Friday, April 3, 2009

Days Gone By

This wonderful old photo is of Gregg's Grandparents, his mother's Mom and Dad. They lived in Taunton, Massachusetts and unfortunately I never met them. My Mum-in-Law's Dad passed away when she was around 17 and and her Mother when Gregg hadn't long gone to England on that exchange tour in the Royal Navy back in the early 70s. Since the first time I came to America in 1975 it has always fascinated me to learn of where people originally came from. Bea's Mother's ancestry is English and her Father's is French. I don't know much about the English side but if I remember correctly and I will ask Gregg when he gets home to look this over, his Grandfather's family came over from France and settled in Canada. They made lady's rouge for a living. Eventually they moved to America.

I am guessing by the style of clothing this was taken in the late 20's-early 30's.


  1. Nice ancestral photo.
    I'm always curious about people's heritage, too. In our family, we have ancestors from most of the European countries. Tracking down our geneology beyond mid-1800's would take a lot of dedication.

  2. wonderful post denise. i just love looking through old family photos...

  3. Fantastic post Denise!
    In Brazil there are many descendants of Italians, Germans,and of course Portugueses.I think my blood is a blend of Italian (father'side ), Swedish and Spanish (mammy 'side).
    I loved this post!
    Many thanks for sharing!
    Kind Regards
    Léia :-)

  4. What a wonderful old photo. They look like a very happy couple. Nothing quite like old photographs. You always have such great things to share. Thanks.

  5. Great photo, Denise!
    TGIF - funny about that, isn't it?

  6. Great post. It seems like every family has similar pictures of mom and dad out in front of the house squinting into the sun. Sometimes by the family car. I wondered why we don't see in modern snap shots and my thinking is now that the early cameras didn't have flashes.
    I like these old photo's like yours.

  7. Old family photos are wonderful! And this one is fabulous!

  8. I love old photos like this.Perhpas some day my great grandchildren will look at a photo of my hubbie& I, and think "how quaint, that photo must have been taken at the beginning of the century."

  9. Old family photos are wonderful. One day when I look through our old family photo(taken when I was 4-5) I kept admiring at myself for I looked completely different.

  10. Hello Denise
    Seeing photos like this is the reason I still take some with my old 35mm or the point and shoot. Its a pain getting digital printed and at least with the others there's always a negative
    Lovely picture - very fashionable with the fur coat and cloche hat:)
    Take care

  11. It's so much fun to look at who people descended from, isn't it? Sometimes it might explain a few things.

  12. I love old photos and family histories. For the times they look very well dressed. Quite posh!

  13. This is awesome... to pull out the old photos can be so much fun and to see what sort of buildings and cars they were driving... and in this case the clothing!
    Super cool post!


  14. Thanks for sharing such an interesting photo and story!