Thursday, April 23, 2009

A few more photographs

Gregg is on another work of art, a mosaic map of the Chesapeake Bay. He's pointing to one of the spots he knows. It was an interesting map and we enjoyed walking to various points on it.

This is a photo of a photo of Teddy Roosevelt. He was hanging on the wall in a restaurant where we stopped for lunch.
Gregg took this one. He likes brickwork which I think I have mentioned before and the fire hydrant was a nice splash of color I thought.
My sore feet were glad to see the sign to where we had parked the car.

There will be one more post from this area - of SkyWatch - and that will be it from National Harbor.


  1. Those maps on the ground are really intriquing, Denise! Thanks for sharing

  2. Very interesting shots! I would love to walk along with you. Have a great day, Denise :)

  3. Thanks for taking me around your part of the world. The art works are very interesting.

  4. Terrific set. I had never heard of this place. Thanks.

  5. The fire hydrant almost looks surreal in the photo!
    Like someone pasted it there

  6. What wonderful public art. Especially the less obvious, the brick work and the hydrant.

  7. Great pictures Denise!
    Many thanks for sharing!
    This place is really cool!

  8. Oh some entertaining shots. What would we do without cameras? Your tour was very interesting, as to what caught your eye.

    We're so honored to have you follow us at TwirlandTaste. Stop by anytime, you're always welcome
    Happy Twirls