Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Monday Everyone

Every day I get a letter from Susan's Daily Dose. She shares the most wonderful feel-good photos and this is one of them. She also does Today in History moments which are always so fascinating. For instance did you know that on this day in 1752, Benjamin Franklin and his son conducted his famous experiment involving a kite and a key during a thunderstorm, confirming Franklin's theory that lightning is electrical? Also on this day in history in 1836 Arkansas became the 25th state to be admitted into the Union. There are other days in history from around the world and the snippets I read make me only want to learn more. Anyhow, just passing on a smile with this cute little dog. Isn't he adorable with that sweet expression on his face? Thank you Susan for starting my day off so well.

It's been a good weekend. On Saturday I went to my future daughter-in-law's bridal shower. It was a lot of fun and apart from enjoying everyone's company, my favorite moment was watching her happiness and excitement when she was opening her shower gifts. What do you think I bought her? Photograph albums, two of them. A really neat one with a little suitcase on the front and a traveling design, saying "Photos from Our Honeymoon". The other was a smaller one for a purse. It had "I do, I do, I do, I do!" written on it and the design matched the wedding invitations she had picked, exact colors, polka dot ribbon, perfect! I knew when I saw it that I was going to give it to her. I thought to buy her a couple of photo frames also but I couldn't find any that I thought she might like. Fortunately one of the other guests gave her a real pretty one.

To recap, our son Brad and Lisa are getting married on June 27th. We are very excited about welcoming Lisa into our family, and she really is already part of our family. She told everyone how she and Brad met, and she enjoyed me telling them all how I knew something was up even before Brad told us he had met the love of his life.

The first clue was when he came home sporting a really smart hair-cut. He doesn't remember me narrowing my eyes and thinking to myself, "What the heck is this all about?" but even then I knew that there was a very good reason and I had a pretty good idea what that reason was. Mother's know don't they? Also his 'mutton-chop' side-burns disappeared shortly afterwards. I had spent years trying to get this boy into the barbers before his hair and those mutton chops hit his shoes! Yes I am exaggerating just a tad but the struggles I had to persuade this son of ours to get his locks trimmed before a school photo is written in the annuls of our family history, or at least in mine. He has always hated getting his hair cut since day one, and to do this on his own volition? Well after I had picked myself up off the floor and shut my gaping mouth, I quietly smiled. Hmmmm ....... Mothers know!

The second clue was when he came home one day with a couple of nice shirts and ties and that was just the start. All of a sudden he started taking notice of his appearance, the 'T' shirts and jeans disappeared for a while and he started using after-shave - he smelled beautiful! Hmmmm........ Mother's know!

The third clue was that he told me he was going to get new glasses. He didn't like the shape of the ones he had and that 'a friend from work' was going with him to help him pick some out. Huh? Okay, now I know something is going on, since when had he started giving a hoot what shape his glasses were, and why is he bothering now? He was pretty vague when I asked him who the friend was. I said to Gregg "something's up" and Gregg said "Nahhhhh......" and as I rolled my eyes up into my head I said, "Uh-huh!" Yep.......Mothers know!

Early Sunday we had breakfast with him and all these memories were popping into my head. (Gregg and I have been looking at lots of his baby pictures lately and saying where on earth did all that time go?) It's becoming a weekly tradition to meet up on a Sunday morning, usually picking him up at his apartment. We generally go over to his favorite restaurant. It was fun and we had the nicest waiter we have ever had. He kept calling me Darling. "Certainly Darling", "Here you go Darling". I thought he was a Darling. Darling chap! Brad is a regular at this place and he was recognized immediately with a big friendly greeting and genuine smile. We all agreed that next time we go and if he's there, we're going to head for his table. I hasten to add that the other staff have been very nice to us and we have never had cause for complaint, but he was special. Maybe it was because he called me Darling? Yes I'm joking, he was just a complete love.

We stopped off at Brad's apartment for half an hour or so, and then Gregg and I headed to Lowe's over in Manassas. We needed another can of paint as Gregg is in the middle of painting the kitchen.

We also got our deck cleaned last week by a nice young man who when he comes home from college, does work in our neighborhood for the summer months. He did the best job ever and will be coming back soon to seal and stain the deck.

Slowly we're getting everything straight. It's a good time to do some major spring cleaning and I'm trying to get things organized before the wedding and with family and friends coming into town.

If I don't seem to be visiting your blogs and leaving as many comments lately I apologize but I've been a bit distracted and busy, and probably will be for the next couple of weeks or so. I'm going to pre-date some posts but I will try to pop in every now and again when time allows.


  1. Very cute doggie photo!
    Interesting how your son unknowingly dropped clues that he'd met someone special. And true that mother's are quick to pick up on those clues!

  2. Oh sweetie Denise! How adorable is this love story!
    I'm here, smiling about your words!
    You are so right saying "Mother's know don't they"!!! Yes, mother's always know!!!!
    God bless you all
    Thanks for sharing this lovely post!

    ( and many thanks for always be so kind with me and with my family!I appreciate a lot your gentle heart):-)

  3. Very sweet photo Denise. I loved too Brad's love story and yes you are right - Mother's do know! You must be feeling very excited now with the wedding less than 2 weeks away. Thinking of you all. A x

  4. I can certainly understand how busy you are with a wedding coming up. I enjoyed your story about knowing something was up with Brad. My mother also knew something was up when Betsy and I started dating in 2001. You can't keep a thing from Mothers!

  5. Busy time for you and the 27th is just around the corner. That is our youngest child's birthday, she'll be 36. Good luck, so happy you like the soon to be daughter-in-law. I know my Mother-in-law and I got along just great.

  6. Denise, thanks for sharing this photo. I sooo needed something to make me smile.

    Wow, the 27th is just around the corner. Very sweet post.

    I can always depend on you to make my day better. Thanks again.

  7. Sounds like you have a busy couple of weeks coming up, Denise. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the wedding x

  8. I LOVE that dog photo! It's hilarious. What a great way to start off Monday.

    I agree that mothers do have that extra sense when it comes to their children's happiness.

    Please don't worry about us, Denise. Concentrate on your son's wedding and this precious time. However, don't forget the photos to show us of the happy day.

  9. visit when you can, dear. we love you posts! Aloha, Cloudia

  10. Great photo Denise. Hmm.. Mother knows all right.

  11. Congratulations on your son's upcoming wedding. It sounds very exciting. I enjoyed reading about how "a mother knows."

  12. Very cute photo! Monday is probably over for you so Happy Tuesday:)

  13. wow. lmao on the pic that i had it in my mind while reading your text lol.

  14. the pic was wonderful..
    you have a great time ahead!!

  15. Enjoy a wonderful time in all your lives. :)
    This made me laugh as my mother and I can tell when my secretive brother has a girlfriend by the sudden attacks of grooming.

  16. this photo is just darling makes me smile BIG sandy

  17. Mother's know! A lovely story. You have a great time at the wedding.

  18. Wow that wedding is coming up quick!! I bet it will be fun and even though you're happy you'll cry a little - it's what moms do. :)

  19. Such an adorable pooch and great post, yes momma's know!

  20. Lovely post! I can feel your excitement building up! Take it easy Denise, we will be here for you when you come back after all else are in place. Enjoy, enjoy, and enjoy! Mama knows best!

  21. You have a busy and exciting time coming up! Enjoy it!

  22. Yes Mothers knows!
    So he getting married!!! Iám so happy for you, send them my love.

    Thank you for telling us about it.

    Birds shower - do they get present also at the wedding?
    Here is only presents at the wedding.

    Love Maria Berg

    I am happy that you liked my horse and baby horse.

  23. I say the distractions are more than understandable and it sounds like you're enjoying yourself. I think it's so cute how your son began to change for his woman. What a sweet story.

    Oh, and I love that dog photo. How funny! :-)