Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Neighbors' Garden

This is my neighbors' garden. I took the photo over the weekend when I noticed their Dogwood was in bloom. My neighbors are nice people and they have lived here longer than we have, which has been almost 20 years now. I can't believe how much time we have spent here, considering we moved ten times in about as many years when Gregg was in the Navy. Sometimes I feel restless for another move. I suppose I have a bit of the nomad instinct inside of me. I always love to see what's on the other side of the hill.

When I first came to America and experienced my first Spring here, one of the many things that stands out in my mind was my first sight of the Dogwoods. I thought they were incredibly beautiful and I still feel that tinge of excitement when I see the first ones blooming, as I did this Spring. They are everywhere at this time of year.

We tried planting a small tree a while back and it didn't last, much to my great disappointment. We really should try again but I think this time we will get some expert advice from the nursery before doing so. If I could have my way I would surround our house with Dogwoods.

Do you want to know the other thing that I found incredible my first summer here? Fireflies! Or Lightning Bugs as they are sometimes called. I always remember our first ride down south when we were going to stay the weekend with Gregg's family. It was pitch black and I noticed these tiny twinkling lights amongst the trees. I couldn't figure out what they were at first and I was mesmerized. I suppose I was unusually quiet and Gregg asked me what I was staring at so intently. I remember telling him "fairy lights" and when he realized what I was talking about he laughed and told me they were Fireflies. I still enjoy staring into the darkness at them even after all these years, but it will be a little while longer before they arrive. Right now I am enjoying the Dogwoods.
After all, I don't see why I am always asking for private, individual, selfish miracles when every year there are miracles like white dogwood.

~Anne Morrow Lindbergh~


  1. The dogwood - she is pretty:), sigh. Maybe your nomad instinct, like you call it, helps you to immediately spot the things that bring you joy (I have a smilar "thing" going on)!

  2. Those pictures of dogwoods are gorgeous. I have never lived anywhere that dogwoods or fireflies are commonly seen, but I am so glad to enjoy them through the wonderful world of blogs.

  3. Dogwood is pretty. Around here we have them in pink. In the woods or forests and around homes. They are a wild tree here planted by the wind or birds or something that scatters the seed. My neighbor had one that came up, lasted about 15 years in his front yard and was old, bowed, partly rotten but lovely two years ago and then it died. They just planted a new one they purchased from a nursery and the nursery planted it and it still hasn't bloomed this year. I think the wild ones are more enthusiastic about growing.

    Fireflys are something. My children were fascinated by them and so are my grandchildren. I think I might try to get some photos of them this summer.

  4. Denise: What a wonderful post from your heart. I love to see the Dogwoods in bloom it is one of the first signs that the Crappie are biting.

  5. Great post Denise!
    Lovely garden indeed!
    You know...your words provoked me a kind of feeling and I was thinking of "I guess, I have the same nomad instinct inside of me!"
    Your friend

  6. Beautiful pictures-- the photos and the one painted by your words. I'd never seen dogwood or fireflies until I visited W. VA and then later, Virginia. (Many years ago)

    You brought back some good memories for me with this post. Thanks Denise.

  7. yes...the dogwoods are a beautiful tree. i do like them very much. we don't have any in our yard but then we did not plant the trees that are here. maybe one day we'll add a dogwood or two to the mix.

    i so love fireflies and missed them so when we lived in california. i had fond memories of them when we vacationed in iowa and the south :) they are very magical and add to the southern summers.

    have a wonderful thursday denise.

  8. Your neighbour has a nice backyard and the dogwood is so pretty in bloom!

  9. Such lovely memeories!
    fireflies and dogwood. Ahhh!
    Aloha lovely lady!

  10. beautiful garden the neighbors have. We don't have fireflies here in Bend either and i don't remembering having them in germany so they always fascinated me when we first lived in Minnesota after coming to the states.

  11. Thank you for showing me around your place. Dogwood trees, firflies and robins, all so different to my place. I'm beyond the nomadic thingy, I'm happy to stay put except for travelling holidays.

  12. Splendid blog and entertaining. I like the information incorporated. Would you wonder too if you were mesmerized by the "fairy lights", I have never seen one here in my entire 22 years in Australia? Not even in the country where I first lived. My children haven't seen one either.

  13. Hi Denise..thanks for the need to apologize..sometimes life is always busy...i always love taking pictures...and you have great ones here..thanks for sharing..have a blessed day! God bless!!