Monday, May 18, 2009

My World Tuesday

This is the only waterlily we saw on the pond that day and we looked hard for another.

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Gregg and I decided to take a quick trip over to another favorite spot before we ran a few errands, Walney Pond. It's only ten minutes away from home and is on the way to where we needed to go that day. So, here are our cast of characters for today's play.

Gregg, my hubby, my pal, my best friend in fact, who has joined me in many every-day life adventures, whose corny humor (and I mean that in the nicest possible way) has had me cracking up more times than I can remember in all the years we have been together. I don't know how he thinks them up, but he tells me I am a good audience as I burst out laughing every time. Of course, there are days - and today would be one of those days - when I have to think about it a bit.

Me (Denise) who depending on how much sleep I have had as I am a consummate night owl and can be a 100 percent home-body, can easily hibernate like the bears she loves so much. Good job she has 'ants-in-the-pants' hubby to get her out and about in the world because some days it's like dragging that old bear out of her den feet first with barely one eye open. I know, that's an image you could have done without but what the hey. At the same time I am a contradiction of terms because once I get out and breathe that fresh air, I find I love the great outdoors so much it's even harder for me to get back into that den.

People, people walking around the pond.

People with lovely dog, a German Shepherd from the looks of it.

Me again. Gregg gets a kick out of taking pictures of my 'me with finger pointing into the trees' pose, which apparently happens often he says. "Was that a bird? I saw some rustling. Oh what a beautiful flower! Just look at how green everything is! Isn't it just incredible after all this rain? Look at those flowers, aren't they exquisite? The earth smells so good! I can't wait to see what's on the other side of that hill!" As a good friend once said to me speaking of herself, "I don't need drugs to get me high, I am high on life." Well, I think I get high on nature. I get such a good feeling being surrounded by it, and then there's my camera to capture as much as possible. Thank you Gregg for dragging me out of hibernation on many a day.
And here he is again.
Man's best friend, another beautiful dog, one who was enjoying the fresh air just as much as we were.
The Heartbreaker!!!! Hey you-Heartbreaker-you, do you realize that your broken-hearted ex-girlfriend has written graffiti all over my favorite and many peoples favorite wooden bridge? There were messages to you written in every conceivable spot, some that I can't repeat because they were so sad. Your poor ex got all her feelings out in permanent marker just about everywhere on that wooden bridge, which is obviously something she had to do at that point in time. Hopefully Mother Nature and time will help to erase the pain in her broken-heart as well as on our beautiful little bridge, and please send her the Prince Charming that she deserves.

Groundhog! Gregg is a good spotter and I have said this many times. This little guy - actually not so little - disappeared into the undergrowth soon after Gregg saw him. I managed to get one blurry shot before he was gone.
We gave up after a while and didn't think we would see our friend again that day but when we reached the top of the path, he had apparently circled around us. Still not too sharp but I was happy to get it.
Gregg thought he might have been a Muskrat because he was near water and appeared to have been taking a dip, but on doing a little research I read that Muskrat's actually have a very long tail that looks like a rats, with no hair on it. This little guy definitely had a hairy tail and it was a lot shorter, so I am thinking he is a Groundhog. What do you think? If he is something else I would appreciate some help in identifying him.
Passengers above the trees heading to Dulles Airport. The plane was with Virgin Airlines so we thought maybe it was from London. Have a great vacation happy travelers.

Long-distance bicyclist. At least I think he was a long distance bicyclist. That bike had three wheels and he was loaded down with bags complete with a Stars and Stripes flying. We were driving home at this point and he was moving fast. If we could have stopped him safely I would have asked what his story was and where was he heading. I bet it was an interesting one.
That's it for the cast of characters. All the photos from here on in were taken at Walney Pond.

I would love to know what this plant is. It had three layers of wreathes and I have never seen anything like it before.
No birds around those boxes that we could see.

I hope you've enjoyed another trip to Walney Pond.


  1. Wonderful visit to Walney pond! What fun and what nice photos. I, too, saw a groundhog crossing the road today.
    Hope your week is grand.

  2. I swear, Denise, you and your hubby sounds like me and mine. He's the one who's always dragging me to places. Now that I'm stuck here in my room, I'd dearly love to get out. Seeing your post had me vicariously living through you. Loved it!!! I love all your photos. Loved the greenery, the fresh air! I'll come back later for another walk through your pond photos. Sigh.

  3. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for taking me with you. Same time next week?

  4. Great ramble around the pond. You guys spent some time there and got some great pictures. I was really intrigued by the cyclist. He had a very unusual bicycle.

  5. Excellent post as always Denise, I loved it.

    Have a great week
    Regina In Pictures

  6. That is an unusual leaf! Reminds me of the rare 4 leaf clover..ha. Hey..I know what you mean about the "Den"..I've held off posting a short vid for camera critters cause it's one of those first thing in the morning looks (grin)
    Very woodsy pictures you were coaxed out for by your hubby- I enjoyed these and your wonderful dog!

  7. Dear Denise!
    This place is wonderful indeed! I loved all pictures, the trails, the cute dog, the little new friend that you found, the fabulous trees , the perfect atmosphere around this lovely pond and mainly your words full of love for your Gregg !Beautiful words, like a poem or a tribute to happiness!

  8. You live in a beautiful spot!

  9. What a great pond. That critter you photograph looks like a regular character!

  10. so enjoyed your walk around walney pond. those wreath plants very unusual :) indeed that is a ground hoggie...we've tons of them around the airport.
    have a lovely tuesday denise.

  11. I enjoyed getting to know you a bit through this post, Denise! The photos are wonderful and I love the lighthearted banter you hold with the reader.

    It's always a delight to see a happy couple!


  12. What a restoritive trip, Denise!!

  13. What a great walk on a beautiful spring day.
    The scenery is gorgeous. I love that single water lily.

  14. Love is...looking together at the same direction...How's that for you two love birds....I know you are still awake, you night owl, give me a giggle when you read this.
    BTW, my Chinese name, when translated, means, (beautiful) lily. beautiful post and beautiful photos.

  15. Just beautiful Denise, your very own groundhog day! Lovely photos and cast of characters so well described. I'a bit like you, except that it is easy to get me out into nature, my bug bear is shopping and towns, I tend to shy like a stung horse at the very thought.

  16. thank you for the lovely trip to walney pond!
    enjoyed it thoroughly!

  17. That was fun Denise! Groundhog yes...but couldn't help on the plant. It's really cool though!

  18. That was a great trip Denise.

  19. Loved the photos as always. You show us such beautiful places. Denise, you and your hubby seem like such a sweet couple. You are an inspiration.

  20. Wow, these photos are wonderful! Thank you for taking me on your journey!enJOY your day!

  21. I just love the fact that you enjoy your husband and spending time with him. It brightens my day Denise! You are blessed to be able to live in such a green place full of nature.

    Thanks for taking us along for the lovely walk....


  22. Denise: Really neat photos from the pond, I love your trip to the pond and the fine results.

  23. What a lovely tour. I too sometimes am bear like. Nice to have someone to haul you out once in a while. I can see the joy in your face.

  24. Did enjoy the trip to Walney Pond. Don't know what the plant with the wreaths, never seen one before.

    Like the groundhog pics.

    Leedra’s Photos For FunLeedra’s Greeting CardsPhotography By Leedra

  25. I really enjoyed sharing that day out with you and Gregg, Denise. Lovely photos too, especially the water lily (beautiful) and the groundhog (cute). A x

  26. Thank you for taking me for a walk.
    I hope she will find her prins one day.

    I do not know the plant but it was fun to see all circle layer.

    /Maria Berg, MB

  27. This was a wonderful trip - thank you for taking us along. I love the waterlily shots. Mine are just starting to show signs of life out of that cold pond water.

    Enjoy your day in the garden!

  28. I love these nature walks - When is the next one??Sandy

  29. lovely photos again!! i always love the same..outdoor, nature, adventures...yes i am...but i am always the one dragging my husband to go somewhere else...take care denise and your family too!God bless!

  30. What a lovely picture story. It so green, green. You are lucky to have this patch of nature so close to you and to have Greg to drag you into it. Great shots of the characters and settings,I love blogging so that I can visit such different places even while recouperating from an operation.

  31. I love the "wreath" plant, I hope you find out what it is and let us all know.

    I hope the "writer" of the bridge has gotten all that out of her system, it was such a lovely bridge to have incurred such an affront.