Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pretty Bird

A male Housefinch often perches in this spot. This one was lovely, slightly out of focus but I like the photo because of it.
The last few days have gone fast. I met up with my friends on Saturday and we went to see an opera about Cinderella, nothing like the Disney version but one done by Rossini's, "La Cenerentola". You can read the Washington Post's review here. I had a lovely time and managed not to dose once during the three hour performance, but when I looked over one of my friend's had dropped off, her head was looking down towards the floor and I saw her eyes were closed. Believe me when I say I was surprised that it wasn't me this time. I enjoy the performance but find it difficult to be confined to a chair for that length of time without snoozing at some point, it doesn't matter how loud it is up there. We went to our usual restaurant afterwards and chatted away another three hours. Gregg always knows I will be gone for most of the day when I get together with the girls. It only happens once a month with the occasional get-together in between and this is the last opera that we will be going to until next season.

Sunday was Mother's Day here in the States. My husband gave me a beautiful black pearl pendant. I had coveted it a while ago and when he saw me looking at it he asked me if I liked it and I said yes, but we had lots of priorities and I certainly wasn't going to buy myself a piece of jewelry. I hadn't treated myself to any in a long, long time because priorities never seem to disappear. Well, when I opened the box there it was. I think my mouth dropped open and I felt a bit of a sniffle. It is a very simple design, one single little pearl on a gold chain but it is beautiful. I was so surprised and of course delighted. Gregg is such a sweetheart as along with the pendant came two little bears one holding a hug, the other a kiss and then there was not one but two lovely Mother's Day cards.

The other sweetheart turned up soon after. Son Brad gave me a lovely card and a beautiful book on wolves, which I have been enjoying ever since and it has the most beautiful photography. There was also a stuffed animal, not a teddybear but a platypus. It's adorable! He knew I had been wanting to go see the new Star Trek and the three of us headed to the theatre. It was a great movie and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even Gregg had a good time. These kind of movies are usually not his cup of tea but he gave it a good solid 8 out of 10. To finish off the day we went to dinner and then came home.

Monday the repairmen turned up with a new hot water tank and for the first time in two weeks we have hot water. After they left I had to wait until it heated up but as soon as it was ready I took the longest HOT shower. Big sigh here and an equally big ahhhhhhh, no longer does it feel like I have plunged head-first into a cold, cold, cold mountain spring!

Brad called and said he was coming over again. I was fixing dinner and I asked him if he would like to join us. He said he'd love to and we had his company for a few hours. We have just passed the two year mark when he almost moved to the West Coast, and spending the night in Las Vegas and not too far from his destination (Los Angeles) he called Lisa and asked her if he came back would she start dating seriously. They had only been out a couple of times up to that point but had known each other for about a year at work. She said yes and the rest as they say is history. Thank you Lisa, you made his Momma very happy as I cried buckets after he left and when he called to let us know he was on his way home I cried another couple of buckets, accompanied by the happy dance all around the house. It was very much an emotional rollercoaster back then. I'll probably cry buckets at the wedding but don't worry you guys, this time it will be on the inside and you won't know. I'll behave myself I promise! Yeah, right says Gregg.


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend Denise. The theatre trip with your girl friends must have been fun and the time spent with your menfolk. Mother's Day here in UK was a few weeks ago as you know but last week I received another Mother's Day card from son and his family in Australia, their day being the same as yours. So I felt a bit like the Queen having two special days.

    Your son's wedding can't be too far off now - how exciting! A x

  2. A blessed day Denise. thanks for the visit. Belated Happy Mother's Day. By the way, are you celebrating it the same last Sunday? Anyway, you're a great mom and a blessed wife. God bless.

  3. Sounds you had a great Mothers Day! It's okay to cry buckets "whenever." I love the violin pieces of Rossini:)

  4. You really had a fabulous Mother's Day, Denise. Your hubby is really a treasure as well as the rest of your family. You really are blessed. I love that photo of the house finch also.

  5. It all sounds very exciting in your house.
    A good time out with the girls and a great Mothers' Day and visit from the offspring.How sweet of Greg. Lucky you.
    I wish mine would come home from England.
    Keep on enjoying life.

  6. You better bring a bucket to the wedding Denise!! You're going to need it!!!

  7. At least they were and will be tears of joy and not sadness.

    Your week-end sounds like you had a lovely time with the girls. It's terrible when you get sleepy and no matter how hard you try, you just doze off. I know, been there.

    When I was working full time away from home, we had a meeting almost every Friday afternoon, the secretaries, director and supervisor. Sometimes I had a horrible time keeping myself awake. More then once I volunteered to manage the phones instead of having someone else come up to the office to do it, but usually they wanted me at the meeting.

    Now don't doze off during the wedding.

  8. Great shot of the housefinch and I'm so glad you had such a great weekend. How lovely! :-)

  9. What a wonderful time with family and good friends! Glad to know the news!
    I'm so envious that you went to the "opera"!!!! wowwww it's fabulous indeed!
    Any picture????
    Beautiful post Dear Denise, thanks a lot for sharing!

  10. Sonds a good time.
    Love your shot too.

  11. Hey, mothers are supposed to cry at weddings, aren't they? That's normal, I thought.
    Your black pearl sounds lovely. It's nice to be well-remembered.

  12. What a lovely post Ms Denise. Opera, dinner, pendant, son's homecoming, and buckets of tears, and finally a loooong hot shower. A belated Mother's Day.

  13. Thank you for all the wonderful comments. I got to see the wedding bands today!!!!