Thursday, October 15, 2009

Virginia Beach - Travel Rambles - Day 1

Beach Ball Sculpture along the Boardwalk in Virginia Beach
I'm in the hotel room and thought that when I had the opportunity I would let you know what we've been doing on any particular day. I have always kept a diary/journal of daily events when we have traveled and this is the first time I have put one on the blog. It seemed the natural course of things. I'm not sure if I can keep it up all through our time away but at least it will be something for our son, family and friends to read when we are traveling. It is 1.23 a.m. I tend to get a bit focused on these things, once starting not being able to stop until completed. Time to post this and get off to sleep.

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

This morning Gregg and I left our house at 10.15 a.m. to travel down to Virginia Beach for his Dad's annual shipmates' reunion. It rained all the way down but the traffic was light and it wasn't a bad trip and only took us three-and-a-half hours. It passed quickly because I read (out loud) articles from one of my magazines, "This England". One of them was about Thomas Payne who was the most powerful pamphleteer at the time of the American Revolution. He was actually born in Norfolk, England and befriended Benjamin Franklin when Franklin was living there. He eventually sailed to Philadelphia and used a letter of introduction by Benjamin Franklin to establish himself as an author. It was a very interesting article.

When we arrived in Virginia Beach and on our way to the hotel, we stopped at the Lynhaven Fish House for lunch. It is one of my favorite restaurants in this area but we haven't been there in several years, always running out of time. We sat at a great table overlooking the water.

The sea was very choppy today and we watched as merchant ships waited for pilots to guide them into port. The photo above isn't the sharpest as it was raining and taken through the window.

The young lady who served us heard my English accent and told us that she, her sister and a friend were flying to London the following Wednesday and traveling through Europe. One of the places she mentioned was Switzerland. She was very excited and we told her she was going to have a fantastic time.

Our lunch consisted of She-Crab Soup served with one of those small glass pouring jars filled with sherry, a traditional accompaniment with the soup. For the main course I ordered Rainbow Trout and Gregg ordered Flounder. He had coleslaw with his and I had a baked potato with mine. Instead of bread they gave us hush-puppies.

When we went into the restaurant it was raining and extremely blustery, with grey, overcast skies. When we left there were blue skies and the weather was sunny, not warm and still windy but much better than before.

We drove to the hotel we've been coming to for many years. It's where we all stay for the reunion. After signing in at the reception area and on taking our suitcases up to our room, we went down to the hospitality suite and met Gregg's Dad and a few other people who had not long arrived themselves, people we have known for a long time, many now in their eighties. We chatted for about an hour and then Gregg had to make a conference call. I stayed for a little while longer but then felt the need to take a nap. That's what I thought anyhow.

When I got to the room Gregg was finishing up his call and said "Let's go for a walk ." I already had my shoes off and my feet were getting comfortable on the bed. I probably groaned a little and then he said as he looked through the glass beyond the balcony, "There are dogs down on the beach that you can take photos of." As often happens he throws out the hook and reels me in. He knows me so well and once you get me outside it is hard to get me back in. We had a very invigorating walk. It was still blustery but we got all the way down to Neptune's statue, passing many dogs along the way.

Gregg took most of these photographs. You can just see me on the bottom right of this one taking a photo of Neptune's head.

There were lots of people coming and going, and I took photos of dogs, people, seagulls, flowers and breaking waves, all the time fighting to keep from eating my hair and dragging it away from my eyes. The wind was whipping it around and making it a bit annoying as I was trying to take photos. Too bad I didn't have a hat but it would probably have blown off my head. We were both tired and as the light faded we made our way back to our hotel room. Gregg had a short rest and was off again with his Dad. One of the group needed to be picked up from the airport. I stayed in our room where my feet got real comfy on the bed again, getting up shortly afterwards to look at my blog and check my e-mails. It was getting late by the time Gregg got back. Many flights had been delayed due to the weather all up and down the east coast. By this time it was too late to do any socializing so we got ready for bed.

Tomorrow we are driving into Norfolk for a lunch cruise and will be leaving at 10.00 a.m.


  1. I love these sort of posts. Its like going on a trip with you. But I'm glad I wasn't inthat awful wind. I don't do wind. We have wind here today but it is a very warm, dry wind. It dries your mouth, throat, nose and eyes. Love the beach ball sculptures. Lunch sounded delicious. Keep the posts coming if you can.

  2. I agree with diane - I almost feel as though I'm there too. I loved the choppy sea photograph - the fact that it may not have been very sharp made it more attractive, rather like a painting.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  3. It sounds like a wonderful trip even though it rained for a while. Your photos and story take us on a beautiful journey to visit King Neptune at Virgina Beach, thanks Dennis.

  4. I'm so sorry Denise foe misspelling you name... sometimes my hand gets ahead of my brain ?#@!
    Have a happy weekend :)

  5. Hello sweet Denise
    wow the waves,and the ocean there give me the thought it's very cold !Thanks so much for sharing this adorable post, I bet you had a fabulous time indeed!
    That Crab soup idea for lunch looks really delicious!
    Have a great day in Norfolk my friend,and don't forget your camera!
    Léia :)

  6. Hi Denise, I love your journal idea... It gives you remembrances of a vacation ---and it also shares them with all of us!!!! Neat!!

    George and I go to Ocean Isle, NC to the beach every May --and one thing we love is the seafood. I love She-Crab soup also!!! Yum!!!!

    Have fun!
    Betsy--on my laptop, on the road to Florida

  7. enjoyed you journal entry...we will be in that area around november 5th. hoping for nice weather.

  8. This blog entry brought back memories of our recent trip to Virginia Beach. We had much better weather than you; however, it sounds like you had a good time. Not seeing the ocean often, I wouldn't let a little wind or rain keep me away (as it didn't you).

    Good luck with keeping up with the blog as you travel. I've tried doing it several times. I make a good start but not long I am behind.

    We share a common trait. I, too, tend to get focused on writing my blog. Once started I am not able to stop until I have posted the blog.

  9. I enjoyed reading your post, very interesting. I wish I had kept some kind of journal, makes remembering easier.

  10. Wishing you bon viage and smooth sailing tomorrow.