Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back to National Harbor and artwork by Cheryl Foster

I was bowled over by these two murals on each side of the steps that lead down to the water's edge. The photos don't do them justice. You really have to see them for yourself, two mosaics made out of shiny, multi-colored cut glass where natural items have been used such as oyster shells and crab shells embedded into her artwork . This incredible artist is Cheryl Foster.
You can enlarge all the photos to get a better look.

If you enlarge the picture below you will see a description of the people she has imortalized in her work.
There are more murals on another flight of steps not too far away, horses with flowing manes on one side and sailboats on the other.

Gregg has been admiring her art and we are both in awe of this lady's talent. We spent a long time on those steps that day.


  1. I like the mural of the horses the most, but that's my personal preference:) That was a nice place to visit!

  2. Those are well worth pondering for more than a moment. I like that you included the information plaque. How wonderful that the artist focused on real people and noted it. I think we have a huge tendency to over look our real people in this world.

  3. I didn't know this great artist ( Cheryl Foster). Her work is really beautiful!
    Many thanks for sharing
    Léia :-)

  4. Thanks for the tour. Beautiful pictures Denise.

  5. The mosaics are beautiful, would love to see them in person. I did a small mosaic, cannot even imagine the work involved in these.

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  6. She certainly is a talented artist.
    What beautiful murals. I like all of them. I hope there is no chance of them being vandalised.