Friday, July 24, 2009

Good Night Everyone

It has been a good week, nothing too exciting but it was enjoyable and it went by so fast. My black eye is healing and I no longer feel like I have to keep my sunglasses on in the rain - smiling here as apart from one downpour last night it's been sunny and dry. Our grass is a nice shade of brown, sort of like the shade of my eye-lid, wink, wink, ouch, wink, wink.

Gregg took me out to lunch one day and we went to Walney Pond to say hello to the beaver in the evening who as usual was tucking into some tasty water lily roots. Then we went and treated ourselves to our own version of the water lily root, one scoop of Pralines and Cream at Baskin and Robbins.

Brad called, he is back at work and settling happily into married life with the fair Lisa. I will be posting some of Joe's wedding photos on Monday and more to follow on Tuesday.

I have chatted with friends either by e-mail or phone. None of us have gotten together but are making plans for fun gatherings in the not too distant future. Mini road trips ahead and you know how much I love those.

Before I put this old computer to bed tonight I thought I would share a link that Gregg sent me today while still at work. A colleague of his came across it and knowing how much we love photography he passed it on, so I want to thank him very much as it is a wonderful find. If you click here it will take you to a map of the world, you click anywhere on that map and it will show you a series of the most amazing photographs, which you click on to enlarge. There is a box at the top where you can put in any place you want. Gregg put in my old home town and came across the village I was living in when we met, and these photos I am sharing today show you the church we were married in and where our son was Christened. Enjoy, but a word of warning, it's hard to pull yourself away so do what I did and set the timer, wink, wink, ouch, wink, wink. And no I am not following Gregg's advice and wearing a motorbike helmet in case I fall out of bed again.


  1. That link to google and flickr pictures was really cool!

  2. The pics on your post are just beautiful. I'm happy for you that you had such a good week. Thank you so much for this super link. :)

  3. That's a real English village and church. Nowhere in the world can you find a church with a steeple like that! Thanks for the link! I'll try that. I hope that your black eye will heal quickly. My damage is reparable and everything is back to normal. Thanks for the visit and kind comment.

  4. Great site. You can travel the world from your chair. Your hometown village looks very nice.
    Hope the eye gets better soon. Maybe rails like on a hospital bed would be better.

  5. What a fabulous news! Thanks for sharing this lovely post and the link!

  6. You're right, Denise, that site is totally addictive - I've spent far more time on it than I should have done!

  7. That's a great link. Thanks.
    Sunny :)

  8. Thank you for all the great comments everyone.