Thursday, January 8, 2009

Three last bird photos from our trip to the zoo.

These are the last three of the bird photos, one of the Peacock which we all no doubt recognize, a little bird that looks like some kind of a small parrot/parakeet and a Spoonbill that was keeping company with the flamingoes.


Cloudia said...

love dat spoonbill! you are quite a photog. Good post (as usual ;-)

Larry Jordan said...

I love the birds Denise! An especially nice shot of the peacock!

Leedra said...

I love the spoonbills and look for them at Lake Seminole Park everytime we go there. First saw them last Feb. They weren't there in June or Oct, but hope they will be in Feb again this year.

The peacock color is so pretty.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

All wonderful - great shots Denise.

A x

Eve said...

So very pretty...all your animal posts are really fun Denise!