Wednesday, February 4, 2009

An Award and a reminder.

Patty over at Old Lady Lincoln gave me an award. Thank you Patty. I am honored. Just as Patty did I would like to offer this award to anyone who visits my blog. I have a terrible time picking out only a few people to pass this on as in my eyes you are all worthy of this award. You give us all many hours of enjoyment by what you share with the world. Also I know there are people out there who don't like to receive them and so this way you have a choice to accept or not without being concerned about hurting anyone's feelings.

Patty also gave me this one a while back. Thanks again Patty.

The reminder part of this post is that I realized I have received several awards that I have not yet posted. I'm sorry I have been so slow in recognizing them but the last couple of months I have had such a lot on my mind and I have had trouble focusing. This being the case - and thank you Patty for jump-starting my memory cells - I am also adding them here in the order I remember receiving them. Hopefully I have that right too. Here again those of you who visit please pick any of them you would like. You all deserve them.

Thank you Anne from Strawberry Jam Anne and Hope of Knoxvilled Daily Photo for my Kreativ Blogger Award.
Anne also tagged me for this meme so a little late but here it is.

4 Places I go over and over:

Anywhere there is wildlife to be seen
Get togethers with friends
Walking around a local park
The Shenandoah Mountains

4 people who email me regularly

Friend Gail
Friend Kathy
Friend Elna
Friend Sally

4 of my favourite places to eat:

Star Thai, a lovely family run restaurant.
Red Robin, whenever our son and his fiance come over, they like to go there and we like it too.
The Outback
Panera Bread

4 places I'd rather be.

Well, I love being at home but here goes:

I would love to visit my family in Germany and wish we lived closer.
I would love to visit friends in Ireland.
I would love to visit Australia.
As we're in the middle of winter I would love to be in Hawaii.

4 TV shows I could watch over and over

Dr. Who
CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Burn Notice

As far as picking people to carry on this meme, anyone who would like to join in is welcome.
I got my Butterfly Award from Eve at Sunny Side Up. Eve who identified the ellusive flower. Listen up Eve, "Cleome, Cleome, Cleome." Ha! Ha! You see my friend, I will always remember that flower thanks to you. I hope your computer problems go away soon.

Antigoni of Antigoni's Diary gave me the two awards above. Thanks Antigoni. I know I have to also come over and pick up the tag, which I will do shortly.
This one is from Marie at A Colorful World. Thanks Marie.

I think I am caught up now, hope so. If I have missed anyone please don't think I did it intentionally. I appreciate it very much when you give me one but I am a bit of a procrastinator at the best of times and when there are other things going on in my life I truly do have a hard time focusing.

Thank you all so very much for continuing to visit and leaving all those wonderful comments. The blogging world is a fantastic place to be and one of my favorite times of the day is when I visit as many friends' blogs as I can.


  1. If anyone deserves all those awards, Denise, that would be you since you make blogging fun for all of us. Thank you!

    If I could, I would take you back to Hawaii with me.

    It's so cold over here in Illinois. 4 degrees F! Our heating system went out last night. It's a good thing my granddaughter didn't get hypothermia.

  2. I agree with Kay Denise - you do indeed deserve every one of the awards. Its always a pleasure to look in and see what you have to show us and the text/poems that accompany your photos. A x

  3. Thank you Kay and Anne, but I can say the same for each of you. Your blogs are always a delight to read, and there is always so much eye candy for the soul :)

  4. congrats on all the awards I am truly impressed & well deserved!

  5. many congrats on all your awards denise...
    have a great day.


  6. Congratulations on your awards. I think they are all well-deserved.