Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Let The Festivities Commence....

Gregg and I were over at Washington-Dulles International Airport to pick up niece Hanna and friend Jochen. We got there an hour early. The flight was delayed about half an hour but we didn't mind. Airports are always fun to people watch and if you ever want to feel good, just go to the international arrivals area and see all the happy faces. We saw family by family greet loved ones, children, grandchildren. You could feel the excitement around us and we watched the joy on their faces as family members walked out of the customs area.

We looked at this board off and on and as we overheard one of the officials tell others that yes the flight had arrived but they would probably take an hour to get through customs, it wasn't long after that they were there. Yeahhhhh.......Hanna and Jochen have arrived!

Flying mid week is the right way to go if you can do it because the airport was a lot quieter and we got a parking spot not too far away from the exit. Just a short walk and we were back at the car and on our way. We chatted all the way and half an hour later we arrived home.

That evening Brad and Lisa came over and we all went to The Outback Steakhouse for dinner. I forgot to ask the waiter to take a photo of all of us and only just remembered before we went our separate ways. Lisa and Brad came in their own car and there were still lots of wedding preparations for them to do so they left right after this photo.

I have a quiet moment as I dropped Hanna and Jochen off at our local shopping mall. We went there together as I had to buy shoes and a purse to go with my outfit for Saturday. I found my shoes but not a purse. I'm not one for shopping and I had already had enough of that, but knew Hanna had a ways to go so I offered to let them continue and said I would be happy to pick them up in a few hours.

Just wanted to drop in and say a quick hello and share these photos. Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone. I have enjoyed catching up a little but now I have to get off here and sort a few things out. See you later!


  1. you must be happy as can be with the festivities quickly approaching.

  2. Oh so exciting - lovely to catch up with old friends and family and meet new people. Hope you have a lovely day - it will certainly be one to remember!

  3. How lovely that your family and friends are now gathering for such a wonderful occasion. I feel quite excited for you. I do hope you all enjoy the day Denise and hopefully the sun will shine for you too. Lots of love to all. Anne x

  4. Sweetie Denise! Many thanks for thinking about your friends sharing this lovely moment and pictures!
    Everything will be fine!
    So Beautiful pictures!
    Glad to see you all so happy!
    God bless you

  5. Enjoy!
    Good looking bunch.
    Aloha, Denise

    Comfort Spiral

  6. create many beautiful memories.sandy

  7. Hope Saturday isn't going to be a scorcher. Forget the purse, just have hubby stick a lipstick, small comb and a hankie in his coat pocket, a purse, if any size to it, just gets in the way and you never know where to sit it.

    Personally I hate purses, always have, and I now wear one over my head and shoulder, as small as I can find to carry just the few things I need. In fact, I even convinced my Mother to do the same, because she uses a cane now, and if having to hold a purse and any shopping bags, plus a cane, she doesn't have much freedom. She was amazed at how little she needed compared to that large purse she carried for years. LOL

    Happy Saturday.

  8. I do hope it all goes well and that everyone has a wonderful day, and it's so nice to know someone else doesn't like shopping very much ;)

  9. oooh its getting exciting. Airports have that special feel about them. Must be fun seeing them after a long time.
    I'm with patty forget the purse.

  10. Good times. What a rich blessing to bridge the international divide, and share a meal together. Enjoy the big weekend!

  11. Oh wow! The excitement is building. This is so much fun. I'm living vicariously through your blog.