Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Gregg

It is Gregg's Birthday today and what better way to celebrate it than to surprise him with very dear photographs that have recently been rediscovered. He likes to check in with what I have been adding to my blog during the day while at work, so this is my gift to you My Darling, Happy Birthday!
Gregg with Brad, not quite a day old.
Long Beach Naval Hospital, Long Beach, California.
August 19th, 1979

At home in Los Alamitos, California
February 1980

After our move to Virginia in 1990.

Brad lived for a very short time in Long Beach. Gregg's ship was in dock being worked on. After a few months the ship moved back down to San Diego where it was home-ported and Brad spent the next ten years of his life in San Diego. It was a big change for our son to leave his friends behind in Calfifornia, and move from the semi-desert conditions where he grew up to the lush vegetation of Virginia. When asked how he liked the look of his new home state, this as we had just arrived and were driving from the airport in a torrential downpour - silly me for asking - he uttered these immortal words, "There are trees everywhere, I don't like it here, it's too green!"

Gregg and Brad at George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia.
Brad was 21 years old and had grown to love it here.

Lastly, I just found this quote on line, that fits my darling husband so well.


Thank you My Love, for being a great father and husband.


tricia said...

Wonderful pictures as always Denise. I would like to add a birthday wish as well. I remember thinking along the same lines the first time I saw Virginia. I was used to the green of Colorado and remember thinking Virginia was so green it almost hurt my eyes. It is a truly beautiful state. Thank you for sharing.

imac said...

Wonderful idea, happy day to your DH.

Thanks for the congrats on our Anniversary also Thanks for your visit and kind comments on the freefall post

Dont forget my Give away Competition

The Birdlady said...

Ah, such happy memories! Happy Birthday, Gregg.

Cezar and Léia said...

Wonderful pictures!I'm so sensitive nowadays,I'm crying!
Gregg was born with a lot of hair!It was the same for Marina!So cute!
I love this kind of pictures!
Congratulations Gregg!I wish all pure love in your live!If you have love inside your heart you will have ever happiness!
Congratulations Denise and Brad!

Gregg said...

You're the best!!!

Love, Gregg

At the Naval Academy this would be described as electronic PDA (public display of affection) - but you know how I dislike rules


imac said...

Tis I again, too late? nar its thursday closing day....

Mojo said...

Heh. My oldest son is also Brad, born just a few years later, and exported to Texas while I was in the army from the age of about 17 months to 4 years.

Then I got out of the army and we all re-settled back here in NC.

Happy birthday to yer Mister!

Denise said...

Tricia, thank you. I think by Gregg's drop-in that he has already seen your good wishes but I will tell him again when he gets home. You and Brad must have similar tastes.

IMAC, thank you too, and also for coming back and letting me know your competition was still open.

Helen, they are indeed and thank you.

Leia, your are so kind, thank you.

Gregg, my darling, I will always welcome your PDA. Yes after 33 years I know you beat to the sound of a different drum. But we both follow the Golden Rule, that's the only one I am interested in. Tapioca? You betcha!

Mojo, how interesting and thank you also for the birthday greetings to DH. North Carolina is also a very beautiful and 'green' state.

Thank you all for stopping by. This blogging world lends faith to the fact that the world is still full of incredible people.

Patty said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. Happy Birthday Gregg, from the Lincoln's

Jeannette St.G. said...

Since your hubby reads your blog too: Have a Happy Birthday!
Denise, your family looks really Californian in the pics (that's a good thing:) )

Denise said...

Well, Gregg is home and I showed him all your greetings again. He thanks you all for your sweet birthday wishes. He surprised me by coming home early while I was preparing his birthday meal, saying if he couldn't come home early on his birthday when could he come home early? How true!

Patty, it was my pleasure.

Jeanette, it sure is a good thing, and did I tell you wild horses had to drag me out of California? I spent the first 20 years of my marriage there, give or take a year, and I absolutely thought we were there to stay for good. I still love CA but I have grown to love Virginia also. Gregg is a Virginia boy and work brought him back, that and the fact his family live here. It was meant to be but one of these days I am going back to visit all my friends and all the old haunts, looking forward to that very much.

Leedra said...

Very nice post.

Happy Birthday Gregg!

Leedra’s Photos For Fun

Leedra’s Greeting Cards

Photography By Leedra

Tarolino said...

Thankyou for visiting my doggy blog. As you could see I also enjoy taking pictures of other dogs than my own as well.
Sounds like a you'd like another dog some day :)

Very happy birthday to Brad. I think this series of important pictures is a wonderful idea and I'm sure accepted with the same amount of love that it is given with.

Tarolino said...

Do excuse my blip. I meant to say VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREGG.

Denise said...

Leedra, thank you,

Tarolino, thank you too. I do like to take photo's of other people's dogs, and maybe one day we will welcome one into our own home. We do miss having one, just not ready yet I suppose.

Margaret Cloud said...

A very nice tribute to your husband, tell him Happy Birthday, I enjoyed your pictures.

Kay said...

I loved seeing these beautiful photos as we traveled nostalgically through the years. Happy birthday to Gregg! From his loving comment to you, Denise, I can see that he is a very charming fellow. Lucky you!

The Good Life in Virginia said...

a happy birthday to gregg...

denise it is a small world. i didn't realize you lived in Los Alamitos in 1980. I was still living at home in Glendale, California then.

thanks for stopping by my blog. i had such a wonderful two weeks in italy and wish i didn't have to return.

take care

Cloudia said...

Fabulous and touching story in pictures, Denise!
Your son is a lucky boy; Aloha-

George said...

What a wonderful birthday gift to your son. Happy Birthday, Gregg!

Roy said...

Hey Denise,
Happy Birthday to Gregg and by the way he definitely chose a Beautiful English Rose. {:)