Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Day of October 2009

Happy First Day of October to all my friends out there. It actually feels like Autumn today, she says as she reaches for another pair of socks to keep her tootsies toasty. I personally love this time of the year. Not being a person who can take the humid summers, unlike my dear husband who relishes that kind of heat (he is a Virginia boy through-and-through, aren't you Darling?) I look forward to that nip in the air, reaching for my comfy sweater and jeans (and socks) in the morning, seeing the leaves turning all shades of red and gold, the smell of woodsmoke as I step outside and all things that say Fall. Heavenly!

I got my graphics today and other bits of information from Susan's Daily Dose. The top and the bottom ones are supposed to be animated but I can't get them to move when I put them on here. Susan sends out a daily letter of fun facts, animations, beautiful quotes, pictures and others, all of which I love to get on a daily basis. If any of you are interested in seeing some of her letters I can forward you a copy. Just send me a mail at Seeing her work in bits and dabs here does not do her justice but she's kind enough to let us do this as long as we don't mind putting a link to where you can find her and thanks Susan. If you just want to go ahead and subscribe her e-mail is:

October is the 10th month of the year

It has 31 days

It is derived from the latin word

'Octo' which means eight. Originally

it was the eighth month of the

Roman calendar.

It is the month of harvest

It is celebrated with many year end

festivals, before Winter.

Birthstone: Opal, Tourmaline

Flower: Calendula, Cosmos

Symbolizes: Hope

Today In History

1800: Spain returns the North

American territory of

Louisiana to France by the

Treaty of San Ildefonso.

Learn more about Louisiana here.

1903: The American League's Boston

Americans play the National

League's Pittsburgh Pirates

in the first World Series game.

Learn more about the World Series here.

1908: Ford's Model T goes on sale in the U.S.

The two-seat "Tin Lizzy" costs

$850 and will become one of

the biggest-selling cars of all time.

Learn more about automobiles here.

1961: Roger Maris breaks the record

for the most home runs in one season.

Learn more about Roger Maris here.

1987: The Dow Jones Industrial Average

falls more than 500 points, accelerating

losses in stock markets around

the world. The event becomes

known as "Black Monday."

Learn more about “Black Monday” here.

2003: Chinese astronaut Yang Liwei returns

safely to Earth after orbiting the planet 14

times as China becomes only the

third nation to launch

a manned spacecraft.

Learn more about China here.

Do you have other interesting world facts that happened today? I would love to hear of them

Have a great day everyone.

Happy Fall!


  1. Hi Denise, Welcome to October to you also... You gave us some interesting facts not only about October --but about this day in history.

    I love Fall and 'brisk' weather also. I was raised in Virginia also --but southwest VA in the mountains. I don't care for summer especially humidity either. This cooler weather is WONDERFUL....

    Hope you have a wonderful day --and October. My sweet mother was born on this day in 1900. She died at the age of 91 in 1991. I miss her.

  2. First October... already! I do not like tropical summers, it gets too hot for me then. Nice artwork you've got from your friend. Me too I was thinking of today to blog about the meaning of the word and month October. Now I found it here at your post instead :) Have a nice weekend! :)

  3. - And have a nice October! :D

  4. Lovely photos. Does it cost something to subscribe to her newsletters?

  5. I love October, maybe because my daughter's birthday is in October. I loved that little nip in the air. There was a certain fall smell in the air, too. I miss it.

    I really do.

  6. Happy Fall to you too!
    I don't like humidity one bit. I love a day that you need a light sweater and cozy socks.
    Thanks for all the October facts.
    Sunny :)

  7. Once I'm settled to the idea that summer is over, I also love October.
    Happy Fall to you, too.

  8. This took some time here and it's full of neat info as well as being cheerful and pretty to the eye.
    My dad turns 93 yrs the end of this month and I have an anniversary coming up! Really, on my newest post you wouldn't know it..but it is my favorite time of the year! The colors are brilliant and it's just that over all feeling..a nice welcome change. You brought that warm intoxicating feel here! What a great post Denise!

  9. October - beautiful month! Bright, crisp, colourful and often very windy. Enjoy!

  10. I love this post. One of my most favorite people on earth (my daughter) was born in October which makes it beautiful for me. Your new header is great!