Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Beaver at Walney Pond

I will be posting more photos for
the Camera Critter Meme on Saturday
If you want a closer look you can right-click on the photo.
"Until one has loved an animal,
a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
~ Anatole France~


  1. Hello Denise!
    Fabulous collage! I enlarged the picture and it was a wonderful surprise! Perfect!
    Kind regards

  2. a good morning denise.
    this collage is fab of the beaver.
    have a fab wednesday.

  3. Lovely collage and when enlarged the details are amazing.

  4. Great collage. I'll bet it was fun to snap those shots. I don't know what I was thinking when I called it a groundhog in my other comment. I swore I typed beaver. :-)

  5. Those are cool photos.

    My parents had some property by a lake, not on it but with a view, I would walk all over and there was one place near a mini pond where there was a beaver and I would sit and watch. That was back in Jr High School.

    Thanks for the memories,

    ~~~ If you are interested, I'm having a Pay It Forward on my blog ~~~

  6. Very nice collage of the beaver.

  7. Great pictures Denise, he's a busy little fella isn't he ?
    Lovely details when enlarged !

  8. Thanks for the sweet comments yesterday on my writing about family happenings on my blog. I write my blog for I think the same reason as you. To create a record for my two daughters. A journal of sorts.

    But I haven't ever taken the time to print out all my blog posts. Do you know if there is some easy way on line to do this thru blogger? Have you done it?

  9. Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments.

  10. Great pics Denise! what a great idea to get us a look into the life of a beaver:)

  11. oh! you finally found the birds! I really love the shots Miss Denise! the close up photos of the birds are stunning!

  12. Oh he is so cute. I see where the saying comes from.."As busy as a beaver"

  13. Those are very beautiful places around you. Thank you for sharing. I like water lilies - they look like tiaras in the pond