Monday, May 4, 2009

Squirrel Poser

What a poser!
"How I love Mr. Squirrelly"
By unknown female squirrel

Oh Mr. Squirrelly, how I love you.
You're the greatest squirrel in the world, it's true.
Every time I hear that chittering voice,
I know you are the rodent of my choice.
Will I ever have thee, Mr. Squirrelly?
I'd bring you acorns in bed real early.
I will fluff your tail and deliver your mail,
If you're ever in jail, I'll post your bail.
Believe in me Mr. Squirrelly I will never fail.

"The egotistical squirrel"
By Mr. Squirrelly

I'm a nut, with a fuzzy butt.
I live in a tree…for free.
I have a nest, bigger than the rest,
and all the squirrel girls love me.
When I jump from limb to limb,
everybody looks and says "that's him!"
With my shiny hair and my sharp claws,
I am a squirrel with no flaws.


  1. Very cute pictures and poems today!

  2. OH sweet your ode to the squirrel post is...i so like his/her last pose ^..^

  3. wow Denise!
    Such a beautiful words!
    You are so creative and your pictures always perfect!
    Kind Regards

  4. What a cute squirrel! Doesn't seem a bit shy. ;-)

  5. Love the poems and photos. I wish I was able to write a poem, no matter how long or short.

  6. This is so so cute. I love the picture effects.

  7. I feel like this is the start of a squirrel saga...will she get her squirrel? Will he realise the error of his ways?

  8. I have a video that I made this morning showing a squirrel with the early stages of distemper. It has problems with balance. It will be on The Hamlet of Gordon tomorrow (Wednesday).

  9. lol -- Love this! What a great post. :)

  10. Thanks everyone, hope your week is going great so far.

  11. I LOVE your poem, Denise. It's such a beautifully crafted poem with perfect photos to go with it. Love it!