Monday, September 21, 2009

Do you remember.....

"Do you remember the 21st night of September?
Love was changing the minds of pretenders
While chasing the clouds away
Our hearts were ringing
In the key that our souls were singing.
As we danced in the night,
Remember how the stars stole the night away."


Lyrics by Maurice White, Charles Stemney and Verdine White


This is a photo taken in 1972, possibly 1973. I have long forgotten where we were but it was some outdoor party at a friend's house and I remember having a fun time with my friends. If you're wondering, I am the girl standing at the back on the right side of the photo. From left to right are Felicity, Angela, Geraldine (with her boyfriend behind her) and me. Sitting on the ground sharing a joke is Pam on the left and Lyn on the right. There were more of us in our circle but not on this night apparently.

Unfortunately I lost touch with all of them. Most of us married and went our separate ways and we all moved around so much it was hard to keep up. Geraldine went off to Australia with some of those other friends I mentioned. I was going too until I met Gregg. I often wonder if she is still in Australia, are any of them? Is she married, does she have children, grandchildren?

I took over Geraldine's job when she left the administration office at the local hospital which opened yet another circle of friends. I remember her surprising us one day when she came into the office wearing what she said was a bush hat with corks dangling around the brim, tied on with string, to keep away the flies she said and she laughed so hard, shaking her head from side to side which set those corks to twisting and twirling. We had no idea she was coming back but it was only for a few weeks to see her family, and eventually Geraldine returned to Sydney. She loved it out there. We talked about me going too. In fact all my papers were set but I met Gregg and he stole my heart. Not long afterwards I said my own goodbyes, she to Australia and me to America. Pam and Lyn married but I moved before Felicity and Angela formed permanent relationships. I sometimes wonder what they are all doing now.

Wherever they are I hope they are all happy and enjoying their lives to the fullest.


  1. Funny how clothes and hairstyles (and lyrics) date us. Love that big hair! Made me wanna pull out the Don Maclean vinyl of American Pie...

  2. What a wonderful photo and a wonderful memory. This post made me smile. Thank you.

  3. So you nearly became one of us. Funny that! My parents intended migrating to Canada but they had to wait longer than for Australia. So I nearly became a Canadian.At least you can remember the names of the people in the photo I sometimes look at old photos and can't remember some of their names.You can find friends on socila networks like Facebook. Not sure how.

  4. It's fun to see a phtoto of you when you were younger. I'm glad you had such nice memories of times spent with your friends. Who knows, maybe one of them will find you through your blog!

  5. Hi Denise; good memories with friends; carefree times, yes where are they all? The twists and turns of life, you nearly ended up in Australia!

  6. A budding beautiful English Rose. {:)

  7. Wonderful to see those old pictures again! We were young once and carefree! The only cares we had were if the boys we were in love with, were in love with us too!LOL.

  8. Do you have a Facebook account, Denise? If not, you might want to consider setting up one. I have reconnected with a few classmates whom I haven't seen since I graduated high school in 1974. Perhaps one or more of the friends with whom you have lost touch have Facebook. I include my maiden name on Facebook so that friends who do not know my married name may still find me.

  9. 'Memories are made of this' - old photos evoke such memories. I agree about Facebook - or you might try 'Friends Reunited' since you were then in UK.
    It's odd how things work out, isn't it?

  10. I'm such a sap for old photos and memories. There's such a connection with the past to our present. Sometimes, it's lovely just to sit back and travel back in time.

  11. Hello sweet Denise!
    Adorable clothes, I appreciate a lot this kind of look!Great time!
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful picture and lovely story!
    God bless you

  12. It is sad when we loose track of old friends, but sadly it happens to us all. Have a great week.

  13. Have you tried Facebook or Googling their names?? I did that with an old H.S. friend and reconnected .

  14. Such nice to see the old photo. Sure you girls had lots of fun. Strange to think of.. the destiny.. that you met your husband..if not.. maybe now you would have lived in Australia.. But sure you would never be without your Gregg! :) And sure you're still happy he appeared... :) So the time is.. friends we had before, they moved years ago, so did I.... and we just got each other out of the sight.... And new friends come to stay.... :)

  15. Oh, I think you have to start trying to find some of these old friends!

  16. Cute picture, Denise. They say you can find old classmates one of two ways: Join CLASSMATES online and/or get a Facebook site---and use maiden names... They say that it's a great way to reconnect.

    I have three special childhood friends --and we get together once a year for a few days to catch up. This year we are going to Maggie Valley, NC --and rent a cabin in the mountains. Should be fun!

    Great picture... I love seeing all of the old pictures like that.


  17. It is sad that we lose touch with most of our old, dear friends.

  18. Those hairstyles look very 70's!
    Great memories of old friends. I wonder where some of my old friends ended up, too.

  19. All those "wonderings" are making me nostalgic, too.
    September 21st is special for me, because my daughter was born on that day.

  20. You look beautiful and this picture is so 70 ish! What a story..makes me tear up a bit..different paths huh? Well, Greg stole your heart and here you are. The lyrics..I never heard them but this is my birthday (more funny than great) but that is hilarious. I posted a cake I thought the picture I mentioned to you before was in sepia..not..but what the hey- I'm off to my son's for dinner! Bet it's not going to be Martha Stewarts- ha