Thursday, May 28, 2009

Picnic Lunch with Gregg

Yesterday Gregg asked me if I would like to meet him for lunch and I surprised him with a very simple little picnic. I made up a couple of ham and cheese sandwiches with lettuce, tomatoes and onions (all his favorite kind of foods) added a few potato chips on the side, with a bottle of water. When I picked him up and I showed him what I had brought, he was delighted and said we should drive over to Walney Pond which is less than ten minutes away from his office. We sat in the car and while we ate we watched a couple of tree swallows flying back and forth into their nesting box, and looked over the pond to see if we could see any other wildlife. It was very quiet but we did spot a turtle on the other side, and I daresay we would have seen others if we had more time to look around. A pleasant lunch break and we decided it was much nicer than going to a restaurant. When the opportunity comes up again we're going on another picnic and hopefully it won't be as damp outside. We would have liked to have gone for a walk in the woods but all the pathways were extremely muddy. It has been raining hard the last couple of days and as I look outside it is raining again.

I had some very good news a little while ago. My niece Hanna and her young man are coming to Brad's wedding. They arrive a few days before and will stay for six days. I wish they could stay longer but they both have to get back for work, and of course I am delighted for any time spent with Hanna. I have always felt a very special connection with her ever since she was a little girl. She and I are very alike in personality, my sister always said so, and when we get together Hanna feels like my little sister.

On Saturday I am meeting up with my friends. One of them, the Scottish lady, is heading back to the Highlands for the summer months and this is our last chance to get together before she and her husband leave for Scotland.


  1. How nice that Hanna comes for a visit! Yes, I know what you mean, I don't have sisters of my own, but some people regard me as their big sis!
    Raining? I wish you could send some here:)

  2. You are sharing a very sweet life story here. My dh and I have a special affection for England, and all those great mysteries by folks like Peter Robinson who grew up in Yorkshire.
    Happy to meet you.

  3. Sounds like a very enjoyable lunch/picnic.

  4. Wot ! No piccalilly ?
    Sounds like a lovely spotaneous lunch in the park, just like old times in England..
    So sweet that you two share unplanned moments.

  5. Dear Denise,
    This picnic idea is really great, I should try it with Cezar someday.
    By the way, Luna also likes lettuce! Don't know about the onions... :-)
    Kind regards,

  6. I love picnics. Sometimes Sweetie and SuperPizzaBoy and I will have a picnic at the Tulsa Arboretum.

  7. What a great idea, pitty about the rain (and the onions). Glad you are getting your neice to visit for the wedding.
    Its pouring here at the moment.

  8. Hi Denise, your feeding him to well!
    Lovely new header photo.

  9. Always curious as to what another Virginian is up to. Long time since we have seen Virginia Beach. It is in VA but a little hard to get to in my opinion. A picnic lunch in the car. Jack and I have done that very thing.

  10. Hi Denise, I could sense the excitement you feel about Brad's wedding. Wishing you and your family the best.

  11. We have just got back from a picnic in the woods with our youngest grandson and our eldest who is 3 years his brother is only 8 weeks. It was great but a bit bumpy on my disability scooter and we had to turn back when the path got to bad. We had chicken and salad sandwiches and a flask of coffee it was great but I cant do any photos as our daughter is paranoid of her picture being on the internet