Monday, March 23, 2009

Times Gone By

The photo above I have posted before, but as I am making this about our visit to Norway all those years ago, I feel it is worth repeating. From left to right is son Brad, Me, niece Hanna and my sister Bev. On the back of the photograph the mountain behind us is identified as Mount Gausta at the Gaustablikk Hotel. We weren't staying there but had gone on a road trip to see that gorgeous view. The year was either 1986 or 1987.

Here I am with Brad and if memory serves me correctly we were in a museum either in Oslo or near there. That is a magnificent viking longboat behind us that was dug out of the sand, in pretty good condition considering how long it had been buried.

One of my favorite photos of Brad with his cousin Hanna.

That's me taking a photograph of Brad.
Bev, Noel and Hanna lived in Norway for several years. I remember things like sitting up all night chatting with Bev on the day of our arrival, long after everyone had gone to bed. My brain was waiting for it to get dark but it was in the middle of the summer and we were in the land of the midnight sun. It never did get dark, not in the summer anyhow. It was almost six in the morning before either of us realized.
Another memory is being invited over to neighbor's and friends of theirs next door, and being treated to a wonderful evening in their home. They were so gracious. I remember the lady's name, Aud.
Meeting other friends, Hanna's young babysitters' who had become good friends, one of whom came over in her national dress, which was so beautiful. I have a photograph of it somewhere.
Other memories will surface sometime as I rediscover other photographs to share.
One note that may be of interest is that Gregg's father's family originated from Norway, from the Telemark area which is where my family was living at the time. I didn't find this out until we showed him our photographs.


  1. Wonderful memories!Brad with his cousin Hanna are so lovely in that picture!I loved it!
    What could I say now my dear Denise?Yes...times gone by...But I think it is wonderful to remember about everything, every single moment that gave us such a beautiful "picture"inside our minds and our hearts forever!To be in this life is a huge adventure!Fascination!
    God bless you!
    Léia :-)

  2. Léia, how very true, I look at these photos and always smile at those wonderful memories :-)

  3. What lovely photos. Makes us wonder where the years went so fast.

  4. Nice to see your pictures from Norway and that you had a good time. As a Norwegian I will always miss the very long summer evenings. But of course I visit.

  5. Ah, two beautiful English Roses.!

  6. Hello Denise
    I look at your photos and I see a happy contented family
    Thanks for taking us along whilst you reminisce - yes, time goes by so quickly and we have to make what we can of the time ( a lot or a little ) that we are given:)
    Take care

  7. My brother hasn't traveled much but he was just telling me that the two places he really wants to see is Norway and Sweden. What wonderful memories you have.

  8. those are some great family pics there. hope you have some good memories from them

  9. Patty, it does indeed.

    Elisabeth, Norway is a very beautiful country. I hope to visit again one day.

    Roy, you are so sweet and I can see you have that old English charm.

    Cathy, how very true.

    Kay, I have wonderful memories and now that my sister is no longer with us they become even more treasured. I hope your brother gets to see both Norway and Sweden. My family also spent time in Sweden but unfortunately I never was able to visit them while they were there.

    Tina, thank you, I do.

    Thank you all so very much for stopping by. I think in many ways you are all good therapy for me ;) and I will keep sharing my memories.

  10. Beautiful memories! Thanks for sharing them. Best wishes :)

  11. Rosidah, so nice to see you here. Thank you!