they're fun to watch. Nice captures!

  21. Great shots, but to feed Gulls, they are thieves.

  22. Léia and Luna, you are very welcome and a happy weekend to you too.

    Joann, yes they are but when feeding learn to move fingers back fast ;)

    Diane AZ, they certainly were and I was surprised at how big the north west coast seagulls were compared to our much smaller ones. They must eat lots of spinach!!!

    Maria, thank you!

    Chubskulit, thank you too.

    IMAC, thank you, yes they can get pretty voracious.

  23. Fantastic shots. I love all your pictures.

  24. Looks like lots of fun. You made some great captures of the gulls.

  25. There is nothing more raucous than seagulls in full voice!

  26. The first picture, showing his bottom is too cute,lol ! I love seagulls they alway remind me my holidays at the English coast where I go each year !!

  27. Nice catch! Mine is up. Hope you can drop by to view my very first entry. Your visit is a blessing. God Bless!

  28. Funny and wonderful post on the gulls. I love watching the gulls and they do seem to be little piggies if offered food. Your photos are wonderful.

  29. It's a tradition to eat at Ivar's outdoor seafood bar on the Seattle waterfront and feed french fries to the sea gulls. We love to feed them at the ocean too.