Monday, June 1, 2009

The Corner Shop in Marietta, Georgia

First of all, here are the girls. We all met up for lunch yesterday. They are my friends I have known for the last five years, since we all walked into a British shop at different times for a touch of nostaligia from our old homeland across the pond, and ended up staying for a while. A couple knew it from its opening 14 many years previously. Three friends still work there. The rest of us have moved on. 99 percent of us are British - English and Scottish actually. One friend was born here but her mother is English. We are a very close-knit little group, a sisterhood of sorts, and we always have fun when we get together. Panera Bread is a great place to get lost in and they don't seem to mind if you stick yourself in a corner for a while and chat away four hours of the day. I am second from the left in case you're wondering.

There are two others who belong to our sisterhood but they are no longer in the area and live in Florida and Georgia. With my son's wedding in just over three weeks from now they will be flying up here to attend it, and our little group are looking forward to seeing them as they have been sorely missed.

One of them was the old owner of the shop where we all worked. She lives in Georgia and she recently sent us an e-mail excitedly telling us that a British shop had opened up not too far from her new home. I wrote to the shop and asked if they would mind me mentioning it here, and Tina very nicely said I could.

Tina and Jeremy Barnes, Owners of


114 S Park Sq NE

Marietta, GA 30060

If you find yourself in Marietta, Georgia, pop in and say hello. It sounds like a wonderful place and maybe one of these days I will be checking it out myself.

British groceries and gifts

Jacob's Orange Clubs
McVities Caramel Digestives
Crawford Garibaldis
Hartleys Mamalade, Thin Cut
Heinz Chocolate Sponge Pudding
Heinz Strawberry Sponge Pudding
Fairy Liquid Dishsoap
Diet Irn-Bru
Greeting cards - Mum, Nanna, Mummy, Mum and Dad (anniversary cards)

Welcome to The Corner Shop, your one stop shop for all your favorite British foods, sweets, drinks, tea, gifts and souvenirs. We have a full range of British grocery items, as well as refridgerated British sodas and a jam-packed freezer full of yummy British foods, like bacon, sausages, pies, pasties and even black pudding and medium-sliced bread!

(You can get to the shop's website by right-clicking on the Union Jack)

I wish the new owners, Tina and Jeremy Barnes, the very best of luck and many years of happiness in their new adventure.


  1. It is great that you have all kept in touch. They sound a lovely group of friends all with a common bond. The shop sounds interesting and maybe you'll visit one day.

  2. What a wonderful friendship! I hope all of you will have a great time at the wedding. Have a wonderful week, Denise :)

  3. I'll have to look that up Denise. It's not too far from me!

  4. It looks like a great group of friends you have. Groups like that are a treasure. Thanks for sharing.

  5. what a nice way to catch up with your friends. i can't believe the wedding is almost here.
    have a lovely day.

  6. Good lord, I'm actually surprised that america lets irn-bru through it's borders! *shudders* ;)
    I never knew there were 'British' shops in the US...perhaps I should start ebaying marmite when i get home, lol.
    And thanks for the get better wishes, a weekend at the seaside did me the power of good.

  7. Looks like a great bunch of lovely ladies. Nice you are able to all met now and then like you do. I have one friend we have kept in touch since we were in the 5th, grade of school. She's the only friend I have had this long. Many others have come and gone, either by moving away and on with their lives, or by dying.

  8. wow beautiful pictures and so nice information! My daughter Marina is really crazy of British culture and so on...She has never visited there but it is one of her sweet dreams and I hope some day she will be there!
    Thanks also for all good hints!
    Have a nice week

  9. I had to smile looking at your post and seeing your wonderful circle of friends. I had a group of 9 teacher friends that hung out together and I miss them so much. I'm really thrilled for you. Having that British connection is terrific.

  10. What a beautiful friendship Denise. I have been to Marietta! That was 10 years ago, what a cute town! We were staying in Smyrna for a month and really enjoyed the area.