Saturday, October 10, 2009


TODAY’S FLOWER’S was created by our good friend Luiz Santilli Jr. You can find beautiful and unusual flowers from all over the world by clicking here.


Patty said...

Very, very nice photos. Happy week-end, it's half over already. Time seems to fly.

AL said...

Hi Denise I have a problem going to Today's Flower blog, when I click it, it says "This blog is open to invited readers only".

Today's Flowers is one of my favorite meme, do I need to get invited first before I can post my blog? I hope it will get fix soon...thank you.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Denise, Your flower pictures are gorgeous...

Happy Sunday!

Cloudia said...

You are a lovely flower in my garden!

Aloha, D!

Comfort Spiral

diane said...

Lovely flowers again. I like those called Flap Jacks, that's funny. The butterfly shot is soooo good.

Kay said...

I love all the textures and colors of your photos. Gorgeous!

magiceye said...

lovely captures!

kanishk said...

Today's Flowers is one of my favorite meme, do I need to get invited first before I can post my blog? I hope it will get fix soon...thank you.
Work From Home

Denise said...

Patty, thank you. Happy weekend to you too. It certainly does fly by.

Al, I'm so glad you enjoy Today's Flowers. You don't need an invite, just post your flower photo and provide a link to the TF site. Also if you could put TODAY'S FLOWERS in your title, people can easily find it on your blog. You should be able to link up tomorrow.

Betsy, thank you. Happy Sunday to you too.

Clouda, what a lovely thing to say. Aloha my friend.

Diane, thank you. Flap-Jack is a fun name isn't it?

Kay, thank you too.

Kanishk, no invite needed. If you could post your flower photos and go to the site, save one of the Today's Flowers badges and add it to your photos while also providing a link to the TF site, that's it. Also it helps to use the TODAY'S FLOWERS in your title. That way people can more easily find your post when they link back to you. We welcome everyone who is kind enough to share their flower photography.

I should be able to start visiting again as next week will be a little quieter for me. I do miss getting around to all your blogs, that's for sure.

Cezar and Léia said...

Hello dear Denise!
Adorable flowers, it's Autumn time but flowers are still smiling for us!
Beautiful post!

kanishk said...

Today's Flowers is one of my favorite meme, do I need to get invited first before I can post my blog? I hope it will get fix soon...thank you.
Work From Home

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Not able to look in much at the moment Denise but trying to keep in touch. Your flower photos are beautiful as always. A x

jabblog said...

Lovely as ever. The late-flowering roses are a delight. Sometimes, if we have a very mild winter they will bloom right through though actually I think they benefit from a period of dormancy.
I've had problems with this meme too - "This blog is open to invited readers only".
I can't get into it directly or through your link though I've tried several times. I hope it resolves soon.

Melita said...

Hello Denise,
My computer tells by opening Today`s flowers that BY INVITATION ONLY !
I find this rather upsetting since Today´s Flowers have been my Sunday treat for over a year !

i beati said...

Oh the colored hues so inviting.

Sqdly I cannot access Today's Flowers- invited readers only

blogger has been acting up lately as has google??It's relaxing to me so I hope it works soon, meanwhile your blooms are luscious!!

Melita said...

Hello Denise again-
I got so upset that I forgot to say that I liked your photoes very much-
specially the Flap Jacks ( nice name too )

Gill - That British Woman said...

great photos, and at 7am Sunday morning, it's still invited readers only to access the Today Flower blog?

Let me know when you get it fixed,


storyteller said...

What beautiful flowers. I'm glad to see them actually because (like some of your other visitors here) I've not been able to access Today's Flowers for a couple of days. When I try it say the blog is open to 'invited' users only. Must be a 'glitch' or something.
Hugs and blessings,

Randi said...

Lovely photos of your beautiful flowers in your garden.

I really hope the "Today´s Flowers" soon will be fixed...

Carletta said...

Beautiful Denise! All of them from the gorgeous yellow rose to the skipper on the coneflower. :)
Lovely post!

Carletta’s Captures.


Hello Denise - a lot of beautiful flowers!
....but I hope you'll read my mail!

Nance said...

absolutely beautiful, Denise! i love the bottom three.

Marju said...

Great shot, I love the yellow flowers:)

Carver said...

What a beautiful garden tour. I love the roses and all the flowers for that matter.

Pacey said...

The yellow flowers are simply gorgeous Denise. Have a happy week! BTW, i have a new blog.

Syaa_Fiqq said...

Those are beautiful flowers and beautiful images. You captured them very well. I love the one with the "butterfly" on it, so beautiful..
Thanks for sharing and have a nice day..
Weblog Popular 1Malaysia

Denise said...

Léia,thank you and yes the flowers are still be smiling.

Kanishk, the site is fixed now so you should have no problem signing in.

Anne, thank you and lovely to see you. I know how busy you are.

Jabblog, I'm sorry you've had the problem but everything is fixed now. I got in a little late to check it but Valkyrien sorted it out for us. Thanks Valkyrien! :)

Melita, thank you and I'm sorry you are upset but all is well now. You can sign in.

Sandy, thank you. Yes, glitches can be a pain.

Gill, thanks and all fixed now.

Storyteller, thank you. I can see many of us have had problems signing in today but hopefully we will have no more problems.

Randi, thanks for stopping by and yes, all is well at TF.

Carletta, thanks so much.

Hi Valkyrien, yes I read your mail. Thanks for sending it.

Nance, thank you very much.

Marju, thank you.

Carver, thank you too.

Pacey, thank you. I look forward to visiting your new blog.

Well my friends, I'm so sorry many of you have had problems signing into Today's Flowers today. I know it can be so frustrating when things don't go right. These glitches crop up every now and again but Valkyrien found out what the problem was. I have had a busy few days and was late checking in and I am very grateful to Valkryrien for getting on the ball. Hopefully no more problems will occur.

Have a great week everyone.

Denise said...

Syaa Fiqq, thank you very much.

Lui said...

Wow, a procession of flowers and singing plants! We can hear them from our island! Thank you for sharing!

Lui and Bogart

Gunilla said...

Beautiful photos of beautiful flowers.
I like the rose fantastic color.

Gunilla in Sweden

SquirrelQueen said...

Denise, the photos are gorgeous. I am especially intrigued by the Flap Jacks, I've never seen those before.

I adore the last photo with the little Skipper.

Through Squirrel Eyes

Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA said...

Always love your photos. The kalanchoe looks particularly lovely today. Guess I'm a sucker for pink edges, on everything!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Denise: A beautiful look at those flowers at the garden.

chicamom85 said...



JunieRose2005 said...

Beautiful collection of flowers for this post!

I enjoyed looking!


Grace Olsson said...

This week, I am guest at the FLOWERS FROM TODAY and I am here for to congratulate you for you to be part of our group. Your photos give more charm, color, class, life and light to the TF. Thanks u very much, dearest.

Ruby said...

autumn is here! and you got here lovely shots!

Regina said...

Hello Denise. Those are beautiful and amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Have a great week.

(Came by late. I had a busy Sunday)

Daily Nourishment said...

wonderful photos Denise! have a great week!

Euroangel said...

thanks a lot for the visit in my blogs! and for sharing these beauty of nature!
hugs an blessings!

MedaM said...

Beautiful series of photos and a collection of really gorgeous flowers.

Luiz Ramos said...

They are not flowers but Poetry.
Beautiful shots.
Luiz Ramos

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Love that first rose.

AL said...

yipeee Today's flowers is okay now! And I saw lots of flowers everywhere I never thought there are thousand of flower species all over the world!

I thought I couldn't post for todays flowers.

Arija said...

Great shots all of them Denise, I love the trimmed lavender bushes, they look like a batch of buns straight from the oven.

January said...

Those are beautiful! thanks for sharing!

Denise said...

Lui and Bogart, you have a lovely way of saying things, thank you.

Gunilla, the rose was one of my favorites. Thank you.

Squirrel Queen, thank you. I've never seen those Flap Jacks befor either and I love to photograph the Skippers when I can.

Sara, thank you.

Fishing Guy, thank you.

Anne, thank you.

Junie, thank you too.

Grace, thank you so much for being our guest friend. Your flowers are lovely.

Ruby, it certainly is and thank you.

Regina, thank you and sometimes it pays to be late. You missed the frustration of trying to sign in. You have a great week too.

TC, thank you. Have a great week too.

Euroangel, you are most welcome. Thank you for visiting mine.

Magic Eye, I almost missed you here. Sorry, my eyesight sometimes lets me down. Thank you for visiting.

MedaM, thank you so much.

Luiz,your words are poetry, thank you.

Digital Flowers, the rose is one of my favorites. Thank you.

Al, I can feel your happiness. Let's hope we have no more problems. I feel the same kind of joy when I am able to visit all these fantastic flowers all over our beautiful world.

I hope I haven't missed anyone but I do want to thank all for visiting here. It is part of the fun for me to be able to visit your blogs and see at mine. Have a great week.

Denise said...

Arija, I can always count on you to identify things for me. Thank you for letting me know they were lavender bushes my friend.

January, thank you too.

SandyCarlson said...

These are beautiful. That last one is utterly amazing.

Arija said...

My dear, I only wish my header were is our main cow paddok covered in an imported weed 'Echium plantagenium' which, although stunning to look at, is a great pest!

April said...

Lovely sunny flowers and beautiful autumn foliage! Thanks for your visit and good wishes.

tricia said...

This post is just wonderful. You are a master Denise. These shots are beautiful.

Ebie said...

The flowers are so colorful! Love the butterfly photo, which you always do very well!

Enjoy your week Denise!

Napaboaniya APAD said...

Simply delightful~
A pleasure to view these Denise :)

Tricia said...

They're all so very pretty! Outstanding photos & how colorful, too!

Adrienne in Ohio said...

Beautiful flowers!

nonizamboni said...

Exquisite photos, as always! Its always a treat to see what you've been up to.