Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My World Tuesday

I found this sweet little thing at Big Meadows last Sunday, just happening to glance to my left and there he was. I didn't want to disturb him for long so I quickly took a couple of shots and then moved on. Later he joined his Mother who had been grazing nearby.

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This is my second post from Big Meadows, which is a beautiful area that can be found along Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah Mountains. It is well known for deer and nine times out of ten I can be assured of photos of these beautiful animals.

Gregg and I discovered this area when we signed up for a photographic group one weekend a few years ago, and stayed at the lodge nearby. We've been coming back ever since.
At first glance we saw a total of four adults and to tell you the truth, even though we are forever hopeful, we didn't expect to see any deer as they generally don't start coming down on the meadow until later on in the day and it was still early in the afternoon.
They are used to humans here as they are well protected, it being part of the National Park Service. I have had deer amble up within ten feet and even though I adhere to the 'keep at least 25 feet away' rule, sometimes it's hard to do when they continue walking in your direction.
It was time to go but they had given me a very special gift this day.
I was hoping to see at least one Fawn before we headed home, but always keep my expectations low because you just never know. We met a lady, another photographer, who asked us if we had seen any. This was before our first sighting. She told me that the mothers sometime leave their Fawns not too far from the trail.
What a very special time we had at Big Meadow. It was a fantastic finale.