Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thanks for the memories, but the chickens went on strike.

This goes with my post here. Isn't he absolutely adorable? Just look at those eyes. He spent a long time on top of my bird feeders shaking the seed out onto the ground. Even when I opened the door to tell him it was time for him to go home, he didn't budge an inch, just stared and waited for me to go back inside before he resumed activities. Even without me rolling a couple of eggs out he is being well fed. When I looked into those eyes I realized that his bandit patch is a lot darker. Yes, he is my second visitor. I'm wondering if he is going to bring the rest of his family back with him tonight.


  1. Wow - soon you will have all the family come, wonder how many generations he post.

  2. Look at the bright side...In the past you lacked the opportunity to see one of those and now you will have a whole family with you and you can take as many pictures as you like!
    Funny post!
    Great work Denise!

  3. more bandits on the deck :)
    bet you are enjoying the new visitor(s).
    have a wonderful evening denise.

  4. All the racoons in the neighborhood will soon be lining up for those eggs. Better stock up!

  5. Hello Denise
    He/She certainly is a nice looking animal - are they vicious (to humans) as in don't be around them even if they are on the bird feeder
    BUT didn't a certain gentleman in your house suggest it might not be a good idea to roll those eggs out???
    BTW I love that fountain in your previous post, so grand and majestic
    Take care

  6. Thanks for showing us something too cute that my islands lack....Aloha ha ha

  7. He's really adorable but I'm getting nervous, Denise. I've heard of people having such a hard time getting racoons to go away once they become pests. I guess I'm just a worry wart.

  8. IMAC, they haven't turned up but I will probably put out the welcome mat, yes I am joking (or is she?) lol.

    Léia, how very true and thank you.

    Erin, I am and you too.

    Janie, I think you're right.

    Cathy, with any wildlife one has to be careful. I'm not going to try and pet him, just as the next time I meet a bear I am not going to try and shake his paw, the raccoon either - lol. I consider this interlude a gift, just like the two year one when we lived in Monterey when I didn't get any pictures. I have more than made up for it in the last couple of days and I am going to enjoy this while it lasts. It has been a joy.

    Janie, I'm off to CostCo's tomorrow!!!! Not to feed the raccoon mind you, but just because we need to stock up :))))

    Tricia, he does doesn't he?

    Cloudia, you're welcome - aloha my friend.

    Kay, don't get nervous, I'm not going to ask him to pull up a chair at the dinner table yet - lol. In the 18 years we have lived here this is the first time I have ever seen a raccoon in the neighborhood. There are too many very dogs around here for them to want to hang around too long. I'm just enjoying this experience for a little while and having fun with my speech bubble, talking pals.

    Thanks for dropping in everyone.

  9. Uh-oh, I wonder how that will be, a whole family of racoons:)

  10. I have just read yboth your racoon stories. They are great and well written. Your love of animals really shines through.
    What a great front on face shot of your cute little visitor.
    I too have heard of them becoming pests, be careful.

  11. I think the little fellows are adorable. Hope you don't have any neighbors to complain like we did.

  12. Some say I look like a raccoon. Imagine!