Monday, May 11, 2009

Days Gone By

This is a photo I was given to scan recently and I asked my father-in-law if I could share it here, along with a little of the family history. Gregg's Dad Gully is on the right-hand side at the age of seven, along with his older brother Orville standing on the left and their little brother Ole almost hidden behind the wheel of their Dad's 1928 Model 'T' Ford Pick-up .

They lived two winters in this house and it is where Gully's sister Claris was born. Gully told us his Mom almost died after her birth. She was very ill for a long time. He told a story of the little dog they had. His name was Spot. As often happens with our beloved animals, they know when we are sick. Spot was his mother's little dog and they thought the world of each other. While Gully's mother lay gravely ill in the next room, Spot lay quietly with his head on his paws by the old wood stove for days and days. One day he suddenly jumped up and ran into the next room, body riggling with happiness and wagging his tail furiously. It was only then that Gully's mother started to get well. The story of Spot is still being told all these years later.

This is a cropped portion of the photo at the beginning of the post.


  1. wow dear Denise, fabulous story!
    This little Spot was a great "dog"friend and for sure he deserves to be remmembered, so beautiful story!
    Many thanks for sharing!
    God bless you
    Léia :-)

  2. Great picture and lovely memories! Thank you for sharing!

  3. what a wonderful story...and yes animals are very intune with their masters ^..^
    enjoyed this so much.

  4. I like that story very much. What a friend Spot was!

  5. Great story Denise. I've been so busy, where do the days go!! I'm trying to catch up.

  6. Thanks fo sharing this wonderful remeniscence!

  7. What a lovely story of spot. I love their caps and the wheel of the Model T Ford. These old photos are precious.

  8. Thanks for the nice comments everyone.