Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Monday to all.

A bit of glitz and brightness to start the morning, because I need something to wake me up.
I am a little slow starting my day, having finished a cup of coffee and also having had a small slice of cherry pie for breakfast! I don't usually eat left-over pie for my first meal of the day but it has fruit and that was good enough for me. Tomorrow it will be back to oatmeal, banana and prunes - no jokes please, I actually enjoy my prunes. Now if I tried giving Gregg oatmeal, bananas and prunes I would get a strange look. It comes from all those years in the navy when he had to stand watch, where the easiest and most convenient choice for him was to grab a coca-cola and a couple of doughnuts. He's come a long way since those days but oatmeal and prunes? Not likely! This morning he grabbed the English Muffin I had toasted before going off to work. I offered him various other choices. Poached eggs? He sometimes goes for that one but silence follows and I think perhaps in his head he was thinking that would take too long and he needed to get into the office. Cherry Pie? Oatmeal? Prunes???? "They're already done" says I ever hopeful and saying in my head that one of these days he is going to surprise me. There is after all always a first time. However, that strange look follows. He never feels like breakfast unless it's the weekend and often will leave mid-week without one, so I was happy that the English Muffin won out.

I think I have finally turned the corner and am getting back into a good sleeping pattern. Not there yet but the last couple of nights when I awaken I am not up the whole night. I have actually been falling back to sleep and feel much better for it. I'm not exactly the brightest and cheeriest morning person first thing but if I don't get a lot of sleep I am dangerous. Not usually with a bad temper I am quick to add, but this is the time when I never touch sharp knives and just in case you wondered, not because anyone else is in danger but because my concentration is at its lowest ebb. I have been known to knick fingers and narrowly miss toes when I have dropped sharp implements on the floor. All because I haven't had a good night's sleep.

Gregg returned home from a week's business trip in Oklahoma City on Friday afternoon. I picked him up at the airport at 1.30 p.m. and he told me he had a good week. He enjoys the people he is working with and he enjoys his clients, what more can one ask for? We have nightly phone calls where we talk about the day and it is always something we both look forward to. The week went fast.

Saturday I met up with friends for our monthly opera get-together. The New York Met plays live performances at our local movie theatre and this day we saw Lucia di Lammermoor. Anna Netrebko sang the title role of Donizetti’s fragile heroine for the first time at the Met and tenor Piotr Beczala played the part of her lover, Edgardo. Baritone Mariusz Kwiecien was her tyrannical brother and the Conductor was Marco Armiliato. It was marvellous and I didn't fall asleep this time. The last one I managed to snooze my way through the last half of the opera undetected. I fessed up to Hazel who thought that was the funniest thing she'd heard that day. I pick her up as we live in the same area. She is not that fond of opera but she will occasionally join us. Afterwards we head for The Olive Garden for a good old chin-wag. I hadn't seen them since late November and it was a joy to catch up. I left the house at 11.15 a.m. and by the time I got back it was almost seven thirty in the evening. Gregg had gone to a book store and Brad had come over for a few hours so he had enjoyed his day also.

Sunday morning we found ourselves awake at 4.30 a.m. and at six we were showered and ready to head to McDonalds for breakfast. We saw the sun rise through the window as we ate our Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit. How more romantic can you get than that? And yes that was a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor.

That evening Brad and Lisa came over for dinner. We had a wonderful time and after they left said again that these two were made for each other. They are so happy and seem to know what the other is going to say before they say it. I fixed a slow-cooker meal and I am going to post the recipe after this post. I got it from Gill over at That British Woman. It was all very no hassle meal and well received. I prepared everything early and by the time we sat down I was relaxed and ready to enjoy my meal along with the rest of my family.
Almost forgot, one weird thing happened yesterday afternoon. Over the fireplace in our family room we have a large-framed photo of the old Stars and Stripes flag that flew over my father-in-law's ship during WWII. He has the original flag also framed on his wall which is brought down for a very special ceremony at his yearly shipmate reunions. Years ago he was interviewed by a magazine and photos were taken of him as well as this flag, posters were made especially for the shipmates and their families and Gregg's s sister gave us a framed copy for a Christmas present ten years ago. Because it was such a large frame and because we wanted it in our family room over the fireplace, it was difficult to hang off a hook. Instead we noticed it fit neatly into the slot between the ceiling and the top of the mantle. We gave it several test runs to make sure it was securely in place. It was and stayed there for ten years until last night. While Gregg was out of the room and I was sitting on the sofa, something made me look up and just as I did that and as if in slow motion, I saw the top of the frame dislodge itself and fall off the shelf doing a somersault onto the carpet below. It took several framed family photographs with it. Totally bizarre the way it happened. We found out it didn't have safety glass as it shattered into a million pieces. Gregg came in and we both stared at each other in total disbelief. Of course glass was everywhere and me with no shoes on. I was surrounded by broken glass. Gregg came to the rescue and told me not to move. He got an old cardboard box out of the garage along with a big plastic bag, donned his gardening gloves and methodically picked up all the pieces until every last one was retrieved. Still telling me not to move the vacuum cleaner came out and he swept the carpet repeatedly until he was sure that every last shard was gone. Then he told me it was safe to to get up. He is my Knight in Shining Armor. A few hours later when Brad and Lisa turned up, Brad immediately said, "Hey where the heck is Papa's Flag?" He grew up with it hanging on the wall, has been very much part of its history and was shocked to see it gone. We told him what happened. Gregg and I were shaking our heads about it all night and I still can't get over how bizarrely it fell off that shelf.

That's been my weekend. I hope you've all had a good one too.


  1. and a happy monday to you too.
    my you had a very busy weekend. mine was a wee bit slower paced. even though i should be readying myself for my trip i decided we needed to head out to the country for the day and so we did. left about 11ish and headed for Paint Bank. I had it in my mind I was going to find some buffalo to photograph and of course any other wildlife that happened by and also wanted to catch some creek shots before they were completely thawed. accomplished what i set out to do.
    sunday...finished a project i had started about 3 1/2 months ago...that was a good thing.
    have my clothes pulled out more/less what i am taking on trip...but probably will change my mind between now and saturday.
    oh made a pot roast yesterday....yummo.
    have a good rest of the day.


  2. Slower-paced maybe but still a busy one too Erin. Sounded all very lovely. I am looking forward to your return from vacation so that we can hear all about it. Have a grand time, I know you will.

  3. What a great life you have-- well, sans the opera. ;)

    The picture thing does seem very strange.