Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Today and Yesterday

I am in danger of dropping off to sleep again as I am very comfortable playing couch potato for a little while, and I have been trying to catch up on e-mails and blogs. I am always falling behind these days.

Gregg and I have just returned from spending a good part of our day with son Brad. He is in the middle of moving, from his old apartment to the place he and Lisa will be living in when they get married in June. It's lovely with lots of trees around the building and it has a good feel to it.

I got off lightly and wasn't expected to carry any of the heavy boxes up the three flights of stairs, not that that the boys would have let me, but I think the fact that I fell over the step and landed hard on my wrists and knees might have had something to do with me not even trying! I am such a klutz and yes, Clara Klutz has resurfaced. I thought I was being careful but that step-up into his old building jumped up and bit me good and hard. I now have new sore spots and probably will for the next couple of days.

It did not, however, spoil the enjoyment of the morning. It was fun looking around his new apartment and fun going over to Reston Town Centre to have lunch afterwards. I like the area very much. It has an open-air ice-skating rink in the winter, there is a movie theatre and there are lots of interesting shops and restaurants. We walked a couple of blocks to the restaurant and as has happened before, the boys grabbed Clara to make sure she didn't twist an ankle or fall off a curb under their care, once again warning her of all obstacles along her path. I love those guys!

Yesterday I was out on my own as I had some errands to run at my usual stops; the post office, the bank, the grocery store. I also drove over to another shopping area and picked up a couple of cards from the Hallmark shop and just up the road there is a World Market, and darn it if that old car didn't point its nose in its direction. It was craving some English chocolate! World Market is another fun place to walk around with lots of bric-a-brac from all over the world. So I browsed around the card section, looked at the furniture, the china, the kitchen ware, the coffee section, and yes even the beer and wine. I bought neither but I do love looking at the different bottle shapes and the illustrations on the labels. Good grief what on earth is she going on about? Yes I have eclectic interests that bounce all over kingdom-come and if you bumped into me at a liquor store I might not necessarily be in there for the liquor, honestly!

While I was in the Hallmark store I had made my purchases and was heading out the door. I noticed a lady standing there, looking very intently through the glass, and I assumed she was waiting for a family member or friend to bring a car up to the front of the store. It had been raining and was pretty chilly outside. She smiled at me and said hello, I returned in kind. She was around 90 years of age and the first thought that popped into my head after thinking what a beautiful smile she had, was how striking she looked. Her hair was beautifully coiffered and her make-up very tastefully done, understated but elegant. She was wearing a fur coat, gloves and nice dress-slacks. I on the other hand had walked out of the house with a quick brush through my hair, wearing my favorite sweater and comfy jeans, an old raincoat and no make-up.

She spoke to me again and said she had been looking at the cherry blossom trees in the parking lot, that they were lovely. I told her about our trip to see the cherry blossoms in Washington DC this past weekend and her face lit up. "Oh they are beautiful! Do you know, years ago when we were flying into Washington this time of the year, the pilot told us to look out the window, that the trees were in bloom. It was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen and have never seen anything like it since." I said, "How lovely, now that's a once in a lifetime moment isn't it?" and she agreed and said that she will never, ever forget it. She told me how much she had enjoyed our little chat and I said so had I. At this her husband joined her from the back of the store, and she hadn't been waiting for a car but for him. We smiled again and said our goodbyes and I left for home with a really good feeling. It's little moments in time like this that I enjoy remembering.


  1. "We must never let each day seems the same as before because every day is different, because we are in constant process of change...

    Dear Denise!
    Such a wonderful words and beautiful post!I wish your son all good things, the best in his life!
    Many thanks for sharing this moments of glory inside your heart.
    By the way...wearing your favourite sweater and comfy jeans is perfect!You are beautiful in all ways!
    God bless you

  2. You know a couple years ago my sister was visiting her kids in Arizona, they parked in a parking garage that had speed bumps, she tripped over them and broke both her wrists, you telling about your fall reminded me of this. Sounds like you had a fun day with your son. I can't wait to see your post on your son's wedding and I know we will get pictures. Have a nice Easter.

  3. How rude of me, I meant to thank you for coming by and commenting on the candy bar post.

  4. I am so happy to hear Clara didn't break any bones. ;) World Market is one of my favorite places to just 'look around'. I too love seeing the beautiful things from all over the world. It sounds as if you've had a wonderful time and a little R & R is called for. For the rest of my days when cherry blossoms are mentioned I will see the stunning photos you posted. Thank you.

  5. Sorry to hear that you took a tumble during the move, Denise, I hope you're okay.

    There was a World market where we lived in California, I used to love that store. Nothing like it around these parts, of course.

    People like to chat to me too, for some reason.

  6. sometimes its those little conversations that mean the most......

    Gill in Canada

  7. I never thought about how beautiful blooming cherry trees would look from the air. That must have been a gorgeous sight. Enjoyed your whole post!

  8. I hope you soon recover from your fall. The conversation with the lady in the store was a wonderful story. I'm sure she enjoyed the conversation as much as you did.

  9. I hope your bumps and bruises aren't too sore. I twisted my lower back gardening yesterday now it hurts to bend down. I don't like it it makes me feel old.
    It's grand that little things can make us feel good. I would love to see a pic of the World Markets.

  10. A precious moment in time. World Market, always a favorite stop for me when I need to find treats for my girls

  11. Hope you are OK now after your tumble Denise. They can really shake you up sometimes.

    Sounds like you had a lovely day though and you will long have a pleasing memory of that conversation. Probably each time you go to see the blossoms you will think of her too. It's nice to think that blossom trees will trigger the memory for her as well.
    Great post. A x

  12. Hi Denise, what a beautiful post! I like your sense of humour and the way you describe your encounter with the old lady. How important it is to see people around us with attentive eyes.Thanks for this story! Thanks for your visit too.

  13. Denise: sorry to hear about the fall. As we get older we have to be more careful with our steps.

    That was a neat story about the older women and the conversation.

  14. If it were me, i would have found this encounter with this 90 plus old lady just as fascinating. What an inspiring personality at her age

  15. How nice and thoughtful that you took the time to talk with the lady.

    I know what you mean trying to play catch up, I've been trying all week and it seems I just get more behind. I haven't had as much time on the computer because of other things that needed to be done, plus the past two days, our internet connection, cable TV and phone service have been disrupted many times and they can't seem to give me a reason.

    Now it's almost time to start dinner, it will be something quick tonight, spaghetti, Prego sauce, salad, Texas toast and since I'm lazy today after grocery shopping, we're having graham crackers and each one can spread Betty Crocker chocolate icing between and make their own cookie like sandwich. Lazy huh.

  16. Thank you everyone, I am very happy you enjoyed the cherry blossoms in Washington DC.