Friday, January 9, 2009

Great-Plated Lizard

This is a Great-Plated Lizard (Gerrhosaurus major). Great-Plated Lizards can reach a length of 22 inches. They are brownish solid-bodied animals with small legs and have a very rough set of square-shaped scales. They have deep grooves running the length of the body low on their sides dividing the rough scales.

These lizards come from East and Southeast Africa, and live in rocky areas and savannas. They eat arthropods, snails, small mice and some fruit. They also go by the names Tawny and Brown Plated Lizard.
And this was his next meal.


  1. My goodness, Denise! Joan, Tabib and you have posted lizards. I had to post one too. Then I came up to grab your link to reference your post and you posted another! How cool. This little guy is a cutie!

  2. Denise, Great picture of reptile.
    I thought Great-Plated Lizard staple food is a meat. Never know that it a vegetarian. ;).