Thursday, March 26, 2009

Purple day – support epilepsy awareness

Thanks to Daryl over at Out and about in New York City I learned that today is Support Epilepsy Awareness Day. I am dedicating this post to Michele over at Rocky Mountain Retreat Photography who herself is an inspiration to all of us.
Everyone is asked to wear purple to support epilepsy awareness. Purple Day was started by nine year old Cassidy Meagan of Nova Scotia, Canada in 2008 to help increase awareness about epilepsy world wide. If you want to learn more about epilepsy please click here for the Purple Day site.


  1. Didn't know about Purple Day Denise - a very worthy cause though. A x

  2. Michele is truly an incredible woman.

  3. I didn't know about this, ds has epilepsy, and I don't own anything purple!!!

    Thanks for making everyone aware of this.


  4. Thanks for posting about Purple Day. Hopefully after today many more people will be aware of epilepsy. May Michele have a great Purple Day

    An Arkies Musings

  5. Thank you for letting us know about this day. When I was a kid I had a friend that had Epilepsy, this is before they knew anything about this and she suffered such seizures. I am grateful that they have come a long way on medical achievements on illnesses so thanks for bringing this to our attention. Thank you for coming by.

  6. Thanks for sharing it!
    I didn't know either.
    Kind regards

  7. So nice to see that a lot of bloggers have a post with this theme today. I have the same! Must be a chain reaction!

  8. Your blog is a worthy one with this post today. Good for you. I had no idea.

  9. I know about epilepsy - petit mal and grand mal attacks One of my friends in elementary school had it -I only didn't know it was purple -I love your purple text!!!

  10. Anne, neither did I until I went over to Daryl's blog after she left a comment on one of my posts. I would also have learned of it when I visited Michele but it is taking me a while to get round to everyone these days.

    TSannie, she certainly is, a beautiful lady inside and out.

    Gill, I am sorry to learn of your ds' epilepsy. I don't own anything purple either but I will.

    Richies, you are most welcome. Such a worthy cause. Yes, may Michele have a great Purple Day.

    Margaret, I thank Daryl for letting me know. And I think it is so important to let folks know. Blogging is a great way of getting the word around. Sometimes we feel pretty helpless but passing on the word is a powerful tool.

    Leia, you are very welcome :)

    Valkyrien, the word is out, a chain reaction and the domino effect, a ripple in the ocean that spreads around the world :)

    Abe, thank you, be it ever so humble, I hope we can do good for this cause.

    Jeannette, I too knew a friend in school who had grand mal seizures. And the purple text is Daryl's idea. I just adopted it as I thought it was such a good idea, and another visual tool to speed that message along.

  11. I had no idea. This is what I personally love about blogging, the network that highlights events that might pass us by.

  12. It's nice to see so many of us posting about epilepsy and spreading awareness around the world.

  13. Denise, I thank you so much for this beautiful post. Your words are very kind and a wonderful support to all those suffering Epilepsy and seizure disorders.
    I am very happy and proud to have you on my side!
    Hugs to you, my friend.
    Be well.

  14. Today is Friday...

    Yes, the bamboo arrived yesterday and I posted a picture of it on my Brookville Daily Photo blog. Along with the comments others have made, it turns out to be an educational too.

  15. A worthwhile cause. Where's my purple hat?

  16. I didn't know about that, and I am in the health care industry-Thanks