Monday, February 23, 2009

My World Tuesday

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This is part of our road trip to Pennsylvania the weekend before last. Without even looking for one, we came across this covered bridge. We couldn't find a name for it and were just wondering down quiet little roads to see if we could find something interesting, and there it was.

They are sturdily built and I find their structure inside a work of art.

This is the brick wall leading up to the bridge. Gregg and I are always interested in the way they are built too.

The river was very slow moving, very quiet with no birds to be seen either on the river or up in the trees.

No wildlife but we still found interesting things to photograph, like these old leaves and a fungus.

This old fallen tree stump was covered in fungi.

And the top of the post was covered in moss.

We left our covered bridge and about an hour later we found another one.

I thought this old house was lovely.

I enjoy looking at all the farms in the area. There were many of them.

My focus was on the washing line.

But we said goodbye to this farm.

Someone had found a very clever way to display their birdhouses for sale.

What attracted me here was that old car.

I have passed these spires many times over the years. We are on the freeway heading home, driving through Maryland. This is a Mormon Tabernacle located in Kensington. It opened in September, 1974 and is the only Mormon Temple East of the Mississippi, so I read on line.


  1. the first photo of the covered bridge has so much atmosphere - it looks like the beginning of a fairy tale :) but I also especially like the trees with a view of the sky in the water. Thanks for sharing. Have a good week!

  2. All your photos are great. I love old covered bridges. And the bird houses are great. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. Hi Jeannette, thanks for stopping by. I tried to leave a comment on your blog but the word verification wouldn't load up. I will stop by later and try again.

    Hi Grammy, thank you so much. I thought they were pretty neat too.

  4. I see that you and Gregg had a really great time in that Valantine`s Day!I`m happy for you!

    This scenery is so romantic, isn`t it? Can you remember that great movie “THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY” (Eastwood and Meryl Streep)? Oh my dear Denise, I saw three times this wonderful film and believe or not I cried much more every time!
    :-) Léia

  5. You have so many beautiful photos. I am particularly enchanted by the covered bridge images. I love them.

  6. Is that an old 'Thunderbird' in front of the tabernacle? We used to have one in Vt. in 1969, you had to switch it off at the pump or yoú'd never fill it!
    Love the covered bridges ant the great curved beam inside to take up the sideways stresses. Beautiful construction.
    That great old house you shot looks just like a doll'house. All together it must have been a great trip for you.

  7. Great captures. Love the covered bridges. Smiles B

  8. The display of birdhouses for sale is pretty cool.
    I love the shots of the bridge, looks interesting. Reminds me of shelter for motorists during bad weather.

  9. Love seeing your trip through Amish country. We lived one county over from Lancaster in York PA and this post really brought back memories. Nice photos--thanks for sharing.

  10. Great shots of the covered bridges and the inner structure. I've never seen one except in pictures.
    Interesting to see the farming country in Pennsylvania. The birdhouses are cute. I want one.

  11. Denise, I can always count on you for a great photo essay. Wonderful post.

  12. Oh we also love to travel on roads not well known and find some interesting things to see,I too love the covered bridges,the old house with the white fence is very interesting as well. would love to see the inside of it. Are some of these farms Amish? Thanks for sharing your part of the world

  13. The pictures of that first bridge are wonderful -- both inside and outside. Thanks for taking us on your ride through Pennsylvania.

  14. Once again a really interesting post with great pictures. I love old bridges. I used to take long drives just to see the countryside. I don't know why I stopped, but I'm going to start again. I'm missing a lot.

  15. Scenes of my childhood trips in Eastern Penna. Nice! Aloha

  16. Very successful photo trip you had! I also love the covered bridges. Try this site to see if you can identify the bridges you shot Pennsylvania Covered Bridges. It is organized by county. The read and white car looks like a '55 Chevy BelAir.

  17. I Love those passage ways Denise. Thanks for sharing and showing your part of the world. You live in a world different to mine here.

  18. Loved your shots, Denise! You are so close to nature, I am glad you paused to appreciate and share. :)

  19. I loved traveling down the road with you. These photos really captured the area beautifully. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  20. Such a great collections of shots

  21. Wow that is some Temple Denise! These are all wonderful. I love the farm with the closesline! Those are great fun shots. The bird houses are beautiful and beautifully displayed.

  22. Enjoyed looking at the inside of the covered bridge. I agree, the inside looks like a work of art. Interesting fungi; that's something I don't find often in this desert. And I love the laundry on the line, the birdhouses, old car... looks you had a wonderful trip, thanks for sharing!

  23. What an interesting post, I like old farms and I have a blogger friend that has many photos of covered bridges, thanks for sharing.

  24. A great collection of photos! Love the covered bridge, the tree with the fungi, never seen a birdhouse lake that - all in all an interesting post! Both in text and photos!

    It seems that there are problems with many word verifications today - I have had problems "all over the world" today!

  25. Cezar and Leia, we did and thank you. We have a Madison County in Virginia but it is not the same as the movie. It was a lovely movie wasn't it?

    Ewok, thank you, the covered bridges are a favorite of mine too.

    Arija, I am not too good at identifying cars but Lew says it looks like a '55 Chevy BelAir.

    Barbara, thank you.

    Napabonoaniya, I loved the birdhouses and those bridges would be a great place to shelter under wouldn't they?

    Nonizamboni, I am glad it brought back some good memories. PA is certainly a very beautiful State.

    Janie, I would have loved to buy one of those birdhouses too but I missed my chance. Maybe the next time round.

    Jan, you are so kind.

    Leedra, thank you.

    Lilli & I would have loved to have gone inside that old house. I think perhaps many of the barns were Amish, and am almost certain the one with the washing line was beccause of all the subdued but pretty colors in the washing. That's my guess anyhow.

    George, thank you.

    Papercages, I wish you many happy car rides in the country. They are so much fun.

    Cloudia, more happy memories of childhood.

    Lew, thank you very, very much for the link to covered bridges in PA, also for identifying the car.

    Today's blah, you are very welcome. I will have to come by and see where you live again. I am sure you have many beautiful places to visit in your part of the world, as different as they may be.

    Indrani, thank you, I love anything to do with nature, a passion that grows as I get older.

    Magiceye, it is but then so is Mumbai.

    Kay, you are very welcome.

    Brett, thank you!

    Eve, thank you too.

    Diane C, from my trips to the desert I absolutely loved it. I would love to go there in the springtime. One of these days and it is most definitely on the list.

    Margaret, I would love to see your blogging friends photos of those covered bridges.

    Valkrien, thank you and also for the comment about your having a problem with the word verification feature. It reminds me I need to try and leave my comments again.

    Thank you all for visiting me here and leaving all your wonderful comments. Hope you are all having a wonderful week.

  26. I find those old covered bridges so interesting, I have never seen one in person though. That house was lovely, we have homes like that in England. PA looks like a neat state to visit.

  27. That clothes line must be on a pulley of some sort. As the lady hangs them from the porch, she just pulls on the line to find free space. We have some covered bridges around our area. Looks like a nice short trip.

  28. Great photos: we have a covered bridge very near to where I grew up in Maryland, but it's PA and OH that are covered bridge country.

  29. Beautiful place. This bridge and the old car reminds me the old American movies.

  30. Brit' Gal Sarah, the bridges are very interesting. I have seen one in Virginia, a couple in Vermont and now in Pennsylvania. I am sure you will get to see some one day. Many have a fascinating history. The house did remind me of those I've seen in England.

    Patty, interesting about the clothes line.

    Robert, thank you. I hope to see many more of these covered bridges on my travels.

    Antigoni, they remind me of the old movies too.

    Thank you all for popping in and leaving such nice comments. Happy blogging!

  31. Your photo blog of the PA countryside was nostalgic for me - I was born and raised in Lancaster County, though I've been a resident of CO for nearly 20 years. Those old covered bridges are a priceless treasure.