Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sheltie Photo

Gregg took these photos at the Scottish Festival and Games a couple of weeks ago. What we were very happy to see were several dog rescue societies, very worthy causes to be sure. Many of the dogs we saw found homes that day.

Shelties are very sweet natured dogs and if you want to find out how you can adopt one, I found the Virginia Rescue here. I am sure you can find one in your part of the world too. It is a good site and tells you all about their characteristics and whether your home would be a good fit for this particular dog. As all animal lovers know, accepting a pet into one's home is a tremendous responsibility and should be a life-time commitment. Best to do a lot of research beforehand, which will avoid potential problems in the future.
There were many other types of dogs. We saw West Highland Terriers and Greyhounds to name two. All their rescue societies can be found by doing a simple search online, so if you are thinking of adding a four-legged fur baby to your family, check them out. Of course we must also remember the local animal shelter. There are many beautiful and loving animals that need a good home right there.


  1. I have had friends with Shelties. They are very sweet dogs. That's a good point that you can search online for each breed's rescue society.

  2. Beautiful dogs, and I love the way you have done the photos too.

  3. I have never seen such a game,
    it looks like a lot of FUN :)

  4. These dogs are so pretty, and I to like your arrangements of the pictures. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  5. What beautiful dogs. When I first read your title I thought it said Shuttle pictures and was expecting a space shot. Ooops!

  6. thanks for publicising such a good cause. We've got our last three pets from rescues, and it's been such a joy to see thin, abused, untrusting and unhappy animals become confident, playful and spoilt pets!

  7. Shelties are beautiful dogs, Denise. I've heard that they are some of the sweetest dogs around. I had a Cocker which I adored---and she lived for almost 15 yrs. I had a rough time when she died.


  8. What jolly friends (great shots) and what an important post, Denise!


    Comfort Spiral

  9. Splendid Little Stars, they sound adorable.

    IMAC, thank you.

    Anya, it was.

    Margaret, they are aren't they? You have a great week also.

    Mountain Mama, the word is close but no shuttle today :)

    J, you are very welcome, it is an important cause. We also rescued our little dog who was very badly abused. She became pure joy to all of us for 15 years. No longer with us sadly.

    Léia, that makes me happy.

    Betsy, me too. It's tough when we have to say goodbye.

    Cloudia, thank you and Aloha.

    Thank you all for visiting and leaving such nice comments. Have a great weekend.

  10. Great shots. Great advice too. The dogs are beautiful.

  11. Thanks Tricia. They are beautiful aren't they?

  12. These guys are so beautiful.. They'd have to have AC over here. I really like the way you arranged the photos as well. I think its amazing you can find a particular breed from the rescue society. Anyway, thanks for stopping by- I felt uplifted by your encouraging words- thanks Denise

  13. Seeing these sheltie photos makes me miss having a collie, which is my favorite breed of dog. I have not had one for a very long time. Now I like to travel so much it makes it hard to have pets, but I have 3! So Gus and I travel seperately, since someone has to stay home and take care of the pets!

  14. Such lovely dogs! Both black and red. Shelty (one shelty, two shelties?) was my dog friend when I was younger. My aunt and uncle had one :)

  15. no no.. I see. one sheltie, two shelties.. It's a long time since I've practiced English, you see.. ;)