Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My two favorite people.

Here are the two favorite men in my life. Hubs Gregg and son Brad. If Brad has the weekend off he will come over on the Sunday and we always go out for breakfast. Problem was all our regular breakfast places had long lines at them and none of us felt like waiting an hour to get seated, so we ended up at Chili's in Manassas. They don't serve breakfast but the company was what it was all about and we had a great time together, always catching up on what the other has been doing over the past week.
Brad has a good arm's length to take this photo of the three of us.

It was cold and rainy but a little rain never stops us. Brad says his head always looks monstrous in his long-arm-portraits but I told him I will explain that he has a normal-sized head when I post his what looks like a gi-normous head on my blog for all the world to see, ha! Doesn't look that big does it? He's just a bit closer to the camera than the rest of us.

Did I mention his feet? He has a size 17 shoe (American size). Yes, some little rotters at his school used to call him Igor, but frankly I've always been rather proud of his big feet. It was a bit of a hassle to try and find him shoes years ago. One shoe salesman had the nerve to tell us maybe we ought to just start cutting the ends of his shoes off for his toes to poke through, smarty you-know-what. I remember one lady at a 'big shoe' store who told us that his feet would probably stop growing at the age of 16, which they did. I liked her!

Did I mention that he weighted 10 lbs. 3 ozs. when he was born, apparently the same size as Gregg's grandfather, so my father-in-law told me after Brad arrived in the world? I remember being in despair because his feet turned inwards at the time. His pediatrician, a very kindly navy doctor at Long Beach Naval hospital, explained it was because he didn't have much room to move around and his feet just grew that way. He further said all I had to do was to massage his feet gently every day and taught me the techique. I was also told to buy him a good pair of sturdy baby shoes, that should do the trick. It did!

The night Brad was born he was the biggest baby in the nursery, for a while anyhow. All the nurses loved him, but then they loved all the babies in that nursery, you could tell that. One nicknamed him "Moose!" but later she came by and said my "Moose" had been dethroned beause a baby had just been born weighing in at 11 lbs. something. Don't ask me why I was so dissapointed when I heard my little "Moose" had lost his throne, and then I realized what she had said, "Good grief, some poor lady just had an eleven pound plus baby?" Silly to feel that Brad had lost in the birth weight contest but that's how I felt and I was kinda mad at the nurse for even telling me, but not really mad if you know what I mean. Gregg, 'Moose' and I left for home the next day.

I remember being scared to death because I had low blood pressure for a while and kept passing out. I had spells for a couple of weeks, which were a bit scary as I was afraid to hold my Moose in case I dropped him. At least I had some warning as I used to see those lovely psychedlic spot-like flashes in front of my eyes and knew they were coming, so I would quickly sit down, sometimes sliding down a wall onto the floor when I couldn't get to a chair fast enough. "Moose" was always safely tucked in his crib and fortunately my sweet mum-in-law was an angel and flew 3,000 miles across country to stay with us for a while to help out. She really was our saving grace.

As for my "Moose" his height stopped at 6 foot 4 inches when he was about 20. I remember seeing pictures of his great-grandfather on his Dad's side of the family and he looked pretty tall too. His Dad - my Gregg - is 6 foot tall. I am 5 foot 6 inches so I am the shorty of the group, at least next to them.


  1. Your "Moose" grew up to be a handsome man ... and I bet he's a gentle soul ...

  2. Gregg is a handsome man! I agree with Daryl!
    I loved reading the "Moose"story!
    Wonderful post!
    God bless you all

  3. What great memories you just shared. The Long Beach Naval Hospital is no longer. The site sat vacant for years, and is now a huge, big box shopping center. All things change. I was also a big baby, 5 oz. less than Gregg. My Mom was only 5'2". Amazing. I was born at Long Beach Community Hospital, also no longer in business.

  4. Your family is a lot taller than mine. Sounds like the three of you have a nice time when you get together for Sunday breakfasts. You all look happy in the pictures.

  5. Both of your fellas are pretty cute. They look like great company for Sunday breakfasts.

  6. What a nice reminiscence about your son. I enjoyed reading it.

    Birth weight does not always predict adult size. My second daughter weighed one ounce short of 9 pounds at birth, and grew up to be a petite woman, barely 5'4" tall.

  7. i love the pic of your all. so precious.

    hope you had a really nice time together