Friday, January 9, 2009

Spur-thighed Tortoise and Friend

This cutie ambled over to say hello when we stopped by his enclosure. He looked up at us and actually studied us for a while. Not sure if he thought we were going to feed him but there was a very large pile of veggies not too far away, so maybe he was just being friendly.

Honolulu Zoo has been home to Spur-thighed tortoises since 1990. In the following four years almost 200 babies hatched here. These active reptiles are native to Africa.

They have prominent spurs on their rear legs but they have no known function.

I apparently did not take a photo of the description of the turtles below. There were several sitting on logs. I want to say they are some kind of Asian river tortoise but I really have no clue.

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  1. Just browsing the rest of your shots. You really did take some awesome shots. These are great as are the rest of them. I've never seen an alligator with a snout like the one below. Wow!