Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My World Tuesday - Cox Farm Fall Festival

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Cox Farm Fall Festival about half an hour away from home. The farm has been having them for several years but this is the first time we have gone. Imagine our surprise when we saw King Kong greeting us at the entrance with Fay Wray hanging from his huge paw. They were putting on quite a show.

There was lots of activity and this festival is definitely geared up for families with small children. There were many farm animals, hay rides, slides and pony rides to name a few.

There was also old farm equipment scattered here and there. You can see King Kong and Fay still climbing up their version of the Empire State Building.

Sunflowers were in full bloom.....

and pigs were napping.....
He opened his eyes and said "Can't you see the No Disturb sign? Go away!".......not really.

Sheep were complaining of the heat with their thick woolly coats....not really....

This one asked me to take him home and I would have done except that the Home Owner's Association would have thrown me in jail.....not really but they are pretty strict about such things.

This rooster wanted to know what I was staring at. I told him I thought he was a very handsome rooster.....yes, really!

The goats were getting ready to be fed.

There was a bit of a battle going on and one of them resented another head going into his bowl. He kept knocking them out by butting them with his horns. He wasn't being very polite and obviously didn't believe in sharing....yes really!

This calf pulled his tongue out at us......which spoke volumes. I would have taken him home too but that darned Home Owner's Association. I knew I couldn't put him in my back garden under the deck, but I think Gregg would have let me bring him into our house...... not really.

There was a place to sit for a spell and get a bite to eat. We decided to wait as it hadn't been long since breakfast time.

We thought of buying this car. Gregg's favorite color is green and he wanted to take it home.....not really but we both said it was a beautiful car and would have looked great with a new paint job and a bit of work on the engine, and it definitely needed a new set of tires.

This is the tractor that pulled the wagon for the hay ride....yes really.

I got tired just looking at poor Mrs. Pig. All those little piglets were very hungry but she seemed oblivious to them. How on earth does she do that?

The piglets were born in September.

I wanted to take them home too but you know, that Home Owner's Association again. Next house we buy we're going to live in the country. I loved those little guys....yes, really.

We came across the singing milkman. He was pretty good.

This cow liked his serenade.....

and his audience was growing so they must have too.

He asked for volunteers. I jumped down there quick as a flash, sat on that stool, filled the bucket up to the tippy top and got an A plus. My diploma said my degree would get me a job on any dairy farm in the country.....not really.

The Guinea Hens didn't believe it either.

But they sure were cute.

I wanted to take this one home with me. I told him he was very handsome as Guinea Hens go and he agreed with me.

I think the turkey was a little jealous but I assured him I thought he was handsome too, as turkeys go.

The Llama was bored with all the blither blather.....

and gave me "the look". I gave him one back. I won! I'm good at "the look", just ask Gregg.

We came across a man selling honey.

He had several samples for us to taste.

There must have been a thousand bees behind this glass, all very busy doing what bees do, making honey. There were a few escapees and I told them I would take them home with me.....not really......
but we did buy several jars of honey and took them home instead. I can honestly say that it was the best honey we've ever tasted. We'll be going back for more when that runs out.

Remember the little girl from a previous post? Here she is with her daddy sitting on those giant chairs.
She had just finished talking on the cell phone. It was a very long conversation.

Time to go and we found ourselves going through the shop on our way out. I've never seen so many pumpkins. These were free or at least free to anyone who had a wrist band, which is what we were given after paying the fee to get in.

I'm not that keen on the color orange and never buy any clothing in that color, but I love it when it's on a pumpkin.

You could buy several different varieties of apples.

There was squash.....

and Indian corn.

We didn't buy any of it as we were happy enough with the honey.

The crows were begging for someone to take them home.....

and they were adorable but we didn't buy one this time round.

The big pumpkin in the middle of this display actually had wheels.

It was a fun walk around but it was time to get into our own gold pumpkin and drive home.

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  1. That was fun, I love all the animals, including King Kong. Great photos, thanks for the tour.

  2. I was laughing throughout the post! And I love all the pictures. For a moment, I thought I was there enjoying the farm fall festival myself.

  3. That was so cool, I love the photos and the captions, it made me smile. The little girl holding a phone looked tired after a long conversation...yes really.


  4. this was such a lovely post...yes really!

  5. Wonderful POST!!!!
    I miss that part from the time I was working in USA.
    I do not have those kind of farm events here an pumpkins not big at all.

    Fun chairs with the little one and here father.
    The colored corn i did try to grow them this year but I planted them to late and now the did freeze. MB

  6. Thanks for showing us the country life. That last pumpkin pic is so cool.

  7. what a great day out for you both. A sure sign of fall is all those pumpkins!!

    Gill in Canada

    P.S. I have a Fall photo on my post today, very different from yours though.

  8. what a fab place denise...and all of those great farmyard animal pictures...your post was just perfection. enjoyed it all so much.
    there were a couple i wouldn't have minded dragging home too :)

  9. What a fun festival! I'm totally with you on the pigs. They are SO cute!

  10. What an interesting festival especially for little ones. I don't think I have seen so many pumpkins and soooo bright orange. I loved your comentary, it had me giggling all the way through. Did your car turn into a pumpkin before 12 o'clock/ You just can't trust workmanship these days.

  11. Looks like you had a swell time taking photos. What a nice set of pictures. I wondered why the little girl looked so mall, now I understand, look at the size of her Daddy. LOL Now I also understand the size of he chairs.

  12. Goodness, all those pumpkins! The animals were wonderful - the photos, I mean! - and the oversized chairs were great. You had a very entertaining day by the look of it!

  13. I've been trying to get over to Lombardi Farms which is the place to visit here in the Santa Clarita Valley in the Fall, but we keep having the treat of rain and I like to go there when the sun is shining.
    This looks like a great place to visit and I love your photos.


  14. Lovely pictures! Thanks for the day out! There was a lot to be seen!

  15. What a fun post! And what a fun day out! Really cool, great photos! Love King Kong and all the regular size animals as well -- yes, really!!
    Thanks for sharing the day and the fun!!

    Enjoy the day!


  16. That was quite a post & sooo many animals! I just love the lil piglets! hehehehe

  17. How fun ;--)
    Thanks so much for the virtual visit. I enjoyed each of your photos and your entertaining commentary ... wish there was something like this near me ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  18. So many wonderful photos! Just great Denise. The first shot of the rusted tractor (with King Kong in the background) is my favorite. As I've said many times before-- you are the best tour guide! Thanks.

  19. It looked like a cool festival! I understand you got surprised when you discovered King Kong :-) There were many charming animals and I liked the tractor:-)

  20. Oh dear Denise!
    Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures ( I loved those animals)

  21. It looks like a great fall festival. I know they had some great food to eat too. I love all the scarecrow decorations. The King Kong is wonderful.

  22. I love going to places like this in the fall. You get that country feeling, which is enough for me. I grew up on a small farm, but now I'm definately a city girl.

  23. What a fun post! Thank you for allowing me to come along with you to the festival via this post.

  24. A really interesting post Denise, thanks for sharing all these great shots. .

  25. these are amazing pictures! thanks for sharing!

  26. i seldom find pigs in our place..but back in my home country my mother always have some and she love it..

  27. What a wonderfully diverse and productive farm! Ideal for letting children see that supermarkets don't produce the food, they just sell it.
    Crates of pumpkins the way we have crates of oranges here.
    Really great place and thank you so much for taking us along.