Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Blue Jay comes calling.

When son Brad and I got back from lunch today he helped me refill the feeders. Before we had finished filling the first one our visitor swooped down and picked up one of the peanuts I had put out on the rail. Before we went inside he swooped down again and again right beside us. He didn't seem to mind us at all. I suppose the call of the peanuts was greater than his fear of us.

After a while when Brad had left I sat down in my usual spot by the back window and observed the expected feathered and furry friends to arrive. The Blue Jays were first, then the Squirrels, a female Cardinal touched down but was off soon after. A couple of Goldfinches showed themselves. I was real happy to see them. They haven't been around for weeks and weeks. There was a Grackle but he didnt' stay around either and didn't bring back the expected extended family that usually turns up. There were a couple of Sparrows but mostly it was the Blue Jay who was very entertaining today.

The birds are still not touching that one feeder with the thistle seed. I replaced it with a fancy feeder and the thistle thinking it would bring the Goldfinch in droves. It might have looked very pretty glistenining in the sunshine so beautifully - maybe that was the problem - but after about a week of no-shows I put the old feeder back, still with thistle seed but no joy, no birds will go to it. I'm perplexed!
I watched as this little fellow stuffed one of those huge double peanut shells down his throat and immediately pick up another, flying off into the trees. After a while he came back and repeated the process many, many times.

We've had a lot of rain in Northern Virginia and though we started off with some beautiful sunshine it wasn't long before there was a deluge. Look who turned up after the rain stopped. He looks like he has just come back from a mud bath.

He apparently took offense at my exclamation and calling him a dirty, dirty, little bird and flew off into the trees, and wasn't seen again for the rest of the afternoon.

Sensitive little things I have around here. I even offered him a shower but we still have NO HOT WATER in this house and he looked quite shocked at the thought of it. Tell me about it I told him. Oh happy days, the repairman is coming on Monday morning.


  1. What a nice little bird and it stayed so close and so long to let you photographed it. How nice the spring is here and we now get flowers and birds.

  2. That first photo is watching you, watching him. :) Handsome!

  3. Hope you get your hot water soon! What great shots of the Bluejay, That's a lot of peanut to stuff down his throat, but they are very greedy :-) Maybe he is feeding babies.

  4. your blue birdie is quite lovely...i so like watching the birds. we've many finches here, i have those ugly sock bags up filled with thistle seeds (they hop on three or four or five at a time).
    don't know how you are doing it without hot water...i would be in a world of hurt....

  5. beautiful shots! I have never heard of anyone intentionally feeding squirrel. usually they try and get rid of them

  6. Wow! It posed for you! :) Would have loved an opportunity like that. Wonderful captures!:)

  7. Great captures of this beautiful bird.

  8. Dear Denise!
    These pictures are outstanding! I didn't know this little bird! He is really cute!
    Lovely post!
    Have a great weekend

  9. Your photos are lovely Denise - as usual and with your narrative I almost feel I am there with you. Have a lovely weekend. A x

  10. wow great pictures of those birds and nature..sometimes it is just a great feeling to see how contented and happy those birds are and nothing to worry about what lies ahead..great post Denise..i am a nature lover too!!

  11. I enjoy looking at your photos and read the text. I like the hole stories about this bird that came back after the rain but had been in the mud
    - so not hot water at your place?

    The sculptures of the deer I love them!!
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    Fell free if you want to
    take part of it,

    Have a nice weekend.
    Maria Berg, MB

  12. Great shots. The little critters always look as if they are posing for you. Good to hear the repairman will be there Monday. Hope you have a great weekend despite the fact you are hot-waterless. :)

  13. great bird shots, don't have any birds so close now I've moved so great to see your close ups.

  14. Great bird photos. Hope you and the birds get your hot water!

  15. I love that first shot. Beautiful.

  16. I came to see your Friday sky but got mesmerized by the beautiful bird pictures. They are so gentle looking, so beautiful, those birds. You have a lot of patience for capturing such great shots, and a wonderful understanding of them which comes out in your words.

    Lovely sky too, but had to tell you how much I love the birds you share.
    Thank you!!
    Bella - an English girl enjoying!

  17. I envy you on these photos! Except of cute sparrows and pigeons or magpies there are no other birds that I am able to capture. These birds’ photos are beautiful, indeed.

  18. Your photography is terrific. The spring is bringing lots of birds to blogging.

  19. Thank you all for dropping in and leaving all these lovely comments. As of today we also have HOT WATER!!!! I took a celibratory HOT shower. It was wonderful!!!