Monday, April 27, 2009

Meadowlark Gardens

This is a video showing one of the parks in our area. It is called Meadowlark Gardens and is located in Vienna, Virginia, about half an hour from home. There is a gazebo at the end of a wooden path which extends over the lake. On this visit we found a guitarist who sounded very good to me, with an audience of several people who were drawn to the music. He also had a pleasant sounding voice.
Looking over the side into the water there were the biggest fish we had ever seen. No fishing allowed here though. There were also several geese around, a few ducks, a big old grandpa of a turtle swimming by, several smaller turtles sitting on a mound under the shade of the wooden pathway and overhead there were swallows as well as a few red-winged blackbirds. 

We have visited many times over the years and yesterday we didn't stay too long because it was around 92 degrees F. By noon it was a bit too hot but it wasn't just the heat it was the humidity. There were numerous people enjoying their walks. When we got up to the visitors' center there were also many people who had obviously come in to get cool and make use of the bottles of water on sale. A little while later they had sold out. Next time we will bring our own. It is also a great place to take a picnic along.


  1. This Garden is really cool!
    Lovely fishs as well!
    Great "Soundtrack"
    Léia :-)

  2. Oh what beauty !
    I could have stayed there all day....
    Your pictures are stunning, it renews one's spirit!
    I have left you something on my blog ....

  3. So very pretty. And how often do you get live music with it?

  4. Looks like a lovely place to visit, but 91 is a little warm. I don't like for the weather to get so warm so fast. I like it to slowly each week get a little warmer, until by July it's as hot as it will get and then start going back down again, between 70 and 75 is my kind of weather.

  5. Beautiful post! Meadowlark Gardens looks like a wonderful place to spend an afternoon. How great that there was live music while you were there. Those fish in your video are so relaxing to watch.

  6. so enjoyed the post and photos...and indeed it was a scorching hot day on saturday here. i was off at a civil war reinactment and about passed out from the heat...and they were huge.

  7. that was my post prior denise...

    sorry about that...

  8. nice park.. very green + fresh.. and a lot of fish too! i like! i like! :D

  9. What a beautiful area, so green and lush!! WOW... amazing. And all those fish... COOL!

  10. I'm happy you enjoyed the video. There will be photos of the park posted sometime. Thanks for stopping by with all the friendly comments. You always make my day.