Sunday, August 16, 2009

I have a question.

"Uh-oh!" Yes, that's what I said when this bright red blocker page appeared on my screen a few days ago. When I tried to open up certain blogs on my blog roll, this bright red page that filled up my screen appeared, telling me that the blog I was trying to look at had been infected by malware and it could harm my computer. It popped up every time I went into my blog until I realized I had to remove that person - which I was very sorry to do - from off my blog list. After I did it went away and it has been fine every since. But now I have noticed the pop-up red page on two or three other blogs. I have one of the best anti-virus programs there is and run it every night, so I know I am free and clear. I haven't heard or at least come across any mention of it in blogland yet. Have you and what exactly does this malware do? I have a rough idea but I was hoping someone could give me a short and succinct response to my question. Thanks for any information you can give me.


  1. This is the first time I'mseeing this. I have three different protection systems of the highest order who have caught and quarantened the dreaded Trojan horse for me a number of times.
    One of the systems I use is Malwarebites with which a Trojan horse infection was scrubbed out of my computer. Going onto so many sites as we do in blogland, there is always a risk.
    Sorry I can't help with this one but thanks for sharing the info.

  2. I didn't have what you mentioned but I did have some Malware thing pop up a while ago. It informed me that my computer was infected and asked whether I wanted to clean it up. I clicked on the YES button which as my first mistake. It came up again and I clicked on it again. And so it went until most of my programs wouldn't work. I was aghast. My brother came over the next day and cleaned it up for me but it was terrifying. I'm sorry I can't help.

  3. Sorry can not help you.

    I was looking at Todays flower and was thinking why did she not had insects on the last two photo and then i did look again and I did se the green one an the little red - really good photo you took, MB

  4. Never ever ever click or answer Yes to any pop ups. Just leave it alone, and do not close it either. Just minimize the window. When you shut down the computer, leave it as it is and let it be dissolved with the shutting down.

    I made the same mistake that Kay did in my old computer. I experienced what she experienced. I mostly received pop-up with my jigsaw puzzle. And some bloggers did cause me lots of problems like slowing down the computer. And despite my Norton protection, I occasionally have computer crashes.

    When it happen, I just let it go then shut down and let the computer takes its rest. I remove the modem connection, and unplug the electrical cords.

    Upon opening, I reran my Norton. I can tell while working on the computer, someone sends a spyware or malware because my computer alerts me.

    Such the downside of computing. Again, don't touch when you get pop ups. Just ignore it. I learned this from a computer geek because he explain the moment you open it, little did you know that it contains malware to ravage your hard drive.

    Thanks for the visit Denis and the well wishes.

  5. Do you use McAfee Security?
    Sunny :)

  6. That sounds bad. I'm sorry I can't help you. I haven't had anything like that happen to me YET. I have Webroot anti virus.

  7. How horrible Denise! Fortunately I haven't seen any pop-ups yet, but I shall keep in mind not to touch them.

  8. Check this link Denise

  9. I've never heard of that happening - Was my page on the list? But I don't know how you'll let me know if you can't get to my page because of that! If I don't hear from you in the next day or so, I'll take it that my page is one that you had to delete - I'll have to look into it. I'm so sorry you're having problems like this & I know it's scary, cuz nobody wants a virus - too expensive & such a pain to deal w/!

  10. Arija, I appreciate the information, thank you.

    Kay, they are horrible things to deal with aren't they? I am glad your brother knows something about them and helped you.

    Maria, thank you so much.

    Bonnie, thank you for all that advice. Sorry you had the same problem that Kay had but I guess we all learn by them and you helped by sharing and teaching us what not to do. Bless you!

    Sunny, I have Norton Anti-Virus.

    Diane, very glad you haven't had any problems.

    Reader Wil, thank you and hope you never have to deal with this.

    Roy, I have checked the link and am better informed now. Thanks for sharing it with me.

    Tricia, no it wasn't you. I had no way to let the person know I had a problem with her blog but I am sure she already knew and hopefully has taken care of it. I love her blog and look forward to adding it back on my list when I know it is all clear.

    Thanks everyone, it's always good to get this kind of information out to help us all in the long wrong. Really appreciate all the comments and good advice. Have a great week.

  11. Call me meta paranoid but sometimes I think my security is the virus!

  12. I've not experienced it Denise but Winifred at "Stopprocrastinatingandjust" has had the same. Seems like Bonny's advice is good and I will try to remember it is it happens to me. Thanks for the warning. A x

  13. I have seen that warning-- mostly on commercial sites. I wonder if the blogs in question have ads on them. I keep my firewall setting pretty tight which gets to be a pain sometimes but better safe than sorry. Hope you have a super week Denise.

  14. Hi Denise, sorry to hear about this. I know quite a few bloggers who have a lot of "thingies" don't know the word, installed and I get a lot of pop ups, ads or quizes. Some blogs take time to load, and I do not wait for it and just close and would not come back again to the site. My laptop crashed two times because I forgot to lock my wireless router. Good thing I have a neighbor who is so computer literate on softwares, and he fixed it for me. Just make sure you back up your files.
    P.S. That was me on the photo and the other one with the camera looking up is Zee.

  15. Hi Denise, I had this from only one other blogger, when I tried to visit. It was consistent, so I let her know by email and stopped visiting. She's still in my reader.

    Malware is short for malicious and best to avoid. I use ad-aware and spyware doctor, to be sure my pc hasn't "caught" anything.

  16. my adware doesn't allow pop ups, we have two different kinds that we run every so often.

    but i was told that there was a virus that spread thru facebook; that or my husband just doesn't want me facebooking :)

  17. Oh Denise, so sorry to know about this problem, and I don't know much about it unfortunately.Thanks for informing us .

  18. I have not experienced any problems, but read the comments you received in case I do. I also am wondering if the blogs you had trouble with had the money making items to load. Sometimes it takes so long to load those I just don't bother with visits to those blogs.

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  19. Lanny, I may be getting paranoid myself after this episode but things are calm once again thank goodness.

    Anne, that's very interesting about Winifred. I once had a bad computer crash due to a virus and so am a little nervous about such things.

    Tricia, you might have something there. I think I may be avoiding the blogs with lots of advertising on them for a while. Pity really because I enjoy the ones I go to.

    Ebie, thanks for the info and the photo of you and of Zee was such a nice addition to your collage.

    Hi Denise, I had this from only one other blogger, when I tried to visit. It was consistent, so I let her know by email and stopped visiting. She's still in my reader.

    Jan, thank you for telling me what Malware is. I am glad your computer is well protected.

    Photo Cache, I've heard of the Facebook virus. That's good advice.

    Léia, thank you and you are very welcome.

    Leedra, thanks for the input. I'm listening to all of you about this.

  20. I have pretty good protection but I don't know if you had my link up? You could always e-mail me. Anyway, one poster said not to get rid of the pop on the other hand would say just delete your cookies with your history and that. Anyway..I miss you & hope it isn't me cause I haven't had a problem. Me...

  21. Are you running Vista? Which browser do you use? Do you remember the exact message or can you make a screen shot the next time it happens and paste it in an email?