Monday, February 16, 2009

My World Tuesday

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My World Tuesday contribution starts off on Sunday at a shopping mall. I rarely go to them as I am not a 'shopper' and only go out when something is needed. I really don't like shopping and it sounds strange but I never have. This was an important day. Our son came over as he had asked if we could check out a restaurant he and his fiance had found that might be a good place for their rehearsal dinner. They are getting married in June and time is zooming along at light speed and we have been dillydallying on this particular subject, thinking that we had all the time in the world. I am still learning about American traditions as I never knew about this growing up in England. No one ever had rehearsal dinners that I knew of but considering I have been out of that country for three decades and then some, it may have changed. As it is traditionally the groom's parents role we thought we ought to get on the ball and so we found ourselves in this very nice Italian restaurant.

Personally, I fell in love with the place. It had a warm ambiance and I was immediately attracted to all the truly beautiful old-world photographs on the walls.

There are several rooms upstairs that can be used for private parties but when we asked the manager he told us that he would have to check, that at this late date all their rooms could have already been taken. June is a very busy monthy for weddings he said. Oh dear, kicking myself under the table for procrastinating.

They did tell us that they would have no problem us using the patio area outside but when I looked, yes it was nice but it didn't 'talk' to me like the inside of the restaurant 'talked' to me. When son called up his fiance and sent her photos over his cell phone, she said that it looked fine. I felt better after she gave it the okay. Good news today though, when hubby called the restaurant to book the dinner, he was told that they did indeed have a room big enough upstairs, so that is now all set and is one less thing ticked off the list for the parents of the groom to do.
This is one of the two malls we went to that day.

And these are a couple of the new buildings like others that are springing up all over the place. They weren't there the last time we came here.

We find ourselves at the second mall and I liked the look of this friendly tree with the big smile in the children's playing area. It's maniacal grin was freaking one little girl out though and her mother was consoling her.
The window displays fascinated me too....

and some of the shop fronts that I poked my head inside, but I was more interested in the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling than the clothes on the manequins.

By this time we had made our way to a tux rental store as son needed to get his outfit sorted out. The nice man gave us a catalog to browse through. There were dozens and dozens of outfits. We were there for a long time but eventually son narrowed it down to these three. We gave our input but I don't know whether he is going to listen and after all it is his wedding and he should wear what he likes. The one on the right was our favorite and he liked the one in the middle better than the one on the left. At least he has an idea. He didn't make any deals today because he now has to find out what the color of the bridesmaids outfits will be, which will determine the color of the tie and the vest on his outfit as well as his groomsmen. I dropped another hint that I liked the suit on the right but mother's lips are moving in silence and no sound is coming out of them. I am sending telephathic thoughts 'suit on the right, suit on the right'. Just can't help putting my four-pennyworth in and I don't suppose that will change.
Then we went over to Best Buy and found this 'suit' at the entrance. I told son, "Hmmmm.......what about this one then?"

Mother was by that time getting a wee bit cranky and in need of a nap.


  1. I've never been one for shopping either, but the kind of day you describe make wonderful memories. Thanks once again for sharing.

  2. Looks like a great restaurant, yeah good ambience I can see that in your pics.

  3. What a place. At first, it doesn't look like part of a mall. What atmosphere. God bless.

  4. This is a great place Denise. I like the italian Restaurant, how was the food? I don't particularly like malls but I think they are practical because it is all under one roof. I quite like shopping but I do not go very often except groceries which I do not like, I rather like a market.

  5. The Apache Wedding Blessing

    Now you will feel no rain,
    for each of you will be
    shelter to the other.
    Now you will feel no cold,
    for each of you will be
    warmth to the other.

    Now there is no more loneliness,
    for each of you will be
    companion to the other.

    Now you are two bodies,
    but there is only one
    life before you.

    Go now to your dwelling place,
    to enter into the days
    of your togetherness.

    And may your days
    be good and long
    upon the earth.

  6. You have lots of things to do. This place is great. You will have great time there. I liked the playing area, too. I wish i was near you to help you with the wedding.

  7. That was beautiful, thanks for sharing it with us all!Blessings for your events to come!

  8. The restaurant looks lovely Denise. A rehearsal dinner! I don't believe that has caught on over here - could be wrong. Know what you mean too about Mum speaking and no sound coming out! Good thing you are getting things sorted though, June will be here before we know it! A x

  9. I'm not one for shopping either, Denise but I had fun going along with you. I think that restaurant does look perfect for the rehearsal dinner. You must be so very excited!

  10. that was beautiful and funny towards the end too!

  11. Papercages, thank you and looks like we have some things in common :)

    Today's Blah, it was a lovely restaurant. I don't go to too many eateries that I fall in love with, but I did this one.

    Sandy, it certainly didn't and I was surprised myself.

    Titania, the food was great, everyone enjoyed their meal. Son and I had typically Italian. He had Eggplant Parmigian and I had an orzo dish with asparagus and other veggies. Hubby had a salad with slices of roast beef.

    Mar-Bear, what an absolutely beautiful blessing. Thank you, I am going to keep that one forever.

    Antigoni, I think the Bride's mother as a whole lot more to do than I, the Bride too for that matter. I will help in any way I can. I wish you lived closer too. So many of you I wish lived down the road :)

    Allhorsestuff, thank you very much.

    Strawberry Anne Jam, I didn't think it had caught on over there but wasn't 100 percent sure. Yes us Mum's know when to keep quiet don't we, says I with a wink.

    Kay, glad you enjoyed it and yes I am getting excited. Can't quite believe it but I am very excited and so happy for our son and his bride-to-be.

    Magiceye, thank you and that interesting 'suit' seemed the be the right photo to end my post on :) Funny how things just fit in like that.

    Thank you all, you are the greatest!

  12. This is a very entertaining post! And written with a great sense of humor! Thanks for your story. I hope your son chooses the right outfit!

  13. Fantastic travel through this shopping mall,
    Denise its as if I was going with you there, , good place indeed to celebratte something/whatever it is...I also learned a lot about the american habits here thanks for showing..!

    Happy My world
    from JoAnn's D Eyes/Holland

  14. Perhaps the bride will want the groom and the best man to wear something in line with the colors she'll be using. Our one daughter used gray and pink, the groom wore a white tux, the best man and groomsmen wore light gray and they all had a pale pink cumber bun or what ever that thing is called that goes around their waist and ties. The maid of honor and bridesmaids wore pink lacy gowns. She was married in May. Another daughter got married in Dec., she used red gowns for the maid of honor and brides maids and the groom and best man and groomsmen wore black tux, red cumber buns and a red rose on their lapels, I think the groom wore a black tie and the other men worse red. I'll have to see if I can find a photo of them. Yes, these places book almost a year ahead if you really want a spot. I'm like you, I hate shopping, if I have to shop, I prefer going alone. If I go with someone else, I usually find a place to set and watch people while they shop. LOL

  15. Denise: A wonderful look at your time at the mall. I liked the suit of armor, really cool.

  16. I despise shopping! Love the restaurant and am so happy you get a room inside!

  17. Looks like it is going to be the perfect place for the after rehearsal dinner. Wedding can be such fun.... I wish all you the best.

  18. The restaurant looks fabulous and perfect. I think all of the tuxes were nice, it will all depend on which one looks best on him. He will be handsome no matter what.

  19. What a great day. I don't care much for shopping malls myself. But the resturant looks interesting. Congrats on booking a room. I can get rather lost looking a store displays verses merchandise. I like the last suit next. Wonder what the bride would think?

  20. Good choice. I've eaten there many times, plus a friend had a big birthday party in one of the upstairs rooms. I highly recommend the mushroom ravioli.

  21. I'm glad you found a restaurant for the rehearsal dinner. That's just one of many decisions that have to be made. But being the parents of the bride is more harrowing, so enjoy the wedding preparations.

  22. Was that last picture YOU after that busy day? LOL Aloha-

  23. It seems mum still knows best Denise, as I love the suit and the location. Those chandeliers were lovely too.

  24. For me shopping always starts out fun and ends up exhausting! I don't go often either. Looks like you had fun though. Good luck with the wedding. Glad you got the restaurant you wanted for the rehersal dinner!

  25. For some families here, the rehearsal dinner is almost as big as the reception on the wedding day. I love the restaurant - it has an intimate "feel" to it-
    Don't worry about the clothes/tux - I've gone through this experience twice, and everyone looks at what the bride wears, so your son can't go wrong :)

  26. Wonderful italian restaurant!Great choice!
    By the way, don`t forget to check sometime your e-mail! :-)
    God bless you

  27. I am not a shopper either, but I am surrounded by folks who are! sometimes I ge so restless shopping. just want them to do their thing and let me sit in an easy chair and read! don't like pushing shoving and now language used by many shoppers esp in malls!
    Place looks wonderful! hope the food is too for such an important ocassion!

  28. Not being a shopper this is a great couple of malls, we have nothing like them here, they are massive.
    I love the tree, i bet kids really like seeing that.

  29. I can so relate to you Denise, I loathe shopping. The restaurant you picked out looks great. Lots of luck with the wedding preparations. Rather you than me. :-)

  30. Maybe the Best Buy outfit for the father of the groom? LOL! Went throught this for my youngest daughter's wedding back in 2004.

  31. Thanks everyone, you always make me feel so good with all the nice things you say.

  32. I hate shopping with a vengance! I'd rather go to hospital than a shopping mall.
    You deserve a medal for sticking it through.
    When we were married the bride's parents took care of the receptions and the grooms' of the beverages and since my parents-in-law had judiciously absconded to Canada, my brother took care of the drinks. I made the cake and my mother, a friend and I did the catering. No rehersals, no rehersal dinner. We cleared two rooms, one for dancing to a gramophone and the other with trestle tables and the feast. No tens of thousads of dollars, no decorator no vast rigmarole., just a simple wedding in an old stone church and all else at home.
    I wish you the fortitude you need for the next two months and for the young couple love eternal they may share.

  33. I love your self portrait, LOL! The metal art is always great to see, such talent.

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