Saturday, December 6, 2008


Always remember, a cat looks down on man, a dog looks up to man, but a pig will look man right in the eye and see his equal.

~Winston Churchill~

I think I have used that quote before in a post on pigs but I like it so much I am using it again.
The photo above was one taken of a stained glass found in a restaurant somewhere in Virginia. I can't remember where now. The photos below were taken at Frying Pan Park. It has a working farm. The photo in my previous post of the sewing machine was taken in the farm house.

There were several pampered piggies sleeping, being warmed by a heat lamp. They were being well taken care of. The photo below is a cropped version of the one above.

Mommy pig is being kept busy by her little ones. She didn't move the whole time we were there.

Her little ones did, pampered little piggies.

Gregg remembers his grandmother's pet pig who had the run of the kitchen. Its hooves would clickety-clack over the stone floor as it ran along. That story always makes me smile.


  1. That poor momma with all those little ones to care for.

    I have given you an award, come by my place and pick it up. Now have a wonderful week-end.

  2. A great post Denise, lovely Pig images.

  3. I remember well the pig areas of the family farms when I was little. One uncle had a pig so large we would peep at it through the wood slats, scared us to death. I also remember the early fall killing of the pigs.

    Had a friend one time that told me she was going to leave me her pet pig....until she found out what I would do with it.

  4. Pigs take me back to childhood we sold off half the farm to a pig farmer I used to love watching them. We had sheep daft animals sheep. I like the quote Churchill had a good way with words

  5. Denise, what a great post. There's a book I bet you'd like - The Good, Good Pig by Sy Montgomery. I just love it.

  6. Hi Denise, I love pigs, because they are so intelligent. It is good to see them in a better environment growing up. The poor things have a miserable life in some piggeries.

  7. Old Lady Lincoln, no wonder the poor thing didn't move, she was truly wiped out.

    Roy, thanks for visiting, I happen to love the little darlings.

    Leedra, Gregg's uncle in ND keeps pigs. They can get pretty darned big. What you describe about farming life is very similar to what I hear from our ND relatives. Now Leedra what do you mean, what would you do with your friend's pig? ;)

    Don, I love watching them even now when I get the chance. I used to help bottle feed the new born lambs on a friend's farm back in England when I was young, and I am a big Churhill quotes fan. He had a dry wit that stuns you at first and then you just start laughing.

    Jan, thank you for the recommendation. I googled the book and liked the look of it so I have it on order from Amazon.

    Titania, I agree. I truly believe I would have one as a pet if I lived in the countryside. I'm afraid there are rules about no pigs in my neighborhood. And you can rest assured that these pigs will have a wonderful life and enjoy it to the full.

    Thanks for all the lovely comments.

  8. Everytime I see a pig, I think of Babe. I love the quote.

  9. Pigs are good! That'll do!!!

  10. Frying Pan Farm though sounds like the piggies are pampered for a reason! Ug! They are cute, though. Glad the farmhouse had the sewing machine you photographed. Sounds like an interesting place to visit!


  11. Kay, I loved that movie.

    Eve, I am naming my pig CLEOME!!!! Ha, ha, ha, ha! :)))

    Tile Lady, I'm a doofus, I didn't even think of the name. But I do believe there was a place on that road that used to make frying pans and I'm sticking to that story :)

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