Thursday, June 11, 2009

Birds on the way or at Big Meadows

We were driving along Skyline Drive and stopped at one of the many overlooks. There was a large tree and a bird singing way up there, but try as I might I couldn't find it until all of a sudden he popped out from behind all those leaves. My photos here aren't very good ones but it's a nice memory.

I am no expert and still on the learning curve, but this bird maybe a Blue Indigo? The only reason I say this is that I saw one very similar on our walk on one of the trails around Manassas and I found an image online. Please correct me if I am wrong.
Crows always look beautiful in flight. Again this one was pretty high up and I had to crop.
A swallow of some kind? I have been trying to find out what he is also. These are always flying everywhere over the meadow. Fuzzy-wuzzy fellow.
A fuzzy-wuzzy song sparrow? Fuzzy this photo may be but it's my first photo of one caught singing. He was so far away and I had to crop the photo for maximum effect.


  1. You have some fine bird photos. Like particularly good the second picture, the crow which is flying is beautiful. I'm also impressed by how many different birds you have taken picture of.

  2. Your learning curve is way too excellent and glad you were able to capture the singing bird that you were listening too. Superb captures Denise, I can assure you.

    Something for you to capture, not in camera though...

    Denise Skyline Adventure in my blog comments

  3. I loved seeing the photo of the bird singing. I'll bet he had a pretty song.

  4. Great shots. I love the one of the little birdie you caught singing its heart out. :-)

  5. Nice captures, even the fuzzy wuzzy that isn't all that fuzzy wuzzy.

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