Monday, April 6, 2009

The First Year Anniversary Of My Blog

I almost didn't realize it but there was something going on that made me think to look back at the first post I ever made, and it was a year ago today that I started my blog.

In the beginning it was a way for my friends and family to keep in touch with us when things got too busy. I had always kept a journal/diary and I knew I would be adding to it every day, which was a habit I had gotten into years before, to sit down last thing at night and jot down what had been going on during the day, sometimes a line here and there, sometimes an epilog depending on how tired or how much energy I had.

I had never heard of 'blogging' but a friend suggested to me to check it out, this after my computer had crashed. Fortunately my knight in shining armor at the time was the lovely man at the computer store who retrieved 99 percent of what I had lost but it was just enough of a scare to start my own blog, another safety net for favorite photos and 'ramblings' to go along with that portable hard-drive which was not nearly as rewarding or as much fun, though certainly and I most definitely would not be without.

Little did I know that it would be opening up a whole new world for me. I didn't realize that people would actually enjoy what I had to share, and didn't realize I would be sharing with anyone other than those in my own close circle of family and friends. Little did I know I would be meeting so many great people on-line from everywhere imaginable. I have always loved meeting people, not only in my own kneck of the woods but also from everywhere else. And both Gregg and I have always encouraged our son to look beyond his own garden, to see that there was a world out there other than his own. We love the fact that he now has friends from many different cultures, the diversity can only broaden his mind and that was our intention, for him to walk through that gate and out of his own back yard.

Little did I know I would be opening up my own gate even further. It has been an incredible experience this blogging world and I want to thank you all for making it such a fun ride, to also thank you for dropping in with your wonderful comments that not only I like to read but my family does too. Even to the people who don't leave any comments because of language, time or energy, believe me when I say all are welcome here. It's one of the reasons I put so many photos on my blog, and as I love taking all those photographs it seemed the natural thing to do. Hopefully they are enjoyable just to look at and there are no comments needed. Like they say about laughter, I think photos are the same thing, everyone speaks the same language. Quite often you just don't need to say anything. Then of course there are many 'cups of tea' and people enjoy different varieties. One blog might not be as interesting as another depending on our tastes and so we move on to another. Such is life.

That being said, I have discovered many, many great blogs which I visit frequently, not as often as I would like because the list grows daily. What a shame there isn't 40 hours in a day, but I suspect that even 100 hours wouldn't be enough time.

It has been a perfect joy to meet you all. Thank you my friends out there, you put a pep in my step at the beginning of each day and some days - like everyone else - I need that.


  1. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary! My 1 year is coming up!

  2. Congratulations - keep up the good work!

  3. a hardy congrats to you denise.
    enjoyed meeting you through this line of communication.
    have a good evening. erin

  4. Congrats ... here's to many more!

  5. Happy Anniversary!
    Congratulations for your blog!
    Great work!I will be always here ready to read what you write in your blog, it can be a line or an epilogue, no matter because your thoughts constantly brings me a great smile in my face and pure joy inside my heart!
    Many thanks for sharing your thoughts!
    God bless you
    Léia :-)

  6. Congratulations, my first visit here but it wont be my last.

  7. Congrats with this memorable day! I have the same experience that I am amazed how other people enjoy what you have to say.
    Also, I keep learning from other people -blogging is great!

  8. Congratulations. One year is a lot of blogs - each one a treasure to others.

    God Bless,


  9. I'm glad I found your blog, Denise. I enjoy your posts and seeing what's happening in your neck of the woods. I know it's impossible to visit and comment on all the blogs we want to everyday. Blogging sure is an interesting way of life. Happy Blogiversary!

  10. Congratulations Denise. Your blog has become one of my daily musts. As necessary as my morning coffee.

  11. Another year, another milestone. Congratulations! Truth said, you get to meet beautiful people in the world of blogging. Now I just started in January, so I have a long ways to go. But I am loving it.

  12. Happy Blogday Denise! We're so glad you're here!! We've had some good laughs, you and I!!! Here's to many more!

  13. Hello Denise
    Yes like a lot of others your rambles are a must read each day. I like to hear your chatter and see the photos - sometimes lightheareted making me laugh, other times serious and making me think but I wouldn't miss them on purppose
    Thank YOU Denise and heres hoping you continue to share your life with us
    Take care

  14. Congrats to you on your 1st yr of blogging.

  15. Congrats Denise!
    I have enjoyed your blog very much and look forward to the next 365 days!!!

  16. Happy Blogoversary, Denise! I'm looking forward for the upcoming years. Wish you a lot of joy and blessings to be shared on this blog :)

  17. Congratulations. That's a big milestone. That's a ton of work, and has no doubt rewired your mind in how you see the world.

  18. Congratulations Denise !
    I want to thank you for sharing all your lovely photographs with us, day after day. I'm always happy that I stopped by for a visit, and sometimes a comment.
    Hope another great year is in store....

  19. Congratulations on your 1 yr anniversary Hope you have many more

  20. Congratulations!
    You said it very well:
    thank goodness for all the great folks we meet on the web....Like YOU! Aloha my Friend

  21. Happy 1st Blogging Anniversary Denise. Yours is always a pleasure to read and your photos are always a joy to see. I think your's was one of the first blogs I became familiar with when I started back last summer and is usually one of the first I look at when I log in. Long may you continue to enjoy it - I love it - and from your list of followers I am one of many.

    Sending a hug. A x

  22. Happy Anniversary!
    Congratulation Denise!

  23. congratulations and happy anniversary!

    yes. blogging is indeed an incredibly fascinating virtual world!

  24. You guys are the greatest, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  25. Congratulations on reaching your first year Denise. We look forward to many more. So you have to keep it up now.

  26. it goes so fast doesent it! congrats for hitting the first milestone. here is to another year x

  27. Congratulations on your first year anniversary. I look forward to many more.

  28. Congratulation on your one year and I better check I think mine is soon a year also. I do so like coming by and I to find it very interesting to go from blog to blog site and see what is going on, I also have learned a lot. I hope you have a nice Easter.jrefeers

  29. Congrats on 1 yr, you and I started down this road for the same reasons and I agree with everything you said.

  30. Blogging is a great way of sharing. You are a gifted photographer and have a great way with words too.

  31. Dear Denise, Congratulations; you have a great blog and wonderful posts. Interesting photos and great writing. I enjoy your posts and blogging friendship very much. Thank you Denise. Big hug!

  32. I'm sorry I missed your blogiversary, but belated congrats anyway.

  33. So very sweet of you, thank you very, very much!!!! Hugs to all of you.

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