Friday, July 31, 2009

Camera Critters # 69

The photos with the birdhouses were taken in a garden next to the Smithsonian's 'Castle'. It is a beautiful area that runs alongside the building. The Starling and Sparrows were taken on our walk from The Castle across to The National Museum of American History.

How about some bird riddles?

What bird would its bill find useful at tea,
A Spoonbill

There's a bird whose name tells if he flies fast or slow
A Swift

A bird that can you can easily fool if you choose
A Gull

A bird, we are told by the poet, at Heaven's gate sings
A Lark

A bird which has the same name that a small island bears?
A Canary

A bird who flies high, but is held by a string
A Kite

A bird when we talk with a friend by our side
A Chat

A bird who is too lazy to build her own nest
A Cuckoo

A bird which would use its tail to steer at sea
A Rudder-duck

A bird that is an artisan, who works at his trade
A Weaver

A bird that always stands in the corner at chess
A Rook

What bird have we with us when eating and drinking?
A Swallow

You can visit Camera Critters and find other critter photos by clicking right here.


  1. enjoyed this so very much.
    hoping you have a most wonderful weekend.


  2. Love the little riddles. Thanks for sharing. Happy week-end.

  3. Love the birdhouses and your riddles.
    Sunny :)

  4. I love birds! I feed them in my backyard year round. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures and riddles.

  5. A very clever post Denise!
    Wonderful images!

    My critters are here: Carletta’s Captures.

  6. Lovely post Denise - very entertaining. The little bird houses are pretty and I particularly liked the shot of the sparrow cleaning its feathers. Have a great weekend. A x

  7. Another very entertaining post - I did enjoy the riddles.

  8. Denise: Neat CC post, you need to work on that bird ID stuff.

  9. Dear Denise,
    I'm always fascinated for your post about birds!This one is lovely indeed!
    Happy Camera Critters

    Bonjour Luxembourg

  10. I enjoyed the riddles and the photos are really lovely. The sandbathing sparrow is my favourite.

  11. Clever riddles, Denise. Those birdhouses are so pretty--makes me want to paint mine with some cheerful colors. I love the photo of the sparrow in the dirt. Was he taking a dust bath?

  12. such a cutie birds, love the first post, she has brown feather on her head and a dotted white body. great post.

  13. Beautiful photos, and interesting musings on bird names.

  14. What neat riddles! I enjoyed the pictures of the birds. It's like bird watching without the work. : )

  15. Wonderful post. Love the photos and your clever riddles.

  16. What a fun and clever post! Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  17. Absolutely DELIGHTFUL post with WONDERFUL photographs and clever bird riddles too. So creative ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  18. Great shot's, love the riddles made me think a little.
    Thanks for visiting

  19. I never get tired of the diversity in birds or houses. sandy

  20. Absolutely lovely shots of these birds! They're not the easiest subjects to shoot photos of but you got some great shots.

  21. Great bird pictures! These are not my favorite bird species, but one has to admire their cleverness and tenacity.

  22. Absolutely amazing. Another great shots.

  23. The riddles were so much fun and the photos are beautiful. Thanks for a great post.

  24. Great bird pictures and a fun riddle.