Friday, September 18, 2009

Camera Critters # 76

Today I am sharing a series of photos taken two weekends ago when I watched a sheep herding demonstration. It was fun and extremely interesting. The dog was very skilled at his job and those lovely sheep were the most well taken care of sheep I have seen in a long time. They positively glowed.

At last the sheep can rest.....

and so can the dog. Well done!

Camera Critters is a great meme where you can share your animal photos, and was created by Misty Dawn and is hosted by Misty and Tammy. You can click right here to be taken to their site.


  1. I see exactly what you mean about the sheep glowing Denise, they have an aura about them and they look so haughty, very obviously well cared for! Of course anything featuring a dog is a winner for me, I adore them and looking back through your last few posts I found the Shelties as well, my neighbour used to keep them.

    All your photos are beautiful, I loved the deer and fawn on a previous post.

    I do hope you will forgive me when I miss commenting on some of your posts, I find it so hard to keep up with all the lovely blogs and I admire you so much for managing to post so often!

  2. Very interesting, Denise. I have never seen that done before. Those sheep really are gorgeous ---and so is the dog. The doggie had to work hard, didn't he????

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. What lovely sheep, of course it takes lots of pampering, cleaning, grooming, trimming, to make them look so lovely.
    I know, because I've helped with it on several occasions. The little dog, takes his job seriously doesn't he, the sheep know who is boss.
    What an interesting post !

  4. These are beautiful sheep, you can tell they are well taken care of. In fact they look like they are smiling.
    The dog did a great job too.
    I'm actually a sheepaholic, so I love your post.
    Sunny :)

  5. A great series of photos of sheep herding. They are wonderful dogs, it looks like a Border Collie. The sheep are cute too.
    Not to mention what a good job the trainers do too.

  6. Great series of photos. It would be nice to see the sheep herding in person. I assume this is an Australian Shepard?
    Thanks for sharing your critter for the day.

  7. Fantastic series of photos. What cute sheep and dog! I really enjoyed this photos, thanks for sharing.

  8. Working dogs are so impressive. Years ago we were on the Isle of Skye and saw some dogs working the sheep. We stopped the car and watched for some time, totally enthralled.

  9. Oh, Misty's going to love this post with the border collie. Beautiful series of shots. My only knowledge of herding demonstrations is from the movie 'Babe.' I'd like to see one for real sometime. :)

  10. Wonderful series, Denise. I really enjoy watching the dogs herd (and the dogs love it too). You are right, the sheep do seem to glow!

  11. Thanks for sharing! It's neat to watch a sheepdog in action.

  12. Dogs are sooo smart, aren't they?

    I played too :)

  13. I've never seen prouder looking sheep! Beautiful photos :o)

  14. A wonderful photo essay Denise!
    Those sheep are so cute.
    If I were going to have a dog I always thought I'd want a border collie.

  15. ShySongbird, they also had beautiful names which my friend heard but I did not. I will have to ask her. Please don't worry about commenting on every post. I have a hard time keeping up too but I think many of us are in the same boat and truly do understand. I am trying to answer you all here in case I get too far behind replying at your blogs. I do this when I can but find myself way behind even in this.

    Betsy, he certainly did.

    Jo, he certainly did take his job seriously and what fun to be able to help out. You'll have to tell us about it sometime would you please?

    Magiceye, thank you.

    Sunny, I love to collect sheep graphics as I think they are adorable.

    Diane, aren't they just and of course we have to give a lot of credit to the trainers who obviously loved their animals very much.

    Eileeninmind, not sure if that little dog was an Australian Shepherd, I thought he was a Border Collie but I am no expert by any means.

    MedamM, so happy you enjoyed the photos.

    Jabblog, I seem to remember them too but way back in my England days, and even further back in my youth. It is amazing to watch them, like dancing a ballet.

    Adrienne, I hope so. I loved 'Babe'.

    Snap, they did didn't they?

    Dimple, it certainly was. I absolutely loved it.

    Teena, aren't they just? I'll be over to see your post in a little while.

    Joy, thank you. They did seem very proud.

    Carletta, Border Collies are lovely. I think our first one dog when I was a little girl was part Border Collie.

    Thank you all so much for stopping by. It has been a lot of fun reading your comments and they are very much appreciated.

  16. Wow, the sheep are well-groomed. Lovely dog too.

  17. Marvelous photo series of the dog and sheep in action. Most impressive on all counts ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  18. Tara, they were.

    Story, thank you and the same to you.

    Thank you both for your visit and nice comments.

  19. how cute the sheep are, love its feather color and a lovely smart dog.

    my entry:

  20. What a fun visit to the sheep farm. All the photos are great but the last captures it all. Thanks for sharing, Denise!

  21. Oh I really like the first photo of the dog and the one where the sheep come running towards you. That one made me smile ;-) Great shots!

  22. That was my thought when reading: Well done! And such lovely sheep and a lovely dog! :)