Monday, August 3, 2009

My World Tuesday - Washington DC

Gregg and I found ourselves in Washington DC the weekend before last on a hot and humid day. We wanted to visit the Smithsonian Museum of American History and usually have to park quite a ways off. unless we get lucky with a parking spot. Not today, so we headed to a parking garage that we know of a couple of blocks from the Air and Space Museum. It involves quite a long walk back but we always enjoy our exercise and the city is a fun place to look around. The only thing was today it was very humid.

Many of these photos in today's post were taken by Gregg.

Our first landmark is The Capitol Building.

This is Constitution Avenue. You can make out an open-air double-decker tour bus on the other side of the street.

It had stopped to let the tourists off. We have never been on any of the tour buses that drive through the area. Maybe one of these days but we have always been happy just walking around and visiting various museums along the way.

This is the top part of the Smithsonian's Castle. It was the first museum built along the Mall. On the right-hand side you can see the top of the Washington Monument showing at the top of the turret. It is actually about a third of a mile away.

The Carousel has been on the Mall for as long as I can remember. We used to take our son on it when he was a toddler.

It turned out it to be too crowded in the American History Museum for us, with long lines at all exhibits that we wanted to look at. We decided to leave it for the tourists today and come back when things get a little quieter, and cooler.

I could have gone for a pretzel or a hotdog but frankly I was getting so thirsty I knew eating either of those would have been a big mistake. At that point I could have drunk a river, I kid you not. I don't handle humidity very well. We had already stopped off at one of the vendors on the Mall for ice-cold bottles of water and they didn't last long. My dear husband grew up in this State and the heat or humidity doesn't bother him. The hotter the better.

When this gentleman came along I was getting ready to throw my prostrate body in front of his ice-cream-on-wheels machine. Only a momentary aberration, good sense prevailed.

This impressive looking head didn't think it would have been a good idea either. He is a replica of a portrait of an Olmec ruler carved from volcanic welded ash by Ignacio Perez Solano. It is a copy of one of 17 colossal heads known from one of the world's great ancient civilizations. Without wheels or iron tools, the Olmec created spectacular monumental sculptures and ceremonial centers on Mexico's Gulf Coast. I took a picture of the sign next to it and that's where I got all my information.

We saw the double-decker tour bus again. My whiny side was wishing we had bought a ticket.

Gregg wanted to stop off to take a couple of pictures. Truth be told I was a bit past taking photographs. Can you see me giving him the look? The next stop I wanted to make was at the next river of water. Now I know all you guys out there know the kind of 'look' I'm talking about. Dare I venture to say that I am sure at some point you have either seen it or given it. That's Gregg in the reflection of my glasses. I was getting hot and tired and sorry to say just a bit cranky but as I have a relatively pleasant personality and generally don't whine like a five year old, my sweetie put up with me and I stopped for the photographs.

We were overtaken by the segway tour. Whenever we come into the city we always see one. Three 'young-uns' raced by us a little too fast trying to catch up with their party. They startled me so much I almost jumped out of my shoes. If they had been a little slower I might have grabbed one and told him I would forgive him if he would please give me a ride back to our car.

This is becoming a common sight at the stop light.

They sadly ignored my pleas for a ride and off they went. I forgave them anyway.

This is the Air and Space Museum.

The same building but taken a little further away. Right next to it you can see a lighter colored structure which is the Museum for the American Indian. We have been in there two or three times. It is very enjoyable.

We're almost at the car but I see Starbucks. I have given up coffee for a while so I don't head to it with my usual homing pigeon instincts and I am still looking for that river of water, and possibly going through caffeine withdrawal on top of everything else, poor Gregg!

We have time to look at today's headlines.

And by this time we have reached the car and Gregg is heading for the river of water. We see this interesting statue on the way out of the city.

I'm afraid I don't know who this man is but he looks very down in the mouth. His wife probably just gave him the look.

Here we are going by the embassies at Embassy Row.

Not sure what this building is either but it looked interesting.

It wasn't long before we got home into a nice cool house and where I threw myself into a bath-tub of cold water and drank my way out. Yes I am joking but I did find the biggest glass we have and filled it right to the tippy-top, and drank two of those. It never tasted so good. Next time I am going to take a chest full of ice and remember to pack it with that river of water for when we get back to the car.

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Added note: thanks to Craver Vii, I have now identified the statue of the sad looking gentleman above. Thanks Craver, here is his comment.

Craver Vii said...

The pensive gent (statue) who appears depressed is Samuel Hahnemann. As he sat for the sculptor, this German physician was probably gloomy because his discovery (homeopathic medicine) was not enthusiastically received by his American peers.

Yes, I was paying attention through the reading of the thirsty saga, but the challenge of a nameless statue derailed me. Google is a wonderful tool, eh?

If anyone is interested, the link above translates the German inscriptions from the monument.


  1. wow! fabulous series of photos, all the buildings are beautiful, thanks for the visit, take care..

  2. Great series of photographs. Washington DC is on my bucket list.

  3. It was so funny to see a row of Segways on the way to Air and Space Museum. The future of the 50´s at least partially made real.

  4. Another great day out with you and Greg, Denise - very enjoyable, particularly as I had a glass of water beside me! I love to see the Capitol Building, very impressive. A

  5. Thank you for bringing those places near me. I haven't been there and the photos are creatively captured. Thanks for sharing.


  6. wow so adorable pictures!I remember that carousel because I would love to go but it was closed in that day I visited there... :(
    YOu know...inside my heart I will be always a kid! :)
    I loved your post and what a fashion glasses you have! Cool reflection!
    Glad to see you enjoyed again Washington DC! Great day!
    God bless you

  7. Denise I'm tired ut just looking at and reading about your marathon! my feet would have killed me. You were probably dehydrated which is not at all a good way to be. Great photos.

  8. The Capitol Building is very majestic. I enjoyed my trip around your world. I'd love to see all those museums but without the tourists and heat.

  9. A beautiful tour of Washington DC. I did not even have to leave my seat to visit this beautiful city, you did a FABULOUS job of touring it for me!! I still can't believe you walked away from Starbucks, though!
    If I was not on the caffeine, I would have had Decaffeinated my Lattes or Capps. just to feel at least I had something!! Or even a herbal tea!! LOL

    Take care! Hugs♥

  10. This was an exhaustive virtual tour. Segways are just the funniest mode of transport to me. I am still yet to see on here.

  11. enjoyed my walking tour of dc. i never tire of that wonderful place. so much to see and so much to do. kudos to greg...excellent shots.
    glad you were finally able to cool off and quench your thirst :)
    that's the one thing about the dismal swamp (DC) is the humidity in the good ol summer time.

    have a wonderful day.

  12. Thanks for the tour of Washington DC its for me a dream,
    I wish I was there :)
    I now it only from TV ...

  13. Well Denise, it looks and sounds like you and Greg had an enjoyable trip to our capital. To bad it was so humid(I'm with you on that one) for you. Tell Greg he did a wonderful job with the photos he took and with being a sweet and understanding guy :D
    I love the way you tell a story... Thanks, it just made my day!

  14. I was in DC this past wkend and didnt take one pic for a post can you believe it! I do love DC

  15. The Segways are something that never really caught on. I wonder if it is a snobbish thing?

    I did like your photos. Nice look at the big lobby city.

  16. cool. that looks like my kind of place. love it

  17. Denise: What a great trip to our capitol. That was a neat set of photos.

  18. These are wonderful sights and you are a great photographer, I enjoyed reading the captions, laughing and smiling, what a great sense of humor. And a great tour guide. I hope the river did not run dry...

  19. The pensive gent (statue) who appears depressed is Samuel Hahnemann. As he sat for the sculptor, this German physician was probably gloomy because his discovery (homeopathic medicine) was not enthusiastically received by his American peers.

    Yes, I was paying attention through the reading of the thirsty saga, but the challenge of a nameless statue derailed me. Google is a wonderful tool, eh?

    If anyone is interested, the link above translates the German inscriptions from the monument.

  20. This looks like a very interesting place, Denise! Lovely buildings - I think we should do a Giraffe World Tour in our bus if we can find a secret portal into your world!

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!

  21. I wish I could try those rides too, look so cool Denise. Every shot is fantastic, the capitol, the castle. Everything. Great world. Happy week to you and Greg.

  22. Wow, thanks for the tour! Your photos are beautiful! I'm glad it went well with you on your trip, you must have walked several miles! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog!

  23. Great trip! I love all the little wheeled things!

  24. I remember my OH taking me to the Smithsonian - BORING! I just hate museums, old houses and ancient monuments - simply leave me cold. No imagination I guess.
    However, loved Washington. We stayed in Arlington and caught the underground ( wrong word?) thru Foggy Bottom and were very impressed by the cleanliness.
    After a day visiting the sights we Walked back to Arlington from Georgetown - all the way.
    Would love to come back.

    JJ in a very wet & miserable Torbay.

  25. You got some wonderful shots of that great city. Excellent.

  26. Thanks for the virtual tour of DC! It's been a long time since I was there. Love the touches of 'red' throughout ... making me think Ruby Tuesday ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  27. Nice eye, Gregg;
    and you look swell-egant in those shades, D!


    Comfort Spiral

  28. What a lot to see and do! I went to D.C. as a child and still remember how wonderful the Smithsonian was. thanks for the marvelous tour.

  29. Dear Denise,

    These are beautiful pictures and they bring tears to my eyes. I was in this city to celebrate my 55th birthday alone by myself. In the meantime, it was also an opportunity for me to attend the ISP Convention.

    However, the summer there was to much for me to bear and it was for that reason that I missed out the tour to the Capitol and everything else.

    I will feature this in my blog comment so then, I will not part from these beautiful pictures that will remind me of Washington DC, where once I had visited.

    That way, I don't need to copy because I am already linked. Thank you Denise.


  30. Thanks so much...brings back happy memories of my two visits to Washington DC and the Smithsonian. How lucky I am.
    But don't you always have water bottles with the car etc? We never go anywhere in the car here without carrying water with us! Glad you finally found some!

  31. I think the last time we were in Washington DC was in 2006. Since 2001 (possibly earlier) we have visited DC at least once a year. We hosted exchange students, and DC was one destination that we wanted our students to visit. We haven't ridden on any of the tour buses either. Like you we have always been happy to just walk around and visit monuments and museums along the way. Each time we went to DC we would see something new to us. I'm sure that will be our experience again the next time we visit.